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Arkessa enables remote devices to operate, be monitored, managed and controlled as though they were connected directly to your desktop, tablet or smart phone. Connections are secure and private. Each device is given a unique identity so that it can be contacted directly and controlled remotely.

Our ervices have enabled enterprises to change business model from product supply to service delivery, bringing customers closer and enhancing profitability.
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@strivechallenge power on @sambranson @NoahDevereux @richardbranson we will be tracking your progress
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RT @AndrewOrrock: @Virgin @strivechallenge monitoring their progress via our friends @CausewayTech working with @arkessa
RT @JimboCharlieAsh: @TelecomTV there's a huge need for ownership & streamlining of regulation in the #IoT. You should talk to @arkessa & @…
3 days ago
RT @thingmuse: Great to see the UK investing behind IoT!
3 days ago
“@TheIoT: #IoT Parliament pledges £1.6m to Internet of Things development -” @uksciencechief
3 days ago
RT @scurtsy: UK funds development of 'world wide web for machines' | via @Telegraph
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RT @AndrewOrrock: “@scurtsy: UK funds development of 'world wide web for machines' | via @Telegraph”@hypercatiot @12
3 days ago
RT @AndrewOrrock: @strivechallenge @arkessa tracking your every move #espresso the only way to start your day #m2m is that you @mlainas Spi…
4 days ago
RT @leeomar: Lots of high level legal wrangling @bt_uk wth @hypercatiot collaborators with @Flexeye @arkessa @1248_io @axillium @bsi_uk @Re
4 days ago
RT @CausewayTech: We're proud to be supporting @Virgin @strivechallenge as tracking partner. Good luck to all the Strivers -…
6 days ago
@CiscoSocial @Cisco @CGI_UKNEWS @telent_UK connect legacy assets to reduce maintenance, improve availability & operational efficiency #IoT
6 days ago
RT @CiscoSocial: London Underground Turns to Internet of Things to Increase Efficiency via @Cisco #IoT #IoE http://t…
@m2mtelefonica fun info graphic from our Global Partners #m2m on vacation - improving service


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