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Bosch Software Innovations GmbH, the software and systems house of the Bosch Group, globally designs, develops and operates innovative software and system solutions for the Internet of Things and Services.

In this environment, we focus specifically in the areas of connected mobility, connected energy and facility management, connected industry and enterprises, and connected healthcare. With our core products, “Visual Rules Suite” for Business Rules Management and the “inubit Suite” for Business Process Management, we comprehensively support our customers and partners in developing and implementing new markets and business opportunities in the Internet of Things by linking functions and processes, services and devices. Bosch Software Innovations provides individual, customized solutions for financial institutions, financial service providers and industrial companies.
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44 minutes ago
@bartilomeus Sorry to hear about your inconvenience. We've forwarded your complaint to the relevant department, who'll respond soon. /bg
@pilotlars danke für Ihre Anfrage. Für mehrere Informationen besuchen Sie bitte die Website /bg
2 hours ago
1st Bosch #sensor "Bosch bell" was able to sense decreasing tire pressure. More milestones:
4 hours ago
@kunalrex Hi, thanks for your interest in a career with us! You can find our vacancies on our careers website: /bg
6 hours ago
20 years ago #OTD, Bosch introduced ESP® which can prevent up to 80% of car skidding accidents: #roadsafety
11 hours ago
Bosch sensors now and then: from "Bosch bell" to MEMS sensors:
Our Twitter community has just reached 100,000 followers. Thank you for being part of it!
@chimpanse Das is richtig, es handelt sich um ein Tesla Model S. Weitere Informationen finden sich hier: /bg
@TonyYZFR1 You will also need a software update at a dealer to make the system compatible with the Nyon. Thank you /bg
@TonyYZFR1 Hi, there will be Nyon kits for retrofitting on Active/Performance line within the next 2 months. /bg
2 days ago
Is there a new career profile for #Industry40 and what would it look like? #IndustrialInternet
2 days ago
@TonyYZFR1 Hi, thanks for getting in touch. We have forwarded your enquiry to the relevant department, who will get back to you soon. /bg
2 days ago
@TonyYZFR1 Hi, thanks for getting in touch. Can you please specify what Bosch product you are interested in. /bg
2 days ago
@artminecs Hi, Thanks for getting in touch. To handle this appropriately can you please specify your current location as well. /bg
2 days ago
@artminecs Hi, can you please specify what product is your enquiry referring to (Home appliances, automotive, thermotechnology etc) /bg
2 days ago
@raven_wish Merhaba, size yardımcı olabilmemiz için telefon numaranızı [email protected]'a iletebilir misiniz? /bg
3 days ago
#DieselFact: Diesel engines account for only 1% of particulate matter in Germany
3 days ago
Don't forget to meet our Bosch #ebike experts at today's @EUROBIKE_SHOW
3 days ago
Check out the new “Uphill Flow II” video to see how #eMountainbikes are heading uphill dynamically: #uphillflow
4 days ago
Watch the video & see how a #vocationaltraining of mechatronics engineers at Bosch looks like


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