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Based out of Nottingham Ciseco manufactures and sells a variety of wireless easy to use, low cost, high performance, wired and wireless development hardware for IoT infrastructure.

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@gulucybyfem perhaps Acme, we have full list of resellers on our site
@AlecRWaters amazon marketplace we are seeing how to do things before lidting more things, sorry
@hogebohynoci perhaps Acme, take a look at the reseller list on our shop for all companies
RT @IOTResearch: Ciseco is hiring an operations manager in Nottingham UK - <-- Join an dynamic team! @Cisecoplc #IoT
6 days ago
RT @WiredUK: Philae has found organic molecules on Comet 67P by @jtemperton
6 days ago
RT @BareConductive: The #TouchBoard Shield Guide is here! Featuring @arduino @adafruit @Cisecoplc and @sparkfun http…
2 weeks ago
RT @RPiSpy: Happy Halloween with a Raspberry Pi and Pi-Lite from @Cisecoplc #halloween #raspberrypi
2 weeks ago
I just pledged to #RefuelCaterhamF1 and get @CaterhamF1 to Abu Dhabi. Get involved at
@AntGodber @evernote @EsbenBusinessIT I nearly tried it but the store reviews were terrible
@Robbo100Rob hi mail me at
tweeting from surface pro, experience is even better than I hoped it would be, one note is the app I knew I never needed
RT @mashable: Google's Q3 results fell short of Wall Street's revenue and earnings estimates:
@AlecRWaters The wireless inventors kit is on Amazon, it's a trial to see if we should list more in future
RT @wirelessthings: RT @Cisecoplc: SHOCKER! Zigbee founder says Zigbee is dead!!! #ZigbeeDEAD
IoT shakeup? Broadcom dumps Intel's Open Interconnect Consortium via @gigaom #IoT
RT @JoeIngeno: #Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: Windows 10 is an #IoT play too @zdnet #Windows10 with LLAP support?
@ArduinoHandbook we are in uk, was someone who advised me not to pub an XRF/Arduino project, i was shocked :)
@ArduinoHandbook someone once told me if you set off fireworks remotely it illegal because its considered a missile :) might be rubbish
RT @mark_torr: Ireland to be the capital of the #InternetofThings via @NatGeo #ComeonUK
@nathanchantrell @andrewdlindsay agree, paper too thin, 0.15mm is a good place to start (no idea what GSM that might be)


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