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BBC/FIRM Research Fellow
June 08, 2012
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The BBC is looking ahead to a world where human-friendly network-aware technology is the norm. In this world people will continue to tell stories. This project is about prototyping a toolset, which enables exploration and creation of experiences in that world. Working on this project you will explore diverse ‘Internet of Things’ scenarios by building iterative prototypes. The software and hardware extracted will form a reusable toolset enabling the BBC to become a leader in this area and potentially define new standards for technology and usability. Ultimately, the BBC wants to understand how informing, educating and entertaining audiences could change.

This 1-year fixed post is for a Research Fellow to work within BBC R&D, MediaCityUK, with academic supervision from the University of Salford. The main focus of the project is to explore and develop a practical toolset enabling research into user experience/ HCI issues surrounding the “Internet of things”.

The appointed candidate will be based within the BBC R&D team at MediaCityUK (Dock House), and receive academic supervision at the University of Salford. The post is funded through the FIRM project (Framework for Innovation & Research in MediaCityUK), supported by The UK Research Council’s Digital Economy Programme.

Please note the deadline for applications is 8th June, and interviews are expected to take place on 21st and 22nd June 2012.

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Company: BBC R&D team at MediaCityUK
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This role is placed within Research & Development, which is part of BBC Future Media and Technology Division. R&D has a worldwide reputation for contributing and leading the engineering research and development of many of the key broadcast technologies that have been introduced over the last 50 years. The research work is mainly on new technologies, which are expected to be rolled-out over a 1 to 5 year timescale, and they require both in depth theoretical knowledge and also a practical approach to potential deployment. BBC R&D is based in two main labs, one in West London and in MediaCityUK, Salford.  Further information on current projects and collaborations being undertaken by Research & Development are available at:

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