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Bosch Software Innovations GmbH, the software and systems house of the Bosch Group, globally designs, develops and operates innovative software and system solutions for the Internet of Things and Services.

In this environment, we focus specifically in the areas of connected mobility, connected energy and facility management, connected industry and enterprises, and connected healthcare. With our core products, “Visual Rules Suite” for Business Rules Management and the “inubit Suite” for Business Process Management, we comprehensively support our customers and partners in developing and implementing new markets and business opportunities in the Internet of Things by linking functions and processes, services and devices. Bosch Software Innovations provides individual, customized solutions for financial institutions, financial service providers and industrial companies.
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5 hours ago
@TimedQuestions Thank you for your information. We have forwarded your case to the relevant department, who will respond soon. /bg
6 hours ago
@TimedQuestions Hi, sorry about the inconvenience. To handle your request appropriately, please can you specify your current location? /bg
Clean diesel #technology: economical, environmentally friendly & great for off-road experiences!
@iPoggy Thanks, our UK colleagues are currently out-of-office. Please send your contact info to [email protected] & we'll pick this up
@iPoggy Hi Gary, sorry to hear this. To handle your request appropriately, please can you specify your current location? /bg
The new #Bajaj @my_pulsar RS 200 is equipped with motorcycle front-wheel ABS – a technology by Bosch!
2 days ago
#Industry40: from machine operators to machine managers at the Bosch Blaichach plant #IoT
2 days ago
@fizzygubbara Sorry if you & others felt offended by our ad. This truly wasn't the intention. We'll utilise your feedback for future plans.
2 days ago
Bosch associates went on a road trip to challenge #cleandiesel cars – with impressive results!
2 days ago
@Gavhollander Hi Gav, glad you like them! Did you know our tea bags go really well with our Bosch kettles too? ;-)
2 days ago
@DanielThomasLtd Hi, Sorry to hear about the issues you've had with our saws. If you have a problem with the 3rd one please let us know. /bg
2 days ago
@otegiri4 Hi Ogbor, Thanks for your question. The address is: 52-54 Isaac John Street. Landmark House. GRA Ikeja. Lagos. Kind regards /bg
2 days ago
RT @BoschPresse: Enhanced #RoadSafety in #Russia: #Bosch opens new plant for ABS and ESP
3 days ago
Driver assistance systems save lives: see how Bosch ESP counteracts skidding at an early stage! #RoadSafety
3 days ago
@Oh_Luzie We are glad to hear you are enjoying your Bosch appliance./bg
3 days ago
What makes Bosch´s Blaichach plant an #Industry40 showpiece? #IIoT
3 days ago
@MikeWJonesnyc Sorry to hear about your inconvenience.Please send an email to [email protected] with your contact and purchase details./bg
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@katerohan1 Thanks for clarifying, Kate. We have raised this to @BoschHomeUK, who will get back to you soon. /bg
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@katerohan1 Hi Kate, sorry to hear about this. To handle your issue appropriately, please can you specify your current location? /bg
3 days ago
The Bosch Boxberg Classic 2015 took place last weekend. Have a look at the photo album with great #ClassicCar shots!


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