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Current methods for manufacturing electronics create products that are thick, heavy, rigid, and expensive, with a heavy environmental footprint.

Terepac was founded in 2004 to commercialize breakthrough innovations which over­come these limitations through an entirely new paradigm for assembly, integration and packaging of electronic products. The company’s revolutionary technologies enable sophisticated microelectron­ics to be printed on flexible substrates at a fraction of the size and cost of creating conventional circuits. Entire devices with microprocessors, memory, and sensors can be reduced to less than a millimeter square, thinner than paper, and flexible enough to bend around a pencil – with no sacrifice in performance.

As a result, these tiny electronics can be used in ways previously not thought physically or economically feasible. They also allow existing devices, components and products to be transformed into small, flexible forms which were previously impractical or even impossible. No other existing process can effectively handle, assemble and connect chips and devices of this size, flexibility and compactness.

Terepac will play a critical role in making electronics truly pervasive by transforming both the form and process of their delivery. The company aims to define the standard for innovation in microelectronics.
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4 weeks ago
Proud to be a part of @OWWA1 #WATER16 presenting our #smartcities solution ONE Water https://t.co/585kc7XOrA
4 weeks ago
Come see how our ONE Water solution delivers massive savings for municipalities at #WATER16 #IoT https://t.co/dZWZ8T2F2N
Another reason the #IoT is growing so fast! #CdnTech #BigData https://t.co/UOH797tnl4
@MinisterISED @CiscoCanada Thank you!!! Our ONE Water team couldn't agree more! #IoT #ioe #cdntech
RT @CiscoCanada: Bill MacGowan showing @MinisterISED & @TOAdamVaughan how the #connected fire hydrant can save lives. #TOinnovate https://t…
2 months ago
RT @ricasselstine: Looking fwd to Boston in the springtime! #exponentialmanufacturing2016 #terepac #givingvoicetotheworld
3 months ago
RT @WREDCorp: #Waterloo's @TerepacCorp showcased at @Cisco's Internet of Things Innovation Centre https://t.co/jAgTSg7eDi … via @cantechlet
3 months ago
RT @DrRickH: Another Razzle Dazzle with @CiscoCanada Bill MacGowan. #innovation at Work. #TOinnovate making it real. https://t.co/3GP3da8Wyx
3 months ago
There he goes again with his #iot vision for Giving Voice To The World® #SmartCities #BigData our CEO @ricasselstine https://t.co/GTI9iHRv2n
3 months ago
RT @JayBahar: Great article! Especially :https://t.co/9P5hhAVDVj "most IoT data to be processed at edge of networks" @TerepacCorp https://…
4 months ago
@berryonline @CiscoCanada @DrRickH Glad you liked it!! We're proud to be there! We believe in smart cities & more importantly smart mayors!
4 months ago
RT @ricasselstine: Outstanding news! Our GG, a most amazing nat'l treasure, that if the world doesn't already know, will soon find out! htt…
5 months ago
Waterloo's Terepac Corporation showcased at Cisco's Internet of Things Innovation Centre https://t.co/FazmLt2ipY via @cantechletter
5 months ago
RT @KarinLVS: @JayBahar @TerepacCorp showing off the ONE IoT platform @CiscoCanada Innovation Centre launch. Welcome to the team. https://t…
5 months ago
RT @CiscoCanada: Hon. @rezamoridi: @Cisco is a true champion of innovation in Ontario. #TOInnovate
5 months ago
Thanks Mayor @JohnTory We agree 100% & why we created ONE Water! So glad you visited! @CiscoCanada #cdntech #IoT https://t.co/5DVjWR9NZG
5 months ago
RT @bwightma: Bill showing @JohnTory the fire hydrant of the future #TOinnovate @CiscoCanada https://t.co/AKpHLglQKR
5 months ago
We hope you enjoyed our innovation @JohnTory & @allygleeson in the @CiscoCanada innovation centre! #iot #cdntech https://t.co/VyIcqTb8DF
5 months ago
Terepac joins Who's Who of North American #IoT Technology @ Cisco's newest Innovation Centre https://t.co/2SPzoTFUGM https://t.co/w0tI6DjnTF
5 months ago
RT @DrRickH: Now, this is exciting ! Prepping for our big @Cisco Innovation Centre #Toronto Grand Opening. #TOinnovate Jan.12 '16 https://t…


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