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Today Ninja Blocks is shipping a device (the Ninja Block) & offers a web app (the Ninja Cloud) that let you start to play with the IoT today without getting bogged down in electronics or programming (unless you want to).

But that's just for starters. The exciting part, is that in the very near future, almost everything you buy will simply be connected - from your car, to your heating, fridge and bathroom scales.

Ninja Blocks' wants to help everyone get the most from this new, bigger, more pervasive, and scarier internet. We want regular people to easily take control of their things so that their things don't take control of them.

The Borg is coming, but resistance isn't futile. We've got Ninjas!
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5 days ago
@mcgeek11204 we need it back as soon as possible
RT @wolfeidau: Great seeing a @ninjablocks block on stage before my talk #yowconnected JS talk by @thatpatrickguy
@adampj87 Thanks for entering the #NinjaSphere, the BLE tags have an estimated battery life span of 3 years and cannot be changed.
Ninja Blocks @wolfeidau is presenting today at - Using Bluetooth Low Energy for Location #yowconnected
RT @andrewbirt: Day 4 at IFA #homestretch
If you're ever needing to power your #NinjaSphere on Mars, it uses 0.38469288 Pirate-Ninjas (aka kWh/sol) #TheMartian
2 weeks ago
One more cause it just looks oh so sweet.....
2 weeks ago
In true Ninja colour please welcome the Black Ninja Sphere.....
2 weeks ago
@whittyquips Who you gonna call?
2 weeks ago
We just got our first Black #NinjaSphere mould and its OMG OMG OMG soon.
4 weeks ago
RT @KathyReid: OMG just got the 'confirm address' email for my #ninjasphere SQUEE! IT IS ALMOST HERE! @ninjablocks #happynerd
4 weeks ago
RT @Vontweeter: Got our @ninjablocks out to play having received it on Monday #postponingfun
4 weeks ago
@GlennBroadhurst we are surveying for an indication on production numbers. Accessories at this stage mean Spheres, Tags & Sockets.
Ninja Blocks Elliot Shepherd demos #IoT with the Ninja Sphere @HotHouseSydney @phmuseum
@GeekinSydney Thank you very much :)
Gesture-controlled system connects all devices in your home via @MailOnline
Gesture-controlled home automation hub runs Linux
RT @golangmel: Come join us tomorrow night, @wolfeidau is talking about Go testing
@Alex_Donn Sorry we don't have any blocks to sell and are not ready for Sphere giveaways.
2 months ago
The Ninja Sphere is more than just a #smartlight solution; visit to make your home a little smarter.


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