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Based out of Nottingham Ciseco manufactures and sells a variety of wireless easy to use, low cost, high performance, wired and wireless development hardware for IoT infrastructure.

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14 hours ago
RT @SpantsUK: @nathanchantrell I have a 2 button @Cisecoplc device on the washing machine - 2 diff timers. Could adapt to cooker! http://t.…
3 days ago
RT @i_shot_the: “@maplintweet: Want to discover more about the RasWIK Raspberry Pi inventor kit?…
6 days ago
RT @ceejay: OK - a little something for the weekend ? A @Cisecoplc Pi-LITEr @NodeRED node...
RT @RasPiToday: MeArm's on the cover of #raspberrypi Geek mag! @phenoptix is famous! Who could've written such a great article?! http://t.c…
RT @pimoroni: @PeterOnion it's to leave the main area of the lid clear for add-on boards like the @Cisecoplc Pi-Lite!
@_RaTTuS_ Undecided yet, depends on number of requests, you are the first.
2 weeks ago
RT @andysc: .@arcolaenergy #HyPiCompetition H2 fuel-cell powered @Cisecoplc #RasWIK remote flood monitoring device #duearduinii…
2 weeks ago
RT @MikeSassi: City comedy club wins £100k after High Court battle with 20th Century Fox.
2 weeks ago
@Wireless_Mike hiya mike, miles
2 weeks ago
RT @drogon: The Red-Hot Coupé for the Raspberry Pi: Get them while they're hot from @pimoroni
2 weeks ago
RT @AverageManvsPi: New blog post: Using Cron with @raspbmc to start a @Cisecoplc PiLITEr inside a @PiSupply Short Crust case on boot http:…
3 weeks ago
@alias_neo_one try arduino mini on ebay should be lots of choice
3 weeks ago
@32high has your account been verified today? if not i can look into it
3 weeks ago
@32high pc's are rs232 serial, radios are TTL serial, you probably want explorer+
3 weeks ago
@alias_neo_one we could not compete with influx of cheap chinese imports, was discontinued about 3-4 months ago
3 weeks ago
RT @skinnermartin78: Tinkering with my #raspberrypi and the fantastic Raswik kit from @Cisecoplc twitter lamp here we come @Raspberry_Pi ht…
3 weeks ago
RT @tobyjbreid: Ciseco - experts in the 'internet of things' and selling to China @nmbnottingham #CC2014
3 weeks ago
RT @Raspberry_Pi: New post: £5 electronics kit w learning materials from @recantha, @ThePiHut and @Geeky_Tim. http:/…
4 weeks ago
@nathanchantrell @JamesCarruthers thatll take the excellent srf as well :)
4 weeks ago
Mini and pro are too narrow to put module on, take a look on google for panstamp


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