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Kynetx provides enhanced web experiences using a web augmentation framework. The framework uses conditional rules to support of enhanced, cross-site Internet experiences. users control these experiences throughy preferences shared using Information Cards.
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20 hours ago
Learning abt NetKernel If you have experience or thoughts any it, I’d love to hear them.
RT @dsearls: @SAI Incompatible Apple, Google and (name here) networks of things is a Compuserve of things, not an Internet of things. #IoT
4 weeks ago
RT @windley: Social Things, Trustworthy Spaces, and the Internet of Things #IoT #picos
4 weeks ago
RT @windley: Great detail from multiple experts: Continuous Delivery e-book
4 weeks ago
RT @holden: God, this @scottros article is so right it hurts. Read about how we lost the link, and weep:
4 weeks ago
RT @windley: This is a fun Kickstarter from @DickHardt DC2 - Desktop Container Computer for Docker Containers by HARDTWARE…
RT @cdixon: Enigma: Decentralized Computation Platform with Guaranteed Privacy [pdf]
RT @APIsjson: APIs Will Not Be Suffocated By Oracle And The Courts, It Will Be Done By Each Of You Not Sharing Your API Designs - http://t.…
RT @windley: Choosing a Car for it's Infotainment System
RT @windley: API Management and Microservices: Microservices need the advantages of API management just as much as externally .. http://t.c…
2 months ago
2 months ago
RT @windley: Cookbook: Errors and Error Handling in KRL
2 months ago
You WILL be assimilated
2 months ago
Asking “where should I break up my microservices is like asking "where should I break my paragraphs” when writing. No algorithmic answer.
2 months ago
Slides from my #yapcna talk on a Rules Language for the #IoT. More detail here:
2 months ago
RT @JmacDotOrg: Excellent, farsighted closing keynote by @windley. I enjoy the perverse thought that the internet of things might ride on m…
2 months ago
RT @solargroovy: Nostalgia watching @windley keynote on KRE/KRL for #yapcna great stuff and great times
2 months ago
RT @dabeaz: I see this new pizza and my thoughts wander to what Javascript framework might have inspired it. Genius.
2 months ago
Listening to @pmichaud on the Perl6 spec at #yapcna I’m reminded that people often forget that prog languages are NOT technologies.


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