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Current methods for manufacturing electronics create products that are thick, heavy, rigid, and expensive, with a heavy environmental footprint.

Terepac was founded in 2004 to commercialize breakthrough innovations which over­come these limitations through an entirely new paradigm for assembly, integration and packaging of electronic products. The company’s revolutionary technologies enable sophisticated microelectron­ics to be printed on flexible substrates at a fraction of the size and cost of creating conventional circuits. Entire devices with microprocessors, memory, and sensors can be reduced to less than a millimeter square, thinner than paper, and flexible enough to bend around a pencil – with no sacrifice in performance.

As a result, these tiny electronics can be used in ways previously not thought physically or economically feasible. They also allow existing devices, components and products to be transformed into small, flexible forms which were previously impractical or even impossible. No other existing process can effectively handle, assemble and connect chips and devices of this size, flexibility and compactness.

Terepac will play a critical role in making electronics truly pervasive by transforming both the form and process of their delivery. The company aims to define the standard for innovation in microelectronics.
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3 months ago
RT @iotWaterloo: Our friend @JayBahar of @TerepacCorp having a chat with Jordan Taylor at our last event http://t.co/rbzJGfvfeA #iotwaterloo
4 months ago
Very excited to be the sponsor of tonight's @iotwaterloo If it's anything like the last one we're in for a heck of a meetup! #iot #ioe #m2m
5 months ago
Excited to sponsor next IoT Waterloo June 11th http://t.co/1oiHdhur9W Check this amazing photo review of the 1st one http://t.co/sxZIt9AT68
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6 months ago
Great turnout at @iotwaterloo | #cdntech in the waterloo region never disappoints! #IoT #IoE #wearables #bigdata | http://t.co/VP592moAX6
6 months ago
Thanks for the mentions @communitech @techtriangle Excited for @IoTWaterloo tonight! Smart people discussing #iot #ioe #wearables & #bigdata
6 months ago
Terepac proud to sponsor @IoTWaterloo tomorrow night! http://t.co/94GTI5bA9H | #iot #cdntech #ioe #wearables #bigdata
6 months ago
Terepac is proud to sponsor @IoTWaterloo tonight! Looking forward to the exchange on #iot #ioe #wearables & #bigdata http://t.co/NyjsC69M4I
7 months ago
Terepac CTO delivering keynote @ Wearable &Flexible Technologies World 2014 |Shanghai May 14th. http://t.co/1X2oC02MRQ #wearables #iot #ioe
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Trying again! #IoT and #IoE people, want to know what you think! Going to share results with you all. https://t.co/IrmtQKGZzM #wearables
7 months ago
RT @TereSense: @danablouin Absolutely. Also, if we can make the electronics smaller they use less battery. This is one of our core abilitie…
7 months ago
Writer really knows her stuff- #IoT Creates New IP Requirements http://t.co/MOc1j6NXs0 This is why @TerepacCorp makes end2end #IoT solutions
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7 months ago
Congrats Kermit! With our thanks RT @brubincnbc: Huge celebrity ringing @NYSEEuronext http://t.co/GhSWDFSznF | http://t.co/oBh1PNx0l8 #iot
7 months ago
Serious about #IoT? It's time to push #IoT forward! Need new hashtags! #IoTSecurity #IoTBattery #IoTObjects | If you're with me RT this!


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