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NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) provides High Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Product solutions that leverage its leading RF, Analog, Power Management, Interface, Security and Digital Processing expertise. These innovations are used in a wide range of automotive, identification, wireless infrastructure, lighting, industrial, mobile, consumer and computing applications.
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9 hours ago
#NXP On the blog: Streamlining Board Designs with NXP’s Mini Logic Portfolio https://t.co/amjbzkVHuG https://t.co/GnKjn2Jxei
How to make our phones and tablets even more secure? Visit #NXP’s mobile devices solution page to learn more https://t.co/ieur3MpBPM
#NXP On the blog: Saying no to traffic delays in Istanbul https://t.co/sR9WjPBqJo https://t.co/A9wgEZPRHu
5 days ago
#NXP On the blog: 6 ways NFC helps healthcare https://t.co/W9t4qTuRpa https://t.co/aTwsvzsSD3
Join us Thursday @targetopenhouse for the Smart Home Show Live meet #NXP IoT Marketing Director @lewer. Sign up: https://t.co/DTQeNfLxej
#NXP at IoT World Forum 2015, London– Security in IoT: How Secure is Smart? https://t.co/vFKQ0Hkuvx @iotconferences https://t.co/Whqchyo5tj
RT @NXP_MIFARE: Hacking the Internet of Things? #TrackHackLondon #NXP #NFC #MIFARE #IoT https://t.co/JAFKdzg2Go
The cars of the future. An in-depth piece on V2V https://t.co/8SnZxsMP1V https://t.co/CB9cWxEYiX #NXP @AJEnglish
2 weeks ago
#NXP On the blog: The accidental thermal engineer – Can we know Tj by looking at Tcase? https://t.co/Njmf4y8MkD https://t.co/WJPB9BXK3S
2 weeks ago
RT @NXP_MIFARE: Join @NXP at #TrackHackLondon next week and watch hackers doing what they do best https://t.co/vbqcWcFX0T https://t.co/H23r…
2 weeks ago
NXP's Andy Beeson overviews and demos how to use the LPCXpresso IDE during #ARMTechCon https://t.co/1r1C0txshZ
2 weeks ago
#NXP Introduces New Thread Connectivity Platform Running ARM mbed OS for the IoT https://t.co/5rbT8DOHlv
2 weeks ago
#NXP On the blog: 7 Playful uses for NFC in gaming https://t.co/bD9ZKxvA6H #NFC https://t.co/mv4x3qJ1or
2 weeks ago
Using standard logic for your glue logic? Keep it simple and try #NXP's Mini Logic https://t.co/AjyYp9MJZs https://t.co/MX4hoGRzb2
2 weeks ago
#NXP On the blog: Meet an NFC Innovator: Speech Code https://t.co/IaGO13nwtA #NFC https://t.co/hgroxqanIB
3 weeks ago
#NXP has two great products nominated for #ARMTechCon's Innovation Challenge. Vote for us now! https://t.co/PkjbVxDQ4W
3 weeks ago
#NXP's experts will present its advanced smart packaging solutions Nov. 18-19 @AIPIAcongress Don't miss it! https://t.co/EldLpWSeZW
3 weeks ago
#NXP On the blog: Playroom 2.0: Made possible by NFC https://t.co/Y8Ok7F52cs #NFC https://t.co/ilUQ6HS0gz
3 weeks ago
#NXP Mini Logic – free samples from the industry’s best single, dual and triple logic gates https://t.co/AjyYp9MJZs https://t.co/GuMix6QmuN
4 weeks ago
What have you learned this National Cybersecurity Month? Share how you are #CyberAware #cybersecurity #security @NXP


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