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TinyCircuits is an Open Source Hardware company specializing in designing and manufacturing very small (Tiny) electronics. Based out of Akron, OH, TinyCircuits was originally started in 2011 by Ken Burns as AkroSense, with the intent to develop cheap, smart (very easy to use) and tiny sensors. During development of the intial sensor prototypes, we realized the need for a host processor platform to use – and the Arduino was the perfect fit. After showing off the prototypes to our friends, we began to shift our focus to building out the TinyDuino platform first, offering a core set of building blocks for makers to use to build cool stuff.
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RT @hacksterio: Tony Batey teaches us how to display images and GIFS on your TinyScreen with @TinyCircuits http://t.co/ZIc3vLlg5P
3 days ago
RT @hacksterio: New project: TinyScreen Animated and Static Images by Tony Batey with #TinyCircuits (@TinyCircuits) http://t.co/zb6N3qXC8s
6 days ago
Proud to help back The Devil Strip's @akrondevilstrip Campaign for Newspaper Box Awesomeness http://t.co/T71BAyArYU
RT @GomezLegacy8: Tiny Screen Even A 10 year old Can Do It #tinyscreen @TinyCircuits http://t.co/V9K7v2HM0D
RT @MkHeck: Last one for the evening: Flappy Bird running on @TinyCircuits' #TinyScreen (& TinyDuino). Beautiful! #IoT http://t.co/VU1alA8…
RT @MkHeck: Test program running on new #TinyScreen from @TinyCircuits. This is one crisp little screen! #IoT http://t.co/xEn2gbHItZ
RT @jasonkries: Got my @DIYEngineering TinyScreen kit via @kickstarter. Love getting a cutting edge gadget every few weeks like this! http:…
RT @suhajdab: Just received my @TinyCircuits #TinyScreen kit! Wow, it's really small, yet great colors. #diy http://t.co/IG0nW2yqKz
RT @JavaCleveland: My TinyScreen arrived yesterday! Oh the possibilities ... @TinyCircuits http://t.co/0KnV9WBKWn
RT @MkHeck: Received my Kickstarted TinyScreen from @TinyCircuits today. It's going to be a fun #IoT weekend! 🎉
2 weeks ago
@jetdillo check out our Kickstarter page for a more detailed update - were shipping now, hopefully by end of Feb for most things
2 weeks ago
RT @GeekinSydney: Internet of Things and the rise of the little wireless things - http://t.co/pSWTMBqpGJ @spark_io @TinyDuinoTweet @sparkfu
2 weeks ago
We're excited to announce that Blynk will now support the TinyDuino, create visual apps from your smartphone! https://t.co/I8DIsbYATQ
3 weeks ago
TinyScreen - small enough to eat! with @glowascii https://t.co/UD3Izg9HIw
3 weeks ago
@hacksterio @glowascii Love it Alex!
3 weeks ago
RT @hacksterio: New project: TinyScreen Decimal Clock by Alex "Merlin" Glowaski (@glowascii) with #TinyCircuits (@TinyCircuits) http://t.co…
3 weeks ago
RT @lelylan: @TinyCircuits Sharing how to create your own smart light using TinyDuino http://t.co/EMhMoTxQLP
3 weeks ago
RT @hacksterio: New project: TinyScreen Setup by Tony Batey with #TinyCircuits (@TinyCircuits) http://t.co/Wwo6TOzpjl #Arduino #OLED #Scree
3 weeks ago
RT @glowascii: Got a @TinyCircuits TinyScreen? I've made a little app that tells decimal time: https://t.co/XgzYSopz2s
3 weeks ago
Final pitch at #sparkak @osctechlab, share3.me, making it easier to connect to charities


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