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Bosch Software Innovations GmbH, the software and systems house of the Bosch Group, globally designs, develops and operates innovative software and system solutions for the Internet of Things and Services.

In this environment, we focus specifically in the areas of connected mobility, connected energy and facility management, connected industry and enterprises, and connected healthcare. With our core products, “Visual Rules Suite” for Business Rules Management and the “inubit Suite” for Business Process Management, we comprehensively support our customers and partners in developing and implementing new markets and business opportunities in the Internet of Things by linking functions and processes, services and devices. Bosch Software Innovations provides individual, customized solutions for financial institutions, financial service providers and industrial companies.
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RT @BoschPresse: Germany bets on Web-connected factories to keep its manufacturing edge via @WSJ @ChrisAlessi
@inLIUofJOAN Please email our Bosch USA team at with your contact information & more details about this issue. Thanks /bg
4 hours ago
@ThomasSchiltz We received both tweets and would like to contact you. Please send your contact details to Thanks /bg
5 hours ago
Bosch Korea turns 25 this week! Or even 26? Solve our calculation task at
6 hours ago
@martie0401 Hi, please email your contact details to so I can look into this for you. Thanks, Diane
19 hours ago
@Rosemariebud75 Hi, Please contact Bosch SA directly on @BoschkitchensSA. /bg
19 hours ago
See which famous science-fiction character was #3dprinted by our colleagues of #BoschRexroth
21 hours ago
@Rosemariebud75 Hi, Sorry to hear about your inconvenience. We've forwarded your complaint to the relevant department, who will respond soon
22 hours ago
@martie0401 Hi, we couldn't possibly comment on this. We have raised this issue with @BoschHomeUK who will be able advise you further. /bg
23 hours ago
@janinsel Hi, we have raised this with the relevant department and they will be in contact with you shortly. Sorry for any inconvenience.
23 hours ago
Bosch is part of this year’s @BlindApplying campaign for #students from all around the world! Are you, too?
23 hours ago
@janinsel Hi, please can you email all the details and any contact details to /bg
23 hours ago
@janinsel Hi, we are sorry to hear this. Please can you specify your issue and we'll try our best to help. Thanks, /bg
@martie0401Hi, thanks for clarifying that. For us to raise this with the relevant department, please may you specify your current location?
@martie0401 Hi, have you checked behind the water tank already? If not, detach that and there should be a yellow cleaning disk there. /bg
2 days ago
@ArletteFokker Hi, congratulations on your new Bosch model. Thank you for your continued custom and support over the years! /bg
2 days ago
@ArletteFokker Hi, We are sorry to hear this. If you need further assistance with a repair or upgrade to a new model please let us know. /bg
2 days ago
@UCitybootcamp Hi, Please see the following link where we have responded to you. /bg
2 days ago
@UCitybootcamp Hi, Please email the USA team at with full details and they will be waiting to assist. /bg
2 days ago
@Nitek No problem, please do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist you further! /bg


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