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MicroStrain develops and produces tiny sensors that are used in a wide range of applications, including knee implants, civil structures, advanced manufacturing, unmanned military vehicles, and automobile engines. We pride ourselves on being both innovative and responsive to our customers' unique requirements.

Sensors are literally changing our world; we're inspired to work with our customers to introduce advanced sensing technology that will enable the next generation of smarter and safer machines, civil structures, and implanted devices.
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4 weeks ago
New cost-effective tactical-grade inertial sensor, 'Using IR Sensor with Wireless' Tech Note, Torque video and more: https://t.co/ET6ZKTmjxh
Inductively powered wireless torque monitoring video #iot #Sensing #thecloud #wireless #cbm https://t.co/f86gWrbj4G https://t.co/pahcGm9k8i
A video demonstration of the new DEMOD- DVRT® -2 displacement sensor signal conditioner from LORD MicroStrain®: https://t.co/XH3ioQaCge
The NEW 3DM-GQ4-45™ tactical grade GNSS aided Inertial Navigation System, a new benchmark in performance for price: http://t.co/daiHrzIFlT
2 months ago
Unmanned Rotorcraft Flight Testing Using Wireless Sensor Networks for Data Collection and Cloud-Based Computing #IoT http://t.co/tpuxqMLdUD
2 months ago
A new newsletter two new products, and the OEM advantage: Expanding Product Features & Services with SensorCloud™ http://t.co/1GUYf8WrwG
4 months ago
Use SensorCloud to maximize uptime with smart vibration monitoring and predictive analytics: #iot #Sensing #wireless http://t.co/limqRMiyuz
5 months ago
Electric planes around the corner? Airbus plans first E-Fan electric cross-Channel flight: http://t.co/QKZ1e5iML8 http://t.co/tU8yQJP95n
5 months ago
RT @AlignAero: Aerospace & Aviation News is out! http://t.co/VlZiYPA5gG Stories via @MicroStrain @ldd987 @CovingtonAir
5 months ago
Awe shucks, we've known of them for some time. They have great products, but we serve a different market (high end) https://t.co/8RyZdbAC6n
5 months ago
5 months ago
RT @analyticbridge: The amazing IBM Watson Analytics in action! (Video) http://t.co/xVsH1e3XmV
5 months ago
LORD MicroStrain Help School Enter Hybrid Vehicle in Supermileage Challenge—notice our logo on the two front fenders! http://t.co/bPFWDe21J5
6 months ago
6 months ago
Stop by and see us! Booth 509 @SensorsExpo #sensors #wireless #inertial #IoT June 9-11, 2015 Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, Ca
6 months ago
Latest Microstrain Newsletter: Wireless Rail Monitoring, A New Tech-note, And The Future of #EnergyHarvesting #iot http://t.co/AV6z9w3C1h
7 months ago
LORD MicroStrain SensorCloud is in the news again! The tools you need to use big data #sensors #BigData #IoT #M2M http://t.co/3NBNk1jNE5
8 months ago
RT @DimaTokar: @MicroStrain Check out @MachNationIoT #IoT #AEP ScoreCard. We welcome your participation in next year's edition http://t.co/…
8 months ago
RT @strgegeruutmwdd: @MicroStrain http://t.co/V6YmEwNEIQ #gliding http://t.co/64MMZCrlXA Outstanding , fun time to discover and to share
8 months ago
@VTchamber Just made number 2 in our group!


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