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TinyCircuits is an Open Source Hardware company specializing in designing and manufacturing very small (Tiny) electronics. Based out of Akron, OH, TinyCircuits was originally started in 2011 by Ken Burns as AkroSense, with the intent to develop cheap, smart (very easy to use) and tiny sensors. During development of the intial sensor prototypes, we realized the need for a host processor platform to use – and the Arduino was the perfect fit. After showing off the prototypes to our friends, we began to shift our focus to building out the TinyDuino platform first, offering a core set of building blocks for makers to use to build cool stuff.
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2 days ago
RT @Atmel: MEMENTO is a SAM D21-powered, video-playing necklace: https://t.co/mkaBnnubyV https://t.co/EU6jW1gdan
3 days ago
RT @sdavee: Purple Lego brick meets Tiny Tetris. Thanks for blowing some brains at #BringAHack, @TinyCircuits https://t.co/jfUbKBBQhM
4 days ago
RT @tindie: End of the night w/ ballbot @oshpark @tintcircuits @ Hackaday & friends. It's been a fun weekend https://t.co/o9xWVXTAmK
4 days ago
Basketball balancing robot by @jaschawilcox at #BringAHack. Thanks @oshpark for the party! https://t.co/SMZFejBqlh
5 days ago
RT @szczys: Smallest Flir heat camera. @TinyCircuits showing us secret projects not on display at their #MakerFaire booth https://t.co/fEch…
5 days ago
RT @szczys: What is this, a game boy for ants? @TinyCircuits @hackaday #BAMF2016 #meetup https://t.co/sNXK7nzDTa
5 days ago
@tdfischer_ awesome, great seeing you today!
5 days ago
RT @EduShaikh: Got to demo #TinyArcade @makerfaire Maker of open source circuits #tinyarcade @TinyCircuits @tcoops #arduino https://t.co/s8…
5 days ago
RT @theEXLcenter: Bob & I so happy to support @TinyCircuits from Akron at Maker Faire CA! #MakerFaire #EX[L]execution https://t.co/UkqMvUN9…
5 days ago
RT @theEXLcenter: So proud that Markus Vogl from UA EX[L] FAC has launched @modeplusplus w/ @TinyCircuits out in CA at #MakerFaire!! https:…
RT @MarkMcD4: Great job from @TinyCircuits on this Kickstarter. Love supporting a local company! #TinyArcade https://t.co/J0zfR8BO6F
RT @TheBenHelms: Finally got my #TinyArcade. Stoked to play with this little guy... @tinycircuits https://t.co/Erv8Skm8eB
RT @joshreznick: Alexa and I just finished building our @TinyCircuits #TinyArcade - now to rack up some high scores! https://t.co/WU7GZIJVmg
2 weeks ago
RT @IoT4Kids: Kid maker to entrepreneur, celebrating the spirit of #MakerFaire https://t.co/rLuTiQ4bxL https://t.co/H00y1yxYcA
2 weeks ago
RT @courtneyagras: Had a great opportunity to participate & write about the first-ever Akron #StartupBus w/ @launchleague! #AkronProud http…
2 weeks ago
RT @jonthysell: Built another arcade machine today. This time it's a TinyArcade! Thanks @tinycircuits! https://t.co/lxrBiWXkhT
2 weeks ago
Had a great time talking at the @StartupBusMAKE kickoff party at @Wastebits tonight. Have a great trip to all @TheStartupBus participants!
2 weeks ago
RT @KindlyAtlas: Making an attempt at the @TinyCircuits hovercraft. I love these lil guys. Will update soon. https://t.co/LdqujXTSi1


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