Building Internet of Things with the Arduino (Volume 1)

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Charalampos Doukas


Building Internet of Things with the Arduino (Volume 1)

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Charalampos Doukas has released his new book that helps you build Internet of Things related projects utilizing the Arduino platform as a base.


In Building Internet of Things with the Arduino, you’ll learn the basic concepts and features of the Internet of Things and build projects utilizing the Arduino platform. You’ll discover fundamental concepts of cloud computing, sensor reading and connecting the Arduino to the Internet, using both wired and wireless interfaces and Android phones. You’ll also learn to use the most popular open platforms for managing sensor data from the Arduino, how to trigger actuators remotely, and how to reprogram Arduino using cloud services.

This book is for:

  • Arduino enthusiasts and hobbyists who would like to learn how to build their own embedded projects and send data over the cloud
  • Engineering students
  • Research scientists who need low-cost platforms for evaluating research on the Internet of Things

Part I—Introduction to the Internet of Things

CHAPTER 1 – The Internet of Things
CHAPTER 2 - The Basics of Sensors and Actuators
CHAPTER 3 - Introduction to Cloud Computing

Part II—The Arduino Platform

CHAPTER 4 - The Arduino Open Micro-controller Platform
CHAPTER 5 - Reading from Sensors
CHAPTER 6 – Talking to your Android Phone with Arduino
CHAPTER 7 – Connecting Arduino to the Internet

Part III—Using Arduino to Manage Sensor Data on the Cloud

CHAPTER 8 – Introducing Pachube as a Cloud Service
CHAPTER 9 – Introducing the Nimbits Server Public Cloud
CHAPTER 10 -Reprogram your Arduino Remotely from the Cloud
CHAPTER 11 -What One Can Connect to the Cloud: Project Ideas 

Learn more about the book at or by following @BuildingIoT

Price: 30.00

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