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Moore’s Cloud designs and develops products that bring the internet of things to life.

CEO and Founder Mark Pesce is an inventor, author, educator, broadcaster and entrepreneur.

The first product, Light by Moore's Cloud, is a beautiful, intelligent, connected light.

MooresLights was formed to create a range of connected, intelligent devices. We believe the whole world is tipping over into greater intelligence than any we have ever known; lights are just the first and most visible element in that transformation. As we redesign the world around inexpensive connected intelligence, the energies released are powering us into another golden age of invention. We intend to be at the forefront.
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3 years ago
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Boing Boing: Light by MooresCloud: Kickstarter for open, net-controllable lightshow and mood lighting
Wired: Illuminating Kickstarter Projects from Australia
Engadget: MooresCloud Light runs Linux, puts LAMP on your lamp (video)

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