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Rethink your house

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A platform to connect your house to the web through a consistent and clear set of REST API. Create mashups, connect devices and experiment new ideas to innovate home automation. Lelylan is designed to collaborate with the best minds to rethink the way we will live tomorrow’s house.

Why Lelylan exists
- Lelylan is a project called to life by the need to solve technological limitations that home automation (aka domotics) faces today. Our houses are furnished by numerous devices like appliances, lighting systems, alarms, irrigation systems, smoke and gas detectors, heating, cooling, audio, video systems and much more. Unluckily, those devices use different standards and they can not communicate with each other. The consequences are higher prices, technical limitations, few services and a lot of confusion for the end user.

What Lelylan does
- Lelylan wants to solve these problems through the Web, by creating a platform based on a set of REST web services that allows the access to all domotic resources (devices, locations, people and more). What we aim to do is mapping every device to a unique URL which will provide control over it. When such a connection is done, technological problems disappear and devices become easily identifiable only through their functionalities.
Latest From @lelylan
20 hours ago
@herrerodani great! Keep us updated about your progresses and have fun.
21 hours ago
@mikegreenberg we are adding the use cases page. Still reviewing, but we would love your thoughts about http://t.co/il29c3AAmd.
2 days ago
RT @herrerodani: @lelylan Cheers! All works as expected, different secrets and sockets ok! Triying my cc3000 arduino wifi with Lelylan and …
2 days ago
@herrerodani really happy to hear this :) One thing. Are you in for a guest article on our blog? And of course, let us know what you build.
2 days ago
@mikegreenberg we are working on a use cases section. Lot of things on the way.
2 days ago
@herrerodani all open issues are now closed. Realtime and secret code are working as expected. Let us know about everything you need.
2 days ago
@herrerodani working hard to give it to you and all other makers. Getting back as soon as we solve the issue, and thanks :)
2 days ago
@herrerodani this is a very strange behavior. We are digging into the issue and we are coming back as soon as we'll fix it.
2 days ago
@mikegreenberg the dev center needs to be reorganized. We'll start it soon. If you have more suggestions, would love them touch@lelylan.com
2 days ago
@mikegreenberg we are working on a video in these days and it would be great to have Lelylan being used in your hacker space.
2 days ago
@herrerodani How would you handle it? If you want to tell us more about your thoughts, write to touch@lelylan.com. I would love to know more
2 days ago
@herrerodani every device has it's own secret, which is paired with a physical device. If I understood right, it's normal behaviour.
2 days ago
@herrerodani Checking out right now. Thanks for pointing it out. We'll come back to you!
3 days ago
@mikegreenberg fixing it right now. If you have time, let us know what do you think about the project.
3 days ago
@mikegreenberg if you do want a fast solution to control your devices without thinking about building the web dashboard, It could help.
3 days ago
RT @AppsterdamMilan: Turn on a connected lamp with Arduino & @lelylan The next #Talklab is about #IoT with @andreareginato ;) http://t.co/M…
4 days ago
@PieOrPaj Not at the moment. We are kind of searching for collabs to get it started.
@_OmSoft waiting for ;)
@apneadiving Love it @apneadiving :) Actually it's correct. 4% own iot devices. 87% never heard of. And the others heard of, but didn't buy.
@_OmSoft agree, but that's not how it's going right now. I see you are in Padova. We're from Treviso. Time for a tea in a week?

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