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Bosch Software Innovations GmbH, the software and systems house of the Bosch Group, globally designs, develops and operates innovative software and system solutions for the Internet of Things and Services.

In this environment, we focus specifically in the areas of connected mobility, connected energy and facility management, connected industry and enterprises, and connected healthcare. With our core products, “Visual Rules Suite” for Business Rules Management and the “inubit Suite” for Business Process Management, we comprehensively support our customers and partners in developing and implementing new markets and business opportunities in the Internet of Things by linking functions and processes, services and devices. Bosch Software Innovations provides individual, customized solutions for financial institutions, financial service providers and industrial companies.
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8 hours ago
#Wearables with @BoschMEMS #sensors improve your life-style & well-being. Here’s how:
8 hours ago
@MDFke The effect is the same as for car tires on TV; it looks like they run backward while the vehicle moves forward (2/2)
8 hours ago
@MDFke It’s correct that it looks like the screw is turning the wrong way, this is an optical illusion caused by the high-resolution TV 1/2
13 hours ago
Moving towards #PredictiveMaintenance with service technicians in the lead. #Industry40
14 hours ago
@niamhcmj A perfect start to the morning? We think so! /bg
14 hours ago
Watch how Lutz Bürkle wants to make #roadaccidents a thing of the past: #connected4ideas
16 hours ago
Fast-paced development of #mobility platforms: how to combine various transportation modes?
Workpieces, machines & associates communicate at this #connected Bosch plant: #industry40
@TnyVrbrt Lithium-Ion batteries don't have this defect, more info on Lithium-Ion can be found here 2/bg
@TnyVrbrt Unfortunately NiCad batteries have a 'memory effect' which causes them run down when they are not in use 1/bg
@MattDarling1 Hi, Thank you for your quick reply. We have forwarded your complaint to the relevant department, who will respond soon. /bg
German Chancellor Angela #Merkel congratulates @BoschStiftung’s AcademiaNet #womeninscience
@MattDarling1 Hi, sorry for the issue. To handle your request appropriately, please can you specify your current location? /bg
@TnyVrbrt Hi, thanks for that, we've passed this on to the relevant department who will be in contact soon. /bg
#Urbanization & society’s need for #mobility call for new approaches: #IoT #infographics
2 days ago
Women are underrepresented in academic #leadership roles. @BoschStiftung’s showcases them
2 days ago
@ccb2095 Thanks for your interest in a co-operation. More information on affiliate programs can be found on
2 days ago
At its plant in Homburg Bosch shows #connected high-tech #manufacturing at its best:
2 days ago
@tax_free Hi, thank you for your patience. We'll follow this up with the relevant department & contact you soon. /bg
2 days ago
@nyabizness Hi, sorry to hear this, please email our U.S. team at [email protected] with your contact info & details about this issue /bg


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