IoT Data Broker and Cloud Service Providers

Feel. Act. Make sense.
At, we believe there is no such thing as the Internet of Things.

We rather believe in an Internet of Everything where Humans, Nature, Machines, Objects, Environments, Information, Physical and Virtual spaces all mix up, talk, intertwine, interact, enrich and empower each other...

  Lisbon,  Portugal
M2M for everyone
Sensefinity is the Internet of Things for the masses of all businesses which have data information needs for additional revenues based upon efficiencies and risk mitigation.

Sensefinity offers a true end2end solution.

By plugging our devices and registering to the platfo...


Sensera Systems was built to deliver world-class products and solutions for integrated remote sensing and imaging in construction, security, industrial automation, agriculture, and law enforcement. Sensera Systems' patent-pending MultiSensetm Platform and solar powered and wireless camera pr...
  Oulu,  Finland

Sensinode is a pioneer and world leader in technology and software solutions for the Internet of Things; the next evolution of the Internet where devices of all types and capabilities can be accessed through web services. Our software products enable optimized Internet IP and web services access ...
  Ghent,  Belgium

Sensolus offers products and professional services related to the Internet of Things. Sensolus has developed a scalable, real-time cloud platform which offers end-2-end integration of connected devices in your services and applications. Based on the sensolus IoT platform, 2 unique products are la...
    United States

Sensorflare is the Internet of Things Software company.

We integrate different kinds of smart devices, communication protocols and online services that exist in smart environments and provide services that allow easy management of automation devices, smart objects or sensors from a s...

  Toronto,  Canada
"Simple cloud based building automation"
"SensorSuite has created a cloud based digital building assistant that brings high-end building automation features to small and medium sized property managers.

SensorSuite is an Internet of Things infrastructure company involved in the capture, processing and delivery of real-...


"SensoScientific, has quickly become an industry leader in temperature and environmental monitoring solutions. Founded in 2005, the company has made a tremendous impact in the medical community securing contracts with nationally recognized institutions such as the Department of Veteran Affai...

With the process of interconnecting objects, devices and apps becomes more accessible and less complex. Regardless of wether you are building an interactive installation, prototyping the next connected product or simply playing around with new technologies, lets you add connec...
  Richmond,  Canada

Sierra Wireless is expanding the wireless world with a comprehensive offering of hardware, software, and connected services for mobile lifestyles and machine-to-machine communications. Our customers count on us to help them succeed with innovative, reliable, high-performing solutions and early ac...

Sight Machine uses connected cameras, sophisticated vision algorithms, and analytics to understand the physical world in real time. Our platform provides continuous insight and enables industries to manage mission-critical activities like never before.

Sight Machine uses networked c...

From the Energy Network to the Everything Network
With more than ten years of experience, Silver Spring Networks is the leader in networking technologies that modernize today’s power grid. Through partnerships with major utilities worldwide, more than 13 million homes and businesses rely on our platform, software and services to improve their en...
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