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Kynetx provides enhanced web experiences using a web augmentation framework. The framework uses conditional rules to support of enhanced, cross-site Internet experiences. users control these experiences throughy preferences shared using Information Cards.
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5 days ago
RT @windley: 101 closed issues (and many more than never even got to that point). Only one to go. @alexkolson is a stud. #joinfuse http://t…
6 days ago
Latest update on Fuse status. Shipping is almost complete. #joinfuse
RT @windley: LIKE RT @gwachob: @stvogdn @windley I keep on thinking there's some real world game like @ingress that could be built on top o…
2 weeks ago
Writing a deployment script for the Fuse backend. Once it became more than “checkin” that chance for errors went up. #joinfuse
2 weeks ago
RT @JessieAMorris: I just watched my car move in to the garage on @JoinFuse. I’m getting rock chips repaired. Oh, and I’m 30 miles away at …
2 weeks ago
RT @thaddeusq: Got my @joinfuse devices yesterday and configured one for the car that my son drives.
2 weeks ago
Blog post: Suggesting Changes to Google Places <update the categorization of a business in Google Places #joinfuse
2 weeks ago
RT @coreload: "The Compuserve of Things" @windley
3 weeks ago
Thanks to #joinfuse I know a lot more about latitude and longitude than I did before.
3 weeks ago
Released new code to the Fuse backend tonight to address Mashery OAuth issue, add trip cost to all vehicles
3 weeks ago
RT @zittrain: Heavy weapons we distribute should require renewal codes every so often so that ISIS can't simply steal and use them http://t…
3 weeks ago
RT @LambdaLoungeUT: Don't miss @windley present "The Compuserve of Things" next week Pls RSVP so @hirevue knows how …
3 weeks ago
RT @krishnan: Received @windley’s Fuse ( connector over weekend. My car is now part of IoT. Can’t wait for the apps.…
4 weeks ago
RT @jimfenton: #fuse is here! Fun project for the weekend! @windley @Kynetx
4 weeks ago
RT @agl__: The Dept of Transportation is designing a pseudo-anon PKI for *cars*, with revocation lists and everything (page 158):http://t.c…
RT @seanbohan: RT @dsearls: What’s Neutral about the Net:
We've tried to make Fuse the most open, extensible connected-car system available. Here’s how: #kynetx
2 months ago
RT @xmlgrrl: Missed our #IEEEpriv panel on #IoT & #privacy (& #PoT)? Recording is up: @jonibrennan @IDmachines @paul
2 months ago
Mixing JavaScript and Perl programming can sometimes lead to hard to find errors.
2 months ago
What Happens to the Data < data silos and personal data ownership #joinfuse


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