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A platform to connect your house to the web through a consistent and clear set of REST API. Create mashups, connect devices and experiment new ideas to innovate home automation. Lelylan is designed to collaborate with the best minds to rethink the way we will live tomorrow’s house.

Why Lelylan exists
- Lelylan is a project called to life by the need to solve technological limitations that home automation (aka domotics) faces today. Our houses are furnished by numerous devices like appliances, lighting systems, alarms, irrigation systems, smoke and gas detectors, heating, cooling, audio, video systems and much more. Unluckily, those devices use different standards and they can not communicate with each other. The consequences are higher prices, technical limitations, few services and a lot of confusion for the end user.

What Lelylan does
- Lelylan wants to solve these problems through the Web, by creating a platform based on a set of REST web services that allows the access to all domotic resources (devices, locations, people and more). What we aim to do is mapping every device to a unique URL which will provide control over it. When such a connection is done, technological problems disappear and devices become easily identifiable only through their functionalities.
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2 days ago
@_OmSoft waiting for ;)
4 days ago
@apneadiving Love it @apneadiving :) Actually it's correct. 4% own iot devices. 87% never heard of. And the others heard of, but didn't buy.
4 days ago
@_OmSoft agree, but that's not how it's going right now. I see you are in Padova. We're from Treviso. Time for a tea in a week?
5 days ago
@_OmSoft Standardization is the real challange. Startups are raising, each one with their API. This fragments the market. UX as the glue?
5 days ago
best hardware, software and price combination for the new photon https://t.co/o0qEMRnr73
5 days ago
@bratwurstkomet I love your sketches. And I agree with simplicity. Would be nice to continue this discussion on touch@lelylan.com you want
6 days ago
RT @littleBits: Introducing: #SmartHome Kit The Biggest, Baddest, Most Internetty Kit We've Ever Made! http://t.co/RjgEoYA4cI #IoT http://…
6 days ago
We need to improve the Internet of Things User Experience https://t.co/SPOciLPl36 /cc @mlhumph3
@mlhumph3 Thanks a lot! Hope to see more of your articles.
@mlhumph3 I'm Reggie. I want to share https://t.co/4nDZEQbdAq. Could be interesting for you because related to your last article on Forbes.
@DrAL3X Ciao Alessandro, sono Reggie di lelylan. Con William avevamo fatto il talk su Arduino. Volevo chiederti un aiuto su una cosa.
The internet of things has an enthusiasm gap http://t.co/sKEt2Sp2Bd
2 weeks ago
@c_magee27 I'm Reggie. We wrote an article about #iot where you are mentioned. Your feedback would help a lot https://t.co/S6YQn8yTi5
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@mattturck I'm Andrea Reginato. We wrote an article about #iot and we would love your feedback. It would help us https://t.co/S6YQn8yTi5
2 weeks ago
@c_magee27 I'm Andrea Reginato. We wrote an article related to the #iot where you are mentioned. We would love your feedback.
2 weeks ago
@mattturck Hi Mat, I'm Andrea, CEO of lelylan, startup working on the connected home field. Would love your opinion https://t.co/S6YQn8yTi5
2 weeks ago
@ikbear hi there. I'm the CTO of @lelylan, #IoT cloud solution. We saw you are a Go programmer and we miss a wrapper in this great lang :)
2 weeks ago
@darthpelo I wanna see some pics :)
2 weeks ago
creating connected products, the simple way #iot #connectedhome https://t.co/S6YQn8yTi5
3 weeks ago
RT @IoTwatcher: #IoT: Everything You Need To Know About The Internet Of Things - Forbes http://t.co/WvQLuJ6xt1, see more http://t.co/fAqZWn…

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