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Kynetx provides enhanced web experiences using a web augmentation framework. The framework uses conditional rules to support of enhanced, cross-site Internet experiences. users control these experiences throughy preferences shared using Information Cards.
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RT @tabqwerty: "git gets easier once you get the basic idea that branches are homeomorphic endofunctors mapping submanifolds of a Hilbert s…
Yes! Come to #IIW & discuss pls! RT @Capgemini: #VRM gives power to the tech-savvy customers. Do you agree?
2 weeks ago
Blog Post: Fuse with Two Owners
2 weeks ago
Thanks @dronsayro I can’t wait for the iOS app to be out either. Very frustrating to be ready to release & wait on Apple. :( @joinfuse
2 weeks ago
Drove from home on Timpanokee road to Chris Flats on the front face of Timp. Here’s the Fuse track: 24.3m in 1.3h
3 weeks ago
How Radio Can Defend the Dashboard from @dsearls #joinfuse @dashmobile
3 weeks ago
VRM+CRM at IIW “come for the #VRM, stay for the #IIW
3 weeks ago
8 days and counting on initial @joinfuse app review from Apple app store
4 weeks ago
RT @johnsheehan: Not sure how helpful it is on its own, but here's my deck from #apicraftsf on creating a great web hooks dev exp. https://…
UT CTO Breakfast this Friday at 8am. Thanksgiving Point Tower Deli. You’re invited. #uttech
RT @alexkolson: Fuse has been submitted for review!
#lazyweb looking for recommendations on a forum to use for Fuse. Has to be darn close to free.
My slides from #apistrat on Events, Picos, Microservices, and the Fuse API. slides.
I spoke at #apistrat today on Events, Picos, Microservices, and the Fuse API. Here are my slides.
RT @kelflanagan: @windley talking about Fuse and Evented Architectures at #APIStrat
RT @windley: 101 closed issues (and many more than never even got to that point). Only one to go. @alexkolson is a stud. #joinfuse http://t…
Latest update on Fuse status. Shipping is almost complete. #joinfuse
2 months ago
RT @windley: LIKE RT @gwachob: @stvogdn @windley I keep on thinking there's some real world game like @ingress that could be built on top o…
2 months ago
Writing a deployment script for the Fuse backend. Once it became more than “checkin” that chance for errors went up. #joinfuse
2 months ago
RT @JessieAMorris: I just watched my car move in to the garage on @JoinFuse. I’m getting rock chips repaired. Oh, and I’m 30 miles away at …


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Wired: Kynetx Pioneers the Live Web
Book: The Live Web: Building Event-Based Connections in the Cloud

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