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Emerging technologies could disrupt your business or create an opportunity for you?
Let groove management help you identify tech trends.

The world of technology is moving at a breakneck pace. Having recently returned from CES 2014 (The Consumer Electronic Show), Groove Managem...


An internationally recognized research, technology and business development consulting firm, Harbor Research has predicted, tracked and driven the development of the Internet of Things for the past 30 years. While our history is long and complex, our strategy is simple: capture and create value b...
INEX Advisors works with technology companies and investors participating in a number of complex technology markets. Our team focuses on helping clients to define, select and prosecute their most promising growth and investment opportunities. The firm concentrates in Machine to Machine (M2M)/Inte...
Technology Services and Solutions
IntraEdge is a full-service software development company offering mobile, web, and integration solutions to its customers. Our team creates IoT solutions from hardware to software, solving real-world problems through technology.
We make iot happen
The future Internet will be built on things. We know the large implications of the current developments and believe that you have to make the right decision to create the best IoT solutions in societal, technical and design perspective. We believe in the human focus and the empowering of a group ...

Machina Research is the world's leading advisor on M2M, IoT and mobile broadband. Through multi-client reports and client-specific consultancy Machina Research helps mobile network operators, equipment vendors, service providers and end users to understand and embrace the opportunities creat...
  Hamburg,  Germany

We are agile and lean practitioners who just love to make things happen. You are exploring the borders of the internet as we know it today. We assist you with workshops on the subject of connected devices introducing you to the principles of this emerging form of online communication.

Taming Complexity
MAYA is a technology design and innovation lab. Our work ranges from taming the complexity of existing technology products, services, processes and environments to designing new connected experiences for our clients. By matching information and complex systems to the way people think, we unlock...

"Moor Insights and Strategy is recognized by clients and cited in the press as experts in the high tech hardware, software, services, technology, and usage models/workloads for client (smartphones, tablets, PCs, living room devices), infrastructure (server, storage, networking, cloud comput...

Optimal Design is an award-winning, vertically integrated product development firm that leverages its in-house industrial design, engineering, and software teams to deliver innovative wireless solutions to its clients. Design and integration of wireless technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluet...
Building the Internet of Things
You have a great idea for a product but don't know how to make it a reality. With device and mobile technology changing so rapidly it's hard to keep up with, (let alone stay ahead of) the technical and commercial trends in this space.

ProtoFolk's team of engineers, dev...

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  San Francisco,  United States

We are civic technologists, human-centered designers, researchers, wave-makers, storytellers and entrepreneurs.

We harness new technologies to engage, to delight and to drive innovation in the public and private sector.

STRATEGIES for a connected world:
The data er...

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