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The "Internet of Things" category is seeing explosive growth at the moment. The IoT CompanyList seeks to provide a useful database of companies making an impact on this wide-ranging topic with their services and products.

Presented by the listing featured on the site reach some of the top business leaders and decision makers in the IoT space. Whether you're searching for a partner for your particular company/industry, or just in the research phase for your next prototype there should be something here for you.

If you would like to see your company profile featured on the site or please see our FAQ listed below.


How much does it cost to list my company?

The answer to that question is nada. We are looking to provide the most valuable resource available for those searching for IoT solutions and want to see your company featured on the site. Click here to begin.

If you would like to make sure your company gets in front of the right people contact us regarding our cost effective featured listing options.

How do I get listed?

It's easy to apply for inclusion in the IoT Directory by navigating to the Get Listed form where you can describe your company and what categories you would like to be listed in. We'll review your request get back to you shortly with a website listing for your review.

What happens after my listing's approved?

We will contact you directly with the live url to see if you would like to make any edits or revisions to the profile page.

What criteria do you use to approve listings?

During the application process, you are asked to enter a description about your company, primary categories to which your firm belongs in, and your firm's website and social media details. Based on your information we will evaluate your submission and approve it if it clearly fits within the selected field and has a well-defined firm description and functioning website.

Note: The IoT Directory reserves the right to deny listing approval for any reason.

How can I get my listing to appear on the home page or at the top of my specialty page?

If you would like to make sure your company gets in front of the right people contact us regarding our cost effective featured listing options.

How do I update/edit/delete a listing?

We are in the testing phases of launching a user profile feature so that you can manage your listing independently so stay tuned for that feature. In the meantime you can contact us regarding any updates, revisions or deletion requests. 

Can I link to my firm's website?

Yes, each company listing prominently features a link to your homepage as well as social media integration and profile links. is highly trusted by the top search engines in regards to PageRank and results.

Who is Postscapes?

Postscapes is a website dedicated to tracking the emerging Internet of Things topic. One of our missions is to help aggregate and connect the ideas, people and companies creating the IoT and the Company Directory is one component of that.  If you are looking for more specific details or people please visit our main about page.

This FAQ isn't helping me. Is there somebody I can contact?

Yes. call us at (720) 306-1214 or use the Contact details below and we will be in touch with you shortly.


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