IoT Software and Service Integrator Firms

Consumer   Naperville,  United States

ConnectSense is a simple yet powerful family of wireless sensors for monitoring your home and business. These WiFi-connected, battery-powered sensors report to the ConnectSense cloud, a powerful web-based application. It features easy to use if/then rules and reliable notifications to ensure that...

It all began in Mountain View, Silicon Valley, CA in 2010.At this time Nokia Siemens Networks started to innovate software solutions based on cloud technology for the IoT (Internet of Things) market. An experienced team of senior managers and engineers created award winning software products whic...
"The Leading Distributed Database Management System'"
"DataStax provides a massively scalable enterprise NoSQL platform to run mission-critical
business applications for some of the world’s most innovative and data-intensive enterprises. Powered by the open source Apache Cassandra™ database, DataStax delivers a fully distributed, continuo...

  Barcelona,  Spain

Datumize is simplicity applied to a complex digital world full of data. An alternative way to deal with Data.

There is a huge potential business value in data flowing through corporate networks. This value comes from data that have never been captured before for a number of reasons:<...

  Landshut,  Germany

dc-square is a company based in Southern Germany implementing software solutions for highly scalable applications in the Internet of Things.

Our products make it possible to connect thousands of devices over cellular networks with the most efficient bandwidth usage and push technolo...

"Unifying People, Process, Data & Things"
Decisyon, Inc. is transforming the Internet of Everything (IoE) into real world value for data-driven businesses, systems integrators and commercial developers. The company’s flagship product, Decisyon 360, is the industry’s only unified platform for rapidly building intelligent end-to-end IoE so...
  Sao Paulo,  Brazil

DEV Tecnologia is a Brazillian startup that develops hardware and software solutions with cutting edge technology for the academic research market. We also have developed innovative product platforms that spun off of our projects, including an IoT Platform which is currently under developed for a...
Device Connectivity Made Easy
"DeviceHive turns any connected device into the part of Internet of Things. It provides the communication layer, control software and multi-platform libraries to bootstrap development of smart energy, home automation, remote sensing, telemetry, remote control and monitoring software and much...

Devicify offers the only Connected Products Management (CPM) application designed to enable companies to rapidly deliver an IoT solution for connecting products with their enterprise system and create new, integrated (subscription) revenue streams.

Devicify CPM solution is built for ...


We, DGLogik, Inc., provide innovative IoT software solutions that enable and visualize the Internet of Things. Our modern IoT technology illustrates the internet of things by allowing users to easily interact with more data from more IoT devices and derive more value and intelligence to better ma...
  • Industry
  • Energy & Infrastructure
  Minnetonka,  United States
Your M2M Expert
Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII) is a leading provider of wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) networking products, solutions and services that enable customers to connect and securely manage local or remote electronic devices over a network or via the internet. Digi offers the highest levels of pe...
"Internet of things: we make it happen"
"Software, hardware and human factors are the elements of an innovative system that allows anyone to create, distribute and make use of digital contents.

DQuid connects whole consumer and industrial sectors by enabling the internet of things.

Meet DQuid."

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