Latest Internet of Things Companies

Making Real World Data Actionable
Bright Wolf enables solutions that transform people, processes and products through the Internet of Things. Bright Wolf’s purpose built platform, shaped by decades of connected systems experience and augmented by our full spectrum application development, operations and support services, accelera...

Kii is focused on addressing the high-performance demands of innovation in the connected world with an end-to-end cloud platform optimized for the IoT. Since 2007, our organizational DNA has been in serving the world’s largest carriers with connectivity, scale, stability and performance. By exten...
  Onesti,  Romania

DasData is the IoT platform that allows you to instantly connect all your sensors live data into the cloud and safely store it or share it with the world.

Easy integration with DasData
- DasData you can configure multiple data slots and dataset elements
- Organize dataset...

Consumer   San Francisco,  United States
oort is a technology based upon intelligent devices that lets you control your whole living environment with a single app. No matter where you are, you can manage your smart devices from any place in the world. It’s simple, universal and created to bring comfort and peace of mind to you, your fam...

Footmarks brings creative experiences and digital intelligence to physical spaces.

Footmarks’ SmartConnect™ is an experience-based analytics solution that delivers meaningful and personalized value through a secure end-to-end proximity-based solution. Designed for both our partners ...


Reduce the complexity of utilizing a multitude of services, protocols and API’s and connect devices and web services in the cloud with one universal cloud-based IoT system, Octoblu.

Octoblu reduces complexity with our toolset, Meshblu, and enables any device using any protocol to con...

"A Wireless Solution Company"
WhizNets portfolio of products and services includes a broad range of WiFi modules, Cloud IOT solutions, Mobile solutions, Reference designs and Turnkey product development services to get your connected devices strategy to market quickly.

WhizNets provide not only the leading edge t...


At CONNECTEDEVICE, we understand the transformative power of technology. We are pioneers in the design, development and manufacture of digital lifestyle products and solutions — technology that is both intelligent and intuitive, functional and fashion-forward. We are committed to empowering the n...

ParStream’s vision is to revolutionize the database market to enable real time big data analytics. To achieve this, ParStream is conducting fundamental research and driving innovation in database technology, allowing users to perform real time analytics on big data at a significantly lower cost.<...
  Shanghai,  China
"IoT Platform for China and the World"
Supported by the ZillionSource IOT Platform, the logistic tracking solution was able to acquire and serve the world’s top 4 logistic service providers and the largest Chinese logistic service providers as satisfied customers within a short period.

Logistic tracking solution that moni...

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