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Based out of Nottingham Ciseco manufactures and sells a variety of wireless easy to use, low cost, high performance, wired and wireless development hardware for IoT infrastructure.

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13 hours ago
RT @xperienceconf: Ikea Just Bought Some Awesome, Bendy Lighting Tech (VIDEO) -
RT @andrewdlindsay: Nice case for the @Raspberry_Pi B+. Includes hole for camera but could be used for sma connector for @Cisecoplc radio h…
RT @SpantsUK: Node-Red discussion on Hacker News @NodeRED @Cisecoplc @ceejay
@rddave @HackerJimbo for deployment try the rfu328 its half the price of the xino and about 8th the size
@lorelai_l hi we dont have any plans to go to 2.4ghz because the range is so much less
5 days ago
@ruskin147 I have seen there are a small army of willing and receptive teachers struggling to engage with the wider profession, its a worry
2 weeks ago
@andrewdlindsay slow for me also took 3 attempts to download our new b+ compatible sd card image for micro sd
2 weeks ago
RT @Things_Internet: PĒQ marks Best Buy's entrance into smart home market #smarthome #InternetOfThings #iot
2 weeks ago
@andrewdlindsay @naxxfish office hours....if only :) all evening me and wifey bagging sensor parts for yet more raswiks destined for maplins
2 weeks ago
RT @andrewdlindsay: Could a version of this replace the Pi for @oxfloodnet ? My @Cisecoplc LLAP Ethernet gateway.
2 weeks ago
@ps2 we will be publishing a guide of how to use the johanson part on your own pcb
2 weeks ago
RT @robvank: Theo Priestley: Everything Is Hyper Connected in the Internet of Things | the internet of things #iot
2 weeks ago
RT @ArduinoHandbook: Teach kids #coding and creating @doctorow with #Arduino Project Handbook…
2 weeks ago
@wutheringbytes looking forward to everyones talks today...and my 1st bacon buttie of the day :)
2 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
RT @EsotericSavage: No power to the people? UK govt watchdog blocks new grassroots energy co-ops
3 weeks ago
@pimoroni @mikochu we like many are seeing how much demand there is, so far the interest in the b+ is extremely low
3 weeks ago
@pimoroni @mikochu yeah the pi lite doesn't sit flat on a pi b+ :( find a model b or buy a beagle bone black......
3 weeks ago


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