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Bosch Software Innovations GmbH, the software and systems house of the Bosch Group, globally designs, develops and operates innovative software and system solutions for the Internet of Things and Services.

In this environment, we focus specifically in the areas of connected mobility, connected energy and facility management, connected industry and enterprises, and connected healthcare. With our core products, “Visual Rules Suite” for Business Rules Management and the “inubit Suite” for Business Process Management, we comprehensively support our customers and partners in developing and implementing new markets and business opportunities in the Internet of Things by linking functions and processes, services and devices. Bosch Software Innovations provides individual, customized solutions for financial institutions, financial service providers and industrial companies.
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7 hours ago
@orthohand [...] if you'd be interested contact your nearest distributor, E.G Euro Car Parts, GSF, CES UK /bg
7 hours ago
@orthohand [...] There are other manufacturers that sell the universal fitting rubbers separate. Which require cutting down to size [...]
7 hours ago
@orthohand Due to the change in wiper blade technology, selling the wiper blade rubbers separate hasn’t been viable on demand [...]
8 hours ago
Here are the 5 winning buttons of the #PushForward contest! See all submissions here:
10 hours ago
@johntooth61 Hi, thanks for getting in touch. We have forwarded your enquiry to @BoschHomeUK, who will get back to you soon.
10 hours ago
@dasarirohit45 Since the automated driving tech is still in prototype status, it is too early to provide costs for the end consumer. /bg
10 hours ago
@speedysticks We already made a first step into this direction with an eye diagnostics camera:
10 hours ago
@johntooth61 Hi, thanks for getting in touch. To handle your request appropriately, please can you specify your current location? /bg
18 hours ago
@rmatamoroscr Hi,Thanks for getting in touch. Please contact our customer service for automotive parts here: /bg
19 hours ago
@rmatamoroscr Hi, thanks for getting in touch. To handle your request appropriately, please can you specify your current location? /bg
21 hours ago
@__abbielouise Sorry to hear about your inconvenience. We've forwarded your complaint to the relevant department, who'll respond soon. /bg
21 hours ago
#Bosch #DiversityDay: Our blind associate Rangamma packs kits for diesel pumps from her memory
23 hours ago
Watch the creative process of street artist @vhils1, who carves a portrait into the facade of a building:
RT @transportevolve: Video: watch Bosch fit self-driving technology to a Tesla Model electric car.…
@ashb_tweets You should try this and experience yourself that in fact #trafficjamassist is relieving the driver. More
Watch how #streetartist @vhils1 manages to carve an impressive portrait into the facade of a building:
2 days ago
@rahultambi The predictive emergency braking is not available. Furthermore, please contact # 0091 20 3061 6586 in India to know more. /bg
3 days ago
@jsan1972 Hi, we aim to get back to our clients as quickly as possible. Please, allow us a time frame of 48 hours. /bg
3 days ago
Accompany Philip on his trip to the airport and see Bosch’s vision for a highly #automatedcar:
3 days ago
Watch how a trailer is parked from outside the #car using Bosch technology #boxberg15


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