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Kynetx provides enhanced web experiences using a web augmentation framework. The framework uses conditional rules to support of enhanced, cross-site Internet experiences. users control these experiences throughy preferences shared using Information Cards.
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One week to the Akka workshop by @VaughnVernon in Provo. I’m ready. I think there are still slots left:
2 weeks ago
RT @pico_labs: Reactive Programming Patterns: Examples from the Fuse Connected Car System
RT @windley: We're Teaching Programming Wrong #technometria #krl #rules
RT @windley: Starting to get psych’d for IIW next week. Getting a lot of neat convo’s set up.…
RT @windley: A Declaration of Device Independence from @FilamentHQ
Stream processing, Event sourcing, Reactive, CEP… and making sense of it all from @MartinKl #events
2 months ago
RT @windley: Reactive Programming Patterns: Examples from Fuse #longread #programming #reactive #actor…
2 months ago
RT @lmorchard: Do not buy "smart home" or Internet of Things connected devices until this stops being an issue
2 months ago
RT @chuhnk: As I start to think about a p2p service network for microservices, I'm reminded that @windley is years ahead of everyone on thi…
3 months ago
RT @humancell: CTO Breakfast this Friday at Thanksgiving Point. 8am. You’re invited. Bring a friend & topic.…
3 months ago
RT @windley: I’m launching project to rebuild the KRL interpreter. goal is significant performance improvements -> Rebuilding KRL https://t…
3 months ago
RT @alexkolson: Doing a little bit of rails for some prototyping. Brings back fond memories of @Kynetx /cc @MikeGrace @mikefarmer @ciddenni
3 months ago
Tom Creighton​, CTO of FamilySearch will describe the architecture of one of the world's largest Web applications.
3 months ago
Listen to @stilkov interview @VaughnVernon about reactive programming and actors. Very cool stuff ->
3 months ago
4 months ago
RT @kelflanagan: myDoorbell: A Learning Adventure
4 months ago
A KRL Expression Evaluator #picos
4 months ago
Decentralization Is Hard, Maybe Too Hard /cc @dsearls @judell
4 months ago
JSON-LD and Why I Hate the Semantic Web


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