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ColdLight makes the Neuron platform. Neuron makes everything intelligent.

Neuron is an artificial intelligence-based learning technology specifically designed to power more intelligent software, devices, and decisions.

Through a unique use of proprietary artificial intel...


Restack is the universal interface for connected devices, Debugging tools, over-the-air updates, dashboards, push notifications and more. Use our API or extend it to connect and manage your devices.

IoTCo is an Australian based IoT company that has been formed to provide data collection, storage and data brokerage solutions for Service Industries globally. We source, manage, share and sell data generated by IoT devices to those who are looking to provide leading solutions in their industries...

For the last seven years we've been helping creative people integrate apps with hardware.

We know a great product is less about technology and more about doing what moves you, for us that's app to hardware integration.

Our team adds years of experience on web/m...

  Website is a data exchange for connected device platforms. is an adaptive open-source exchange that connects IoT data across different devices, systems and even platforms. With, device-makers, app creators and systems integrators can unlock, aggregate, and monetize IoT data.
  Cologne,  Germany

ProSyst is an OSGi and Java pioneer. With our 130+ OSGi experts we are entirely focussed on open standards technology and was most actively involved in helping to create the OSGi specifications since 1999. ProSyst is also an OSGi Board Member.

We offer products ("clean-room"...


It all began in Mountain View, Silicon Valley, CA in 2010.At this time Nokia Siemens Networks started to innovate software solutions based on cloud technology for the IoT (Internet of Things) market. An experienced team of senior managers and engineers created award winning software products whic...
Energy & Infrastructure   San Francisco,  United States

Geli (Growing Energy Labs, Inc.) provides the Geli Energy Operating System (Geli EOS) and Internet of Energy Platform as a bridge into the Internet of Things (IoT) for the control and financial optimization of energy storage systems, energy systems and distributed networks. Geli software is licen...

The Imantics Athena™ platform enables faster and cheaper development of Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications. Athena™ is an end-to-end platform solution that offers pluggable building blocks for device integration, analytics, and data visualization, allowing app developers to focus on the core a...

We focus on engineering design, advisory services, educational programs, and community building for the Internet of Things industry. Engineering design: hardware, software, firmware, embedded systems, communications, cloud computing, mobile, big data, data analytics, and large-scale enterprises. ...
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