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Today Ninja Blocks is shipping a device (the Ninja Block) & offers a web app (the Ninja Cloud) that let you start to play with the IoT today without getting bogged down in electronics or programming (unless you want to).

But that's just for starters. The exciting part, is that in the very near future, almost everything you buy will simply be connected - from your car, to your heating, fridge and bathroom scales.

Ninja Blocks' wants to help everyone get the most from this new, bigger, more pervasive, and scarier internet. We want regular people to easily take control of their things so that their things don't take control of them.

The Borg is coming, but resistance isn't futile. We've got Ninjas!
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Big developer sale for this weekend only!
@swirlsnap order was placed with warehouse. Following it up, should have been dispatched last week. Will know more tomorrow
@swirlsnap what's your order number?
We just got an Uber with a demo app for the Ninja Sphere iot home controller Developer sale on
@shaneshort Hi Shane, still see our order on this end, just getting out slower than we had hoped.
@andrewwolverton We are interested in understanding why the link isn't working for you. Please get in touch - [email protected] !
@andrewwolverton Make sure you are part of the beta group before trying to download the app. Try these steps -
RT @DZipfel: My #NinjaSphere "large home" arrived today :-) #unboxing #Germany - Thanks @ninjablocks :-)
@andrewwolverton check out to download the android beta app
@thealbatr0ss We've responded direct, please review and let us know.
@_devalias the setup guide has all current supported devices
@_devalias if you go to your menu and "add things" you can see what you have that is currently compatible. Web UI just scheduler for now
@iberry36 getting it out soon, our couriers need a phone number to go with your order, please email it to [email protected]
@_devalias Great, we think it's pretty too. What devices are you connecting to?
@benflux Fixed it. Don't tell the boss
@flamsmark Let me know when you'd like to come by @andrewsofie and Ill make sure to be there. Tomorrow afternoon?
We've released a developer preview of Sphere with images for Docker & Snappy Ubuntu Core!
@AlisterAir great to hear. We are still putting together documentation. Something will be up soon.
We've relaunched our blog! Check it out!
@codygirdlestone We're looking at how to make this happen. Stay in touch.


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