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Springboard combines investment with an intensive 13 week accelerator program. Whilst based at Google Campus in London and ideaSpace in Cambridge, it is aimed at ambitious scalable startups from around the world. It also provides over $150k of free services, and most importantly, one to one support from over 100 high calibre experienced entrepreneurs and investors. Annually, Springboard invests in over 30 companies for 3-6% equity, with over half raising additional investment funding.

Springboard IoT will bring the core methodologies used by Springboard Web & Mobile to massive success with entrepreneurs, partners and also corporates that have pre-existing experience within this sector to create the world's first accelerator bootcamp programme for the Internet of Things.
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RT @lifehacker: The skills you'll need and the salary you can expect as a data scientist: https://t.co/PnLih09S7u https://t.co/RNpRqysdub
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@theCEOBible Working on getting people to learn data science and UX design. We've helped lots of people skill up https://t.co/T8s8iJHcuJ :)
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@colindean @nkhil Hey guys, pricing is $299/month full details here -> https://t.co/cg61PXFYWy
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Get hours of free learning material for data analysis! :) https://t.co/HrTCRxQhFb #datascience #startup #tech https://t.co/12WEGXRzZ0
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How data scientists mastered basketball (!) https://t.co/WMOUmwYqxq #sports #datascience #dataviz #tech @startup https://t.co/9tyOln45d9
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A Facebook data scientist shares how to wrangle data. https://t.co/1PaVwHaEaq #datascience #startup #tech #data https://t.co/MCWMqVGpHG
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