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Based out of Nottingham Ciseco manufactures and sells a variety of wireless easy to use, low cost, high performance, wired and wireless development hardware for IoT infrastructure.

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13 minutes ago
14 minutes ago
Tests of new plug and play Temp Sensor XL is going well, chugging away at a miraculous -80C brrrrrr, expect 11 years running @ room temps
18 minutes ago
@AverageManvsPi figured it out, they are discontinued items :)
19 minutes ago
RT @andrewdlindsay: Wireless temperature sensor using @Cisecoplc SRF pushing readings out to cloud via #inteledison
24 minutes ago
@OmerK @crouchingbadger have you ever seen my number plate? best £395 I ever spent C15ECO hehehehehe
24 minutes ago
@crouchingbadger Never thought of that, mmmmmmm any suggestions of xxxxxxxTHINGS as a good alternative?
26 minutes ago
@AverageManvsPi not sure what on earth is happening there ~| confused
27 minutes ago
@dpslwk @andrewdlindsay Nah, side cutters! hack the connector off ;)
27 minutes ago
RT @andrewdlindsay: Rewriting the @Cisecoplc LLAP library to work with #inteledison board.
31 minutes ago
@andrewdlindsay Intel HAVE to redesign their board then ;) hehehehehe
4 days ago
RT @bcskettle: hey @Cisecoplc we've brought a little bit of intelligence into our drink-making capability. I'm the new Internet equipped ke…
6 days ago
@gulucybyfem perhaps Acme, we have full list of resellers on our site
6 days ago
@AlecRWaters amazon marketplace we are seeing how to do things before lidting more things, sorry
6 days ago
@hogebohynoci perhaps Acme, take a look at the reseller list on our shop for all companies
6 days ago
RT @IOTResearch: Ciseco is hiring an operations manager in Nottingham UK - <-- Join an dynamic team! @Cisecoplc #IoT
RT @WiredUK: Philae has found organic molecules on Comet 67P by @jtemperton
RT @BareConductive: The #TouchBoard Shield Guide is here! Featuring @arduino @adafruit @Cisecoplc and @sparkfun http…
2 weeks ago
RT @RPiSpy: Happy Halloween with a Raspberry Pi and Pi-Lite from @Cisecoplc #halloween #raspberrypi
2 weeks ago
I just pledged to #RefuelCaterhamF1 and get @CaterhamF1 to Abu Dhabi. Get involved at
@AntGodber @evernote @EsbenBusinessIT I nearly tried it but the store reviews were terrible


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