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Aegis Mobility offers the industry's broadest portfolio of products to address distracted driving due to the use of electronic devices in vehicles. Aegis' FleetSafer® software for corporate fleets promotes safe, legal and responsible use of mobile devices while driving.

FleetSafer GPS, FleetSafer OBD and FleetSafer Telematics products are available on leading handset, smartphone and tablet platforms and perform three essential functions: detection of driving state, enforcement of corporate policy and centralized administration and reporting.

FleetSafer Vision leverages existing telematics data to measure distracted driving behavior regardless of device type.

Protect employee drivers. Minimize business risk.

Employees who use mobile phones or tablet computers to text, email, and browse the web while driving are not only a danger to themselves, they also pose a significant risk and liability to their employer. FleetSafer is software for corporate fleets that automatically promotes safe, legal and responsible use of mobile devices while driving.
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