Air Quality Egg's
Air Quality Egg's
Air Quality Egg's

Air Quality Egg's

The Pachube community and a growing group of contributors including Mark Shepard, JP de Vooght, Rob van Kranenburg and others have embarked on developing what they are calling Air Quality Eggs. Taking another step forward in the emerging world of citizen sensing the open-source (and eventually crowd-funded) project aims to give citizens a way to participate in their local community and have a voice in the conversation about the air they are breathing.


The device will be composed of a sensing device that is in early stages of development that measures the air quality in the immediate environment and an on-line community that is will share this information in real-time.


-The basic unit comes in two parts: a “base station” RF platform that would plug directly into the ethernet port of a wi-fi router, and an enclosed sensor node that communicates wirelessly within 40-50 yards. The wireless node would be protected in a distinct “egg” casing: simple to produce with the potential to create a sense of empathy or stewardship.


Project Timeline:


From Pachube's post:


".....This is happening.  The Air Quality Egg group intends to prototype, test, and start marketing the product within 60 days.  At Pachube, we're committed to extending resources to keep this alive and on a forward path."


From the project wiki:


"As soon as a prototype is ready, the plan is to do a distribution/kickstarter workshop in NYC. This may reasonably go into February, probably the first week.


February has multiple events happening around this project, namely in London, Madrid, and Barcelona.  Specific dates will be posted asap.


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