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HiKoB is a leading provider of wireless and scalable instrumentation systems that generate strategic data and information on your physical resources and assets to feed your information system.

HiKoB wireless instrumentation systems are at the heart of mission-critical applications for smart cities, intelligent transport systems, intelligent parking, structural health monitoring and protection and security systems.

With the HiKoB OpenLab platform, HiKoB provides to the research & innovation community powerful hardware and software tools to prototype, develop and deploy innovative applications in the field of embedded wireless measure: motion capture, AHRS, biomechanics, biologging and robotics. For more detailed information please go to the HiKoB OpenLab website.

HiKoB’s innovative wireless instrumentation solutions have been designed to take the best of wireless sensors networks and to provide real benefits to the market:

- no need for a costly and painful wired infrastructure,
- centralized and easy access to information and data that is spread on multiple locations.
- HiKoB develops efficient energy harvesting processes, innovative embedded measurement methodologies and ultra-low power wireless communication and distributed applications protocols. HiKoB provides an open and turnkey offering: multiple sensors catalog, standardized communication protocols, embedded firmware access.
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2 days ago
Guillaume Chelius présentera son pitch devant @EmmanuelMacron aujourd'hui à #Utrecht ville de départ du #TDF2015 http://t.co/a8d8p0IPsF
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Last day in #Istanbul, be sure to come by and visit us at our booth 10K-2, hall 10! See you there #wireless #parking #traffic #systems
Come and experience our #traffic & #parking demos at @intertraffic Istanbul! #FrenchTech #wireless http://t.co/yqywN6mpdG
RT @ittranslation: Guillaume Chelius CEO @hikobnews "Pour nous l’international n’a jamais été une question, ça a toujours été une évidence"
RT @_fval_: Intervention de G. Chelius sur l'internationalisation #startupsInria @hikobnews @Inria @insadelyon #citilab http://t.co/BSAXFKP…
RT @sopsop: @golaem @phtc @datapublica @hikobnews on stage speaking about making business around the World ! International native @ittransl
@intertraffic Thank you !
The HIKOB team is in @intertraffic Istanbul, let's visit us at stand 10K-2, hall 10 http://t.co/nx1TTuqgGm #wireless #traffic #frenchtech
RT @intertraffic: #Intertraffic #Istanbul welcomes all #exhibitors and #visitors! Have a good first day at #Intertraffic #Istanbul 2015!
HIKOB s'agrandit, premier repas dans les nouveaux locaux #emménagement #LyonFrenchTech http://t.co/lBG62IOJQ4
RT @ittranslation: 27 mai: Cmt faire d'une startup un champion international ? ac @datapublica @hikobnews @phtc @golaem http://t.co/0K4cQnz…
2 months ago
RT @itineraire24: Le gouvernement présente l'Iron Man version Made in France: La société Hikob développe des… http://t.co/wWPipld2W0
2 months ago
RT @sanfordisherwoo: RT inria_roc: #HIKOB en direct de Paris pour la rencontre #inria_industrie #smartcity & #mhttp://t.co/MCY9Fyqi1f htt…
2 months ago
RT @inria_roc: #HIKOB en direct de Paris pour la rencontre #inria_industrie #smartcity & #mobility @InnovPRIME #Inria@siliconValley http://…
2 months ago
RT @InnovPRIME: We are live with France and startup pitches have begun. @hikobnews the floor is yours
2 months ago
RT @InnovPRIME: May 11th: 27 researchers&startups will present their #SmartCity & #Mobility solutions at the @Inria Industry Meeting http:/…
2 months ago
@PhJauffret @EYfrance Merci, très heureux de faire parti de l'aventure !
2 months ago
RT @PhJauffret: Bienvenue @hikobnews Guillaume Chelius, candidat @EYfrance Prix Start-up de l'Année #PELA http://t.co/bUYohf373e
2 months ago


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