Latest Internet of Things Companies

  Berlin,  Germany

Teraki wants to be for the Internet of Things what MP3 is for the music industry.

Our solution employs newest techniques to reduce the amount of data generated by sensors by up to a factor 10 without compromising its quality. This is core for current applications such the as real-tim...

  Barcelona,  Spain

Datumize is simplicity applied to a complex digital world full of data. An alternative way to deal with Data.

There is a huge potential business value in data flowing through corporate networks. This value comes from data that have never been captured before for a number of reasons:<...

Consumer   Budapest,  Hungary

Cubilog is the spin-off company of Intellisense. The project was incubated within the mother company by an experienced, multiple award winner startup team.
Budapest based Intellisense is providing educational, image processing and data acquisition solutions for the leading technology corpor...


With the process of interconnecting objects, devices and apps becomes more accessible and less complex. Regardless of wether you are building an interactive installation, prototyping the next connected product or simply playing around with new technologies, lets you add connec...
Retail   Ghent,  Belgium

Sensolus offers products and professional services related to the Internet of Things. Sensolus has developed a scalable, real-time cloud platform which offers end-2-end integration of connected devices in your services and applications. Based on the sensolus IoT platform, 2 unique products are la...
"Your systems working as one"
RTI provides the real-time communications platform for the Internet of Things. Our RTI Connext™ DDS messaging software forms the core nervous system for smart, distributed applications. RTI Connext DDS allows devices to intelligently share information and work together as one integrated system.
  Sydney,  Australia
"protocol brickz"
Protocol brickz are an affordable way to give “Internet of things” appliances a way to connect to each other so you can control them from mobile devices , monitor power usage and schedule events and actions.

TeraDeep solutions are high-performance computing solutions for real-time complex-data analytics. Our solutions are a clever combination of machine-learning algorithms, cloud-intelligence software, custom system-on-a-chip, special embedded computers and server-side devices.
Our capabilities...

Consumer     United States

Sensorflare is the Internet of Things Software company.

We integrate different kinds of smart devices, communication protocols and online services that exist in smart environments and provide services that allow easy management of automation devices, smart objects or sensors from a s...


Canopy is an open source cloud platform for the Internet of Things, with free hosting to get you started. Canopy simplifies the development of IoT products and applications by acting as a cloud relay for control and as a cloud datastore for sensors. We continue to add support for additional progr...
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