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Rethink your house

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A platform to connect your house to the web through a consistent and clear set of REST API. Create mashups, connect devices and experiment new ideas to innovate home automation. Lelylan is designed to collaborate with the best minds to rethink the way we will live tomorrow’s house.

Why Lelylan exists
- Lelylan is a project called to life by the need to solve technological limitations that home automation (aka domotics) faces today. Our houses are furnished by numerous devices like appliances, lighting systems, alarms, irrigation systems, smoke and gas detectors, heating, cooling, audio, video systems and much more. Unluckily, those devices use different standards and they can not communicate with each other. The consequences are higher prices, technical limitations, few services and a lot of confusion for the end user.

What Lelylan does
- Lelylan wants to solve these problems through the Web, by creating a platform based on a set of REST web services that allows the access to all domotic resources (devices, locations, people and more). What we aim to do is mapping every device to a unique URL which will provide control over it. When such a connection is done, technological problems disappear and devices become easily identifiable only through their functionalities.
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3 weeks ago
@CohenGavi Hi Gavin, here we are. I wrote you an email. Hope to talk to you soon.
3 months ago
Low price wifi hardware plus lelylan api https://t.co/wkw60RGsNw
4 months ago
@ngnewsletter We've just released an AngularJS Directive for OAuth 2.0. If you have any feedback, it would be great. http://t.co/ClGLZKsFeN
5 months ago
@BuildingIoT Thanks! Lot of things on the way. We want to get ready and open very soon.
5 months ago
RT @arduino: Home Automation for Makers goes Arduino At Heart! Support them on indiegogo http://t.co/xk8m39OLWu #IoT
10 months ago
@myronmarston @hypomodern if you prove the sense of new changes and make a pull request, I'll be happy to merge them on #betterspecs.
10 months ago
@tumaku_ nice one, thanks! We'll be releasing our first tuts in february. Money are evil.
11 months ago
@VicenzaThunders Looking forward for lots of critics :)
11 months ago
@vicenzathunders we sent you the invitation. Check out http://t.co/nBaLvEC9TM and let us know what do you think!
11 months ago
@RasPiTV I saw the relay tuts on youtube and I would love to invite you http://t.co/p2gkDqbfdn. It's an open api for the connected home.
@openp2pdesign perfect! Good luck with all of your projects ;)
@VicenzaThunders I'm Andrea, creator of http://t.co/p2gkDqbfdn and I would love to send you guys an invitation. Interested?
@openp2pdesign Hi Massimo. I'm Andrea, founder of http://t.co/p2gkDqbfdn and I would love to send you an invitation. Interested?
new #lelylan dev center on the way http://t.co/g0KT0pF3NA
@IoTMadrid looking forward to see the first hacks made with #lelylan. We are ready for full support :)
@knolleary could be useful to set this option in the sketch? I think more and more clients using JSON and IDs will need bigger payloads.
@knolleary @ItsRaichura is there any code example showing how to override it, out of changing the PubSubClient.h? Thanks.
@zeppelinmaker Super uber! Let us know ;)
hacking smart homes made easy http://t.co/G76yw4IKE9
#IoT investments for $500 million since 2010 http://t.co/W0lFSeVxPR via @postscapes

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