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GainSpan is a leading low power embedded Wi-Fi solutions company focused on connecting things wirelessly to the Internet. Our embedded Wi-Fi chips and modules make it possible to quickly and easily add Wi-Fi to devices, through a serial interface to a device microcontroller. GainSpan's chip handles all Wi-Fi functionalities, networking and security stacks, accelerating wireless device development cycles. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi, GainSpan Wi-Fi is ultra low in power – so low that our pioneering SoC consumes just a few µA of standby current and has a few ms of wake-up latency -- making our products ideal for battery operated devices requiring years of battery life.

You can find GainSpan embedded Wi-Fi at work in all kinds of applications:

• Healthcare and fitness -- we connect personal health sensor devices to monitoring systems, family or clinicians so people live healthier, independent lives.

• Smart Energy -- we help people and businesses monitor and manage their energy consumption for improved efficiency.

• Industrial Controls -- we help companies increase efficiency, improve safety and monitor conditions in every corner of the plant.

• Building Automation -- we help manage lighting, heating, cooling and security - making any building "intelligent."

• Consumer -- we let everyday devices to talk to each other, allowing consumer to control elements in the home -- then connect to the Internet for remote access and control.
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For those going to ISC next week, please RSVP to see a demo of our latest innovations:
2 years ago
RT @ARMSoC: RT @ARMEmbedded: #ARM Partner Blog: Industry's First Wi-Fi/ZigBee Chip to Spur #IoT @GainSpan
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@googleanalytics I need to get access to our google analytics account. Our developers signed us up but we need it back.
2 years ago
@benjers sorry about the documentation updates you experienced last year. didn't see your tweet until now. I hope the issue is resolved
2 years ago
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The GS2000 is a chip we are excited about: the first multiprotocol, multimode SoC that gives every object an IP address!...
2 years ago
GainSpan Unveils Industry First Wi-Fi® and ZigBee® IP Single Chip
2 years ago
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