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Kynetx provides enhanced web experiences using a web augmentation framework. The framework uses conditional rules to support of enhanced, cross-site Internet experiences. users control these experiences throughy preferences shared using Information Cards.
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Geeks on a Train is this Friday (December’s UT CTO Breakfast). Please join us!
Reactive Programming with Picos (an actor model)
So, Verizon HUM looks like Fuse for more money and with less features…
3 weeks ago
RT @windley: From the #itconversations archive, @judell talks about context.
3 weeks ago
Filament’s @erictj eloquently speaking to the need for decentralized #IoT & his vision for achieving it #defragcon
4 weeks ago
RT @craigburton: What is blockchain and what does it have to do with the Internet of
4 weeks ago
RT @kelflanagan: @windley speaking at the Utah IT Symposium on the #IoT
4 weeks ago
Getting ready to speak at Utah IT Symposium in favor of #IoT over the CompuServe of Things.
4 weeks ago
RT @windley: I'm going to Aspen Grove Winter Workshop in February. See you there? #university #API #identity #learning…
Failure is a defining feature of distributed systems. Handling failure well distinguishes good distributed systems from bad.
RT @idworkshop: Internet Identity Workshop starts in one week. Register now so we have dinner for you!…
RT @idworkshop: Internet Identity Workshop is next week. This link will give you 20% off
RT @idworkshop: Miss early registration for Internet Identity Workshop? This link will give you 20% off…
2 months ago
This is what’s stifling #IoT as well. Web 2.0 business models break the Internet.
2 months ago
RT @idworkshop: IIW late registration started Saturday, but this link will get first 5 to use it 20% off http://t.c…
2 months ago
RT @windley: Designing for wisdom in the age of information by @dancylinkedin #mindfulness #philosophy from @chrisda
2 months ago
RT @windley: Internet Id Workshop late registration starts at midnight, IIW events, and sponsors!…
2 months ago
RT @tomcr8on: #AWS #reinvent IoT support reminds of kynetx concepts espoused by @windley Dr. Phil Windley. IoT becoming real.
2 months ago
RT @bryantcutler: AWS's IoT "device shadows" very reminiscent of @windley's "picos" - "cloud" object that represents an unconnected device'…
2 months ago
Spimes are Internet meta-data objects. Native to the #IoT @bruces


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