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A platform to connect your house to the web through a consistent and clear set of REST API. Create mashups, connect devices and experiment new ideas to innovate home automation. Lelylan is designed to collaborate with the best minds to rethink the way we will live tomorrow’s house.

Why Lelylan exists
- Lelylan is a project called to life by the need to solve technological limitations that home automation (aka domotics) faces today. Our houses are furnished by numerous devices like appliances, lighting systems, alarms, irrigation systems, smoke and gas detectors, heating, cooling, audio, video systems and much more. Unluckily, those devices use different standards and they can not communicate with each other. The consequences are higher prices, technical limitations, few services and a lot of confusion for the end user.

What Lelylan does
- Lelylan wants to solve these problems through the Web, by creating a platform based on a set of REST web services that allows the access to all domotic resources (devices, locations, people and more). What we aim to do is mapping every device to a unique URL which will provide control over it. When such a connection is done, technological problems disappear and devices become easily identifiable only through their functionalities.
Latest From @lelylan
3 weeks ago
@IamrishiAnand Write an email to [email protected] and let us know more about your project, so we can better help. All the best.
4 weeks ago
@OpenHomeAuto touch@ is the one
4 weeks ago
@OpenHomeAuto would also love to know more about your books and the fact you use Lelylan. We were not aware of this. Sounds great!
4 weeks ago
@OpenHomeAuto the system is up and running from few days. There are some small issues and we're fixing them but users can get started.
@OpenHomeAuto Hi there. We really apologize about the problem. We're gonna have everything up and running by the next 24 hours. Thanks
2 months ago
We're experiencing some issues with our DB service provider. It could take few days. For any question write us.
2 months ago
Working on it right now. Going back to you soon. https://t.co/vuuNISLbI3
2 months ago
@IamrishiAnand How can we help you. We are in contact with one guy working at an Android SDK. Would making you in contact with him help?
3 months ago
@grasshoppernw I guess it was a momentary outage. How are things working out?
4 months ago
@GrasshopperNw Keep us updated.
4 months ago
@grasshoppernw Did you try to use the pubsub library we modified? The one we sent you the link at. Did you try it?
4 months ago
@grasshoppernw from our tests the MQTT server is up and running. About the library you need to use a modified one http://t.co/00YpfAhLQl
4 months ago
spatial interfaces https://t.co/frS5AighBe
4 months ago
@stefanoepifani Thanks a lot for taking the time on writing on our idea. Love it :)
4 months ago
Why #apple is running into some problems with #HomeKit http://t.co/qk4iyml39m
4 months ago
@nayaneye here you can now find it out. Unluckily we have some problems with the MQTT Paho client http://t.co/53O7eNGTWr
4 months ago
5 months ago
We're sorry about this. As Lelylan we're doing our best, but we only provide the cloud platform. If we can help, let us know.
6 months ago
Steve Wozniak Says The Internet of Things Is in "Bubble Phase" http://t.co/VkuyXOOKOt
6 months ago
[ITA] Italians do it smart https://t.co/8vvdkrzgfQ

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