Aria Wifi Scale

From the creators of Fitbit
Aria Wifi Scale
Aria Wifi Scale
Aria Wifi Scale
Aria Wifi Scale

Scale Features

Connectivity Notes
WEP / WPA / WPA2 personal security
4 standard 1.5V size AA batteries (included)
Body Analysis
Weight and BMI
Four load cells measure weight. BMI is calculated and displayed based on weight.

Body composition
The scale measures body mass using bioimpedance analysis. ITO electrodes form a pattern on the top of the scale, and send a small, safe signal through the body to measure impedance.


Data Dial

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Product Description:

"Know where you stand. Get where you want to be. With Aria, track your weight, % body fat, and BMI over time with a host of online graphs and mobile tools to help you reach your goals."


- Weight, body comp, and more - Tracks weight, body mass index (BMI), and % body fat.
- Wirelessly uploads to - Uploads your weight automatically to your free account.
- Automatically recognizes users - With an easy set-up process, the scale will automatically recognize up to eight users.
- Free iPhone app - See your stats, track weight trends, and log workouts — all on the go.