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NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) provides High Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Product solutions that leverage its leading RF, Analog, Power Management, Interface, Security and Digital Processing expertise. These innovations are used in a wide range of automotive, identification, wireless infrastructure, lighting, industrial, mobile, consumer and computing applications.
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10 hours ago
Inside a connected car: https://t.co/X7dIZ6xOUk #ITSWC15
11 hours ago
Read about our 9/17 #EMVChat to find out more about how #EMV keeps you secure #CyberAware #cybersecurity http://t.co/wxXwbXFC8L
12 hours ago
"Don’t just sell products!" Our session at #ITSWC15 with @johnchavens, @MrSchoessler, @SiemensMobility, @highQ_de: http://t.co/8MkRj9Us5n
14 hours ago
RT @NXPNL: NXP levert chips voor verkeersproef van Siemens op A58 http://t.co/JTXuxg1n8n
15 hours ago
"How can we trust Intelligent Transportation Systems?" @NXP invited experts to discuss this question at #ITSWC15. https://t.co/R0gkQJBuYD
On the #NXP blog: Why companies should identify with identity protection http://t.co/g1eifPtESU #CyberAware #cybersecurity
2 days ago
#NXP On the blog: Brave new world of mobility http://t.co/Q9hScjf1D5 http://t.co/BietPohzzZ
2 days ago
"There's disruptive change ahead of us. How are we educating society about this?" @johnchavens, @dougnewcomb, @NXP 's Lars Reger at #ITSWC15
2 days ago
"We're facing big decisions with AI and automation." @johnchavens, @dougnewcomb and @NXP 's Lars Reger at #ITSWC15. http://t.co/0lVBLzSEho
2 days ago
#NXP On the blog: the fifth one in The Accidential Thermal Engineer series http://t.co/yxARtL5ZaZ http://t.co/L1G3FwKjP7
2 days ago
"We can equip cars with sensors that acknowledge drivers' values." @johnchavens' keynote at #ITSWC15 #mysmarterworld http://t.co/Xsf6QUdaMm
2 days ago
"Values by design: Codify our beliefs so they can be read as code." @johnchavens' at #ITSWC15 #mysmarterworld http://t.co/qR0UJ3jtRC
2 days ago
"We're bleeding our personal data away." @johnchavens' keynote at #ITSWC15 #mysmarterworld http://t.co/zBhynxjjX8
2 days ago
"How can we trust Intelligent Transportation Systems?" @johnchavens' keynote at #ITSWC15 #mysmarterworld http://t.co/x1UG1H1Tho
2 days ago
"Brave New World of Mobility": #ITSWC15 shows potential of future mobility solutions and challenges that lie ahead: http://t.co/dvB0buLTeo
2 days ago
RT @NXP_MIFARE: Easy exchange of business cards @CTIAShows and @IBCShow using #NFC badges powered by #NXP’s #MIFARE DESFire EV1 http://t.co…
2 days ago
#NXP and Siemens Announce Intelligent Traffic Management Systems Partnership http://t.co/yGs3cjI40V
2 days ago
Fascinating high-level discussion with @johnchavens, @MrSchoessler, @SiemensMobility, @highQ_de, and @dougnewcomb. http://t.co/gUQEHfRFEZ
2 days ago
"The government of Silicon Valley controls the world", says @johnchavens at #ITSWC15 #mysmarterworld
2 days ago
"Companies need more dialogue with governments and civic society", says @MrSchoessler at #ITSWC15 #mysmarterworld http://t.co/tFWrkaSzau


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