Blogjects and Tweetjects

Blogjects and Tweetjects



Introduced originally by Julian Bleeker in the paper:  A Manifesto for Networked Objects — Cohabiting with Pigeons, Arphids and Aibos in the Internet of Things at a most basic level they are objects that blog.



Turning an Arduino into a Tweetject



Botanicalls Plant

Water me please.

You over watered me.

You didn't water me enough.

Project Homepage
-Create your own, buy a kit, etc

Red Jets Ferry System

Press Coverage

04:14 - Red Jet 4 is leaving Southampton

04:07 - Red Jet 4 has arrived at Southampton

Tower Bridge in London

I am opening for the Maint Lift, which is passing upstream.

I am closing after the MV Dixie Queen has passed downstream.


Mars Phoenix

Andy's House: (private account)

Andy Stanford-Clark

BBC Article

Twittering Cat door

Project Homepage - Penny is in to play with her toy mouse. - Penny is out to enjoy the weather.



Instructables: Twittering Office Chair (Tweet when you toot.)

Step by Step DIY Instructions



If I could puke my foam stuffing, I would