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Kynetx provides enhanced web experiences using a web augmentation framework. The framework uses conditional rules to support of enhanced, cross-site Internet experiences. users control these experiences throughy preferences shared using Information Cards.
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16 hours ago
RT @hojomo: #ConnectedCars:  Android Auto Review: The Smartphone Finally Finds Its Rightful Home in the Car.....
5 days ago
Once again @jimfenton is the first to register for the upcoming #IIW. Registration now open for IIW XXI, Oct 27-29
6 days ago
I’ve seen event stores used several times in the last few weeks. Shaking my head that people're coding all this up themselves. #gluecon #krl
Event-driven programming gets a shout-out from @adamse at #gluecon Events are going mainstream.
RT @NZN: How are all of the smart people in this world allowing the #Internet to be built with such a flawed administrative data model? #ci
RT @TimmyTheG: Don’t forget to enter Start Madness, a $150K Utah startup competition! Deadline is next Monday, May 25th. Apply now: https:/…
3 weeks ago
RT @uheartbeast: Wearing my Fuse swag today! @windley @alexkolson :)
3 weeks ago
Here’s @solargroovy talking #Perl, #MondgoDB, and Data::Diver at #openwest #kynetx
3 weeks ago
RT @doswaldcal: Mark Horstmeier is starting in a few moments, #perl track, #openwest, #mongodb . Join us! Room SB259
3 weeks ago
Enjoying a peaceful morning working on pull requests and bug fixes. This is better than meetings, phone calls, and email Thanks @alexkolson
3 weeks ago
RT @alexkolson: Hats off to @windley and the @BYU students for making Invaluable while getting back into fuse. Grea…
4 weeks ago
RT @alexkolson: Feels good to be pushing some commits to @joinfuse mobile app. It's been too long.
4 weeks ago
RT @siliconslopes: The story of @Kynetx and how entrepreneurs can learn from failure
4 weeks ago
UT CTO Breakfast is tomorrow (Thursday Apr 30) at 8am. Thanksgiving Point Tower Deli. You're invited. #uttech
4 weeks ago
RT @BitseedOrg: Sneak peak at our Limited Edition @DNSChain server for the upcoming @okTurtles #crowdfunding campaign
4 weeks ago
RT @okTurtles: Think Decentralized.™
RT @windley: Much more secure than leaving on porch > Delivery Drivers Can Now Leave Packages in Your Parked Audi
RT @ForgeRock: @xmlgrrl: #IoT relationships must encompass a new world of transience and persistence @RSAConference #RSAC #RSA15
This is what I’ve been experimenting with in Fuse.
Who owns your vehicle? You? The manufacturer? John Deere makes claim that you just have a limited license under DMCA


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Wired: Kynetx Pioneers the Live Web
Book: The Live Web: Building Event-Based Connections in the Cloud

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