Prototype of BOND App interface for  BOND Couples bracelet touch


stay in touch

BOND is a pair of tiny touch modules that can be worn as a pendant necklace or attached to a simple rubber bracelet. You put one of the Bluetooth enabled modules on and give the other to a friend or partner to wear. Subtle messages can be sent between the two through a simple touch from anywhere in the world.

Developed by London based agency Kwamecorp the BOND uses your smartphone's connectivity along with a built-in capacitive touch sensor, accelerometer, vibration motor and LED light to send the customized messages.

The most basic function is a simple "tickle" where one user taps and holds the device from 1 to 5 seconds to pass a vibration and LED color to the other user. A companion app manages all of the settings, while any of your smartphone's standard system notifications can be forwarded to the device for interactions (e.g. vibrate for 3 seconds when I receive a call from a family member, glow green when you need to leave the house for your office commute). Utilizing integration with Google Maps a message can also be dropped onto a specific geographic location to be later discovered by the other user as they pass by.

The Kwamecorp team sees the touch and vibration module as the first in a series of modules that can be chained together (using the magnetic end connectors) to expand the functionality of the system. A health module that can monitor heart rate for a wearer is in development and a voice and camera module are also in the product's roadmap.

Bluetooth Couples Bracelet: BOND