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Kynetx provides enhanced web experiences using a web augmentation framework. The framework uses conditional rules to support of enhanced, cross-site Internet experiences. users control these experiences throughy preferences shared using Information Cards.
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3 days ago
RT @windley: 2/ The answer is #CFT: Clouds For Things #vrm
RT @windley: Three blog posts in a week! Here's the latest: nodeStorage and the Personal Cloud Application Architecture ..…
RT @windley: Hey @JessieAMorris @TelegramSam. Didn’t you guys ask me about else on actions? Turns out you could always do it…
RT @windley: Updated: Rethinking Ruleset Registration in KRL
RT @windley: Rethinking Ruleset Registration in KRL #kynetx #joinfuse
I’m getting rid of some office stuff that we had at Kynetx. Here’s the ads. Let me know if you’re interested:
2 weeks ago
RT @windley: 2/ The answer is #CFT: Clouds For Things #vrm #cft #pico #joinfuse
2 weeks ago
RT @windley: 1/ How do you maximize the help that companies and customers give each other? #vrm #cft
2 weeks ago
RT @pkedrosky: Cars throw off 25 gigabytes of data per hour, according to a Ford exec I heard interviewed today. Trying to decide how bulls…
3 weeks ago
RT @bobgourley: Parrot RNB6: Turning an Old Car into a Smart Car via @ctovision (think of the #bigdata this will ge…
4 weeks ago
RT @GluuFederation: A vision for the symbiosis of two IoT based data aggregation businesses: @windley @Kynetx
4 weeks ago
RT @ThreatBrief: Connected cars face hacking threat thanks to wireless safety features
4 weeks ago
A Data Cloud in Your Driveway in an Event Driven, Microservices World #joinfuse #kynetx
RT @windley: States move closer to taxing you by how far you drive
Shon Shah asked about the relationship between Fuse, Kynetx, & Carvoyant on the Fuse Forum. This post answers.
RT @mickeymcmanus: @windley yup. You got it! My new research has been at the intersection of the three. #projectprimordial I call it #shapi
Interested in giving someone a connected car for Christmas? use this coupon for $20 off Fuse.
RT @windley: This would be a cool way to look at trips over a period of time -> Heat Maps
2 months ago
RT @mitchjackson: World Wide Web inventor says Internet should be 'human right' via @mashable
2 months ago
Rocket Scientist’s Idea Could Put an End to Texting While Driving #joinfuse


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