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Your Device Cloud

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Yoics provides cloud-based, secure networking services to consumers, device makers, and software publishers. We enable safe and secure access to devices, services, applications and data whenever there is an Internet connection.

The Company was founded in 2007 by a trio of entrepreneurs who believe that anything connected to the Internet should be safely and securely available. Yoics’ patent pending peer-to-peer (P2P) technology reinvents how networking is done across the Internet, eliminating complex setups and preventing security vulnerabilities. This service level VPN solution provides a secure, encrypted network tunnel across the internet for popular applications such as; remote desktop, media streaming, and camera monitoring.

Yoics, an acronym for Your Own Internet Controlled Stuff, is a combination of cloud platform and mobile applications that provide a seamless way for devices to communicate and be accessed and controlled easily and securely across the Internet. The Yoics device API allows networked devices to be connected to or shared like any web service, while maintaining strict privacy and security for the user. The Yoics ‘Device Cloud’ platform already processes over 1.7 million secure connections per month for end users who are connecting to ‘Powered by Yoics’ devices.
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5 years ago
Caught by Yoics. The Stem iZon which features the Yoics send to YouTube feature, catches another thief. http://t.co/1kvBFN4n
5 years ago
Yoics offers free secure remote desktop connectivity http://t.co/IZoPiiJm


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