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The innovative enabling technology from EnOcean works entirely maintenance-free without batteries. By detecting information and then transmitting it by short-range wireless, the idea behind the EnOcean solution is to harvest the necessary power from its surroundings: from linear motion, light or differences in temperature, for example. The amount of energy obtained in this way is enough to send a wireless signal, and turn on a light for instance.

EnOcean technology is characterized by efficient energy converters, ultra-low-power electronic circuitry and a reliable wireless protocol. The wireless signal is transmitted in the 868 MHz or 315 MHz frequency band, meaning it fits into a broad range of products worldwide. The telegrams are just one millisecond long, which is approximately one hundred times shorter than the signal of a conventional wireless switch.
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#EnOcean is one of the 50 companies that form the base to make #IoT happen. #future http://t.co/MOg8qIFRL3


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