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MicroStrain develops and produces tiny sensors that are used in a wide range of applications, including knee implants, civil structures, advanced manufacturing, unmanned military vehicles, and automobile engines. We pride ourselves on being both innovative and responsive to our customers' unique requirements.

Sensors are literally changing our world; we're inspired to work with our customers to introduce advanced sensing technology that will enable the next generation of smarter and safer machines, civil structures, and implanted devices.
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3 days ago
Military Begins plans to standardize software across future aircraft/vehicle platforms: http://t.co/fPzdDLGG5z
Tokyo university develops soft pneumatic "muscle suit" to give us more strength when we need it: http://t.co/YkUKS7PFAA
3 weeks ago
LORD MicroStrain Sensing Systems Latest Newsletter #Sensing #Wireless #Noise #IoT #SensorCloud #agriculture #Cisco http://t.co/6IpLnJFWys
4 weeks ago
RT @BerkeleyLab: We've tackled global vaccine delivery problem with portable solar-powered fridge http://t.co/7UpUysG0Tz @KQEDscience http:…
4 weeks ago
Audi Piloted Race Car Concept--The Fastest Driverless Car in The World: #Audi #cars #robotics #IoT http://t.co/BHeQFFQ0HQ
RT @lordcorpla: MicroStrain® Energy Harvesting Es líder en la adaptación de la electrónica de captación de energía de las redes... http:/…
@MptekMar @NetOfEverything Thanks for the shout-out!
RT @vvav26: @MicroStrain http://t.co/W7gxUlPjHL To watch and to share
@mikepenrod Thanks much! Happy to start a conversation!
RT @mikepenrod: @MicroStrain I shared your post on my social stream! #mikepenrod http://t.co/Iv2KNzx3PU or direct http://t.co/UjLXjwtLqG
Cisco: SensorCloud and ENV-Link for agricultural IOT solution: http://t.co/dt41zcr5AB #IoT #bigdata #Sensors #wine #agriculture
2 months ago
Drones on the cheap? http://t.co/51iQGRJvia
2 months ago
RT @trinityadam: LinkedIn Marketing Training Course: http://t.co/SZlO60kfQQ Retweet Please Use #LinkedIn to Increase Your Sales http:…
2 months ago
@Harvard Why on Earth would someone hold that with bare hands?
2 months ago
RT @TheNextWeb: Google publishes its ‘Physical Web’ open standard for using URLs as beacons for smart devices http://t.co/JPxWGrteyh by @be
2 months ago
RT @IEEEorg: Perobskite photovoltaics have been used to split water to produce hydrogen. A good step to clean-burning fuel: http://t.co/1Dc…
2 months ago
RT @IEEEorg: Researchers found a low-cost way to make #graphene-treated silver nanowires to help flexible screen production: http://t.co/Xb…
2 months ago
RT @IEEEorg: .@hplabs is working on a #3Dprinter that uses glass to print objects because it is a recyclable material: http://t.co/CwnuEbWh…
2 months ago
Wireless Data on Climate Conditions in One of The Harshest Environments on Earth #Sensing #iot #climate #environment: http://t.co/yGJWnE7y0f
2 months ago
Wireless torque monitoring for drive train health monitoring in UAV's: #Sensing #uav http://t.co/sAncQN6pdA


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Connected World: Remote-Monitoring Saves the Vines
(PDF) IDTechEx: Energy Harvesting, Wireless Sensors & Wireless Sensor Networks: What can they do for you?

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