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Kynetx provides enhanced web experiences using a web augmentation framework. The framework uses conditional rules to support of enhanced, cross-site Internet experiences. users control these experiences throughy preferences shared using Information Cards.
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4 days ago
Spimes are Internet meta-data objects. Native to the #IoT @bruces
Microservices may not reduce complexity, but they do reduce coupling, the real source of problems in complex applications.
RT @windley: You're invited! UT CTO Breakfast for October is Friday Oct 2 at 8am. Thanksgiving Point Tower Deli #uttech…
Keeping code secret does NOT prevent attacks. #opensource Complex Car Software Becomes the Weak Spot Under the Hood
2 weeks ago
RT @windley: From Valeria Maltoni (@ConversationAge): APIs as Personal Systems in the Networked Marketplace ..
2 weeks ago
Personal Learning Systems and Life-Long Learning #vrm #highered
2 weeks ago
RT @InfoQ: What is reactive programming, and how can the Actor model help develop a reactive enterprise? @VaughnVernon New Book: http://t.c…
3 weeks ago
Using the Scatter-Gather Pattern to Asynchronously Create Fuse Reports #microservices
3 weeks ago
RT @seanbohan: Awesome: @changeist discusses "behaviors of avoidance" while connecting dots between #IoT & ad blocki…
3 weeks ago
RT @timoreilly: I did a brief interview about algorithmic regulation, cyber terrorism, and why I don’t like the term “automation” http://t.…
4 weeks ago
New code released to (Fuse/Kynetx production). Let me know of any issues you see.
4 weeks ago
RT @pico_labs: Picos are actors in a reactive programming system that are first class Internet citizens.
4 weeks ago
RT @windley: I was interviewed by @dsearls @linuxjournal on CompuServe of Things & our uncertain future if we don’t change it #IoT http://t…
4 weeks ago
Woman in Tech and in Utah, go to She’s Geeky next weekend. And take your daughter! #uttech
RT @JessieAMorris: Great CTO Breakfast today with @ThomAllen, @windley, @humancell, and many others. Good to see everyone! :-)
Notes from #ctobreakfast for #startfest: GREAT event. next year: expand tech (we can help), less focus on funding, more talks on failure
Ski PHP conference in #saltlake January 14-15. PHP and skiing. Some thing for everyone. #uttech
RT @windley: New blog post: Asynchronous Boundaries and Back Pressure
Finished Ch 1 of @VaughnVernon’s Reactive Messaging Patterns & ordered 3 more copies to give away. HUGE overlap with #picos
Just got my copy of Reactive Messaging Patterns by @VaughnVernon Looking forward to reading it.


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