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TinyCircuits is an Open Source Hardware company specializing in designing and manufacturing very small (Tiny) electronics. Based out of Akron, OH, TinyCircuits was originally started in 2011 by Ken Burns as AkroSense, with the intent to develop cheap, smart (very easy to use) and tiny sensors. During development of the intial sensor prototypes, we realized the need for a host processor platform to use – and the Arduino was the perfect fit. After showing off the prototypes to our friends, we began to shift our focus to building out the TinyDuino platform first, offering a core set of building blocks for makers to use to build cool stuff.
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Gearing up for an interview with @benheck at @makerfaire to show off our tiny arcade cabinet
2 weeks ago
RT @launchleague: LIVE on #Periscope: kickstarter lessons learned with Jon Hallsten of Magzet https://t.co/LMsEiBEKWd
2 weeks ago
@DumbLittleHobby This was just an early prototype, we're making some changes to reduce cost and release it as a product, around $50 - 75
2 weeks ago
RT @prototypetoday: VIDEO: Show and Tell: Tiny Arcade Cabinet! - http://t.co/vSQSsP0cDJ @testedcom @nchan @tinycircuits
4 weeks ago
RT @hacksterio: New project: TinySpinner by Joseph Anand with #TinyCircuits (@TinyCircuits) http://t.co/upego4Dlyx #LED #electronics #tinyc
4 weeks ago
@kippworks How about on a bus? @StartupBusMAKE did just that last month on a trip from Chicago to Nashville! Stopped here for lunch
4 weeks ago
@kippworks @1lenore @dapplestone @othermachine you can abuse our boards as much as you want if you send us some LED cookies in return :)
RT @rosetta_can: @TinyCircuits We are using Tinyduinos in the European CanSat Competition. http://t.co/bAvHtq9JUG
Webinar by TinyCircuits: How to bootstrap your hardware company in the US starts in an hour, free registration at http://t.co/1mMeZyTt9L
Testing: TinyDuino Modular Electronics Platform http://t.co/UXuVR8TmLQ via @testedcom
RT @TheBizJournal: TinyCircuits looks to create adaptable equipment that will assist getting over a big hurdle. http://t.co/bhZSMzyuY6
RT @zet23t: The #tinyduino watch case I work on with my @TheMicro3D is now functional prototype! http://t.co/rkMj3EQ98m
@MalikAlayli can you send an email to [email protected] and we can try to help you
2 months ago
RT @hacksterio: New project: Tiny Outrun by Jon Wingrove with #SparkFun (@sparkfun) and #TinyCircuits (@TinyCircuits) http://t.co/wFokn4Gi6…
2 months ago
RT @bellaabode: Two kings #CLE crowdfunding @_Everykey @TinyCircuits w/ @doctorcohen $100k @kickstarter campaigns ea #StartupScaleup http:/…
2 months ago
RT @KatieByardABJ: #StartupBus, a boot camp on wheels for entrepreneurs, visits #Akron http://t.co/dlH9e7UkPJ
2 months ago
@bellaabode @makerfairecleve Andy will be there showing some stuff off.
2 months ago
It was great hosting @StartupBusMAKE for lunch today! Good luck on the rest of the trip - thanks @Wastebits for organizing this!
2 months ago
RT @StartupBusMAKE: We're at @TinyCircuits! Thank you so much to our hosts @Wastebits and #Akron #Ohio.


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