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Springboard combines investment with an intensive 13 week accelerator program. Whilst based at Google Campus in London and ideaSpace in Cambridge, it is aimed at ambitious scalable startups from around the world. It also provides over $150k of free services, and most importantly, one to one support from over 100 high calibre experienced entrepreneurs and investors. Annually, Springboard invests in over 30 companies for 3-6% equity, with over half raising additional investment funding.

Springboard IoT will bring the core methodologies used by Springboard Web & Mobile to massive success with entrepreneurs, partners and also corporates that have pre-existing experience within this sector to create the world's first accelerator bootcamp programme for the Internet of Things.
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16 hours ago
@sshahdesign Happy to have you on board Samir :)
21 hours ago
@DanielGordon1 Learning UX is a lifelong pursuit. 8 weeks with us gets you far enough to real-life experience with a capstone project.
22 hours ago
@DanielGordon1 A lot of our mentors are practitioners in the field with tons of experience who can help students with interviews.
22 hours ago
@DanielGordon1 Thanks for the feedback Daniel!
22 hours ago
@DanielGordon1 Many of our alums have landed entry-level UX jobs after the course (it's 100+ hours of learning, projects, mentor guidance).
22 hours ago
@DanielGordon1 Any skill takes yrs to master, you've got to start somewhere. Possible to build a solid foundation via 8 wks of hard work.
23 hours ago
@soboku_Normcore You're welcome :)
2 days ago
This new NASA invention transmits data 100x faster--fast data :) https://t.co/urnyckQaQM #data #startup #tech https://t.co/SJwrX3WsPs
3 days ago
@saikytweets We wanted to give you a heads up that we've rebranded to Springboard, and we've moved to https://t.co/BLaUcVoL8B :)
3 days ago
@saikytweets Saikat, thanks for writing about us at https://t.co/v7ykWKYABj when we were Sliderule!
3 days ago
One of our mentors (@hspter) co-hosts an awesome podcast on data science! https://t.co/ArVgSs0XlL #data #startup https://t.co/7d63E3qj55
3 days ago
@RaghavNirwani Thanks for sharing! We're excited to be working towards real impact in a field that's constantly growing :)
4 days ago
@mincedmedia @fffffrida Thanks for sharing :)
6 days ago
RT @victoriagarza: Can I learn #UX design in 4 weeks through @Springboard? Follow me and find out. https://t.co/WbgHSO1wx8
6 days ago
@victoriagarza Please feel free to reach out to the team at any time if you have any feedback or questions :)
6 days ago
@victoriagarza Yay, thanks for writing about us! :) We'll certainly do everything we can to help you learn UX design!
@StartAtNoon Sweet, thanks for writing about our exchange! A/B split testing our ads and making them more tailored are great ideas.
Ten life hacks for digital nomad adventurers. Chase that #FridayFeeling #TGIF #startup #tech https://t.co/0gIekcOcSQ https://t.co/pqvgbZhamA
@StartAtNoon Also, it may interest you to know that our Foundations of Data Science is in R, while Data Science Intensive is in Python :)
@StartAtNoon @MySlideRule We'll keep that in mind, thanks for the tip!


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