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Differentiate your designs with the right wireless connectivity solutions. TI delivers the industry's broadest portfolio of wireless connectivity products,technologies and solutions. Optimized for TI's embedded processing portfolio and paired with resources that make development fast and easy, TI's wireless connectivity solutions simplify design and speed time-to-market.

With the industry's broadest wireless connectivity portfolio, TI offers cost-effective, low-power solutions for short range, long range, mesh and IP networks, personal area networks, locationing, as well as mobile handset connectivity and ISM band. Paired with an extensive selection of support collateral such as development tools, technical documentation, reference designs, application expertise, and third party programs, TI's solutions simplify design and speed time to market.
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59 minutes ago
Are you #sensing humidity? Consider this low-power option that integrates humidity & temperature sensing: http://t.co/KQ4U3dSnbI
#ICYMI @dallasnews covers TI fellow Dr.Larry Hornbeck's upcoming Academy Award of Merit for the invention of the DMD. http://t.co/sxkc9H9aNp
2 hours ago
Prepare to be surprised: check out the Top Ten posts of 2014 and see how versatile your #BeagleBoneBlack can be: http://t.co/p51fXZWEzq
2 hours ago
#MSP430 FRAM MCUs help you do more with less energy, especially in the #IoT. Learn more: http://t.co/o9vc8nNrBd http://t.co/9YBHn6G439
3 hours ago
MT @JanLCumps: Martin Valencia's #Hercules Electro Cardiogram design: http://t.co/SLmItRVIBP @YouTube @TXInstruments @yertnamreg #launchpad
3 hours ago
Learn how to achieve optimal dual-axis speed and position control on a bench-top router in our latest blog post: http://t.co/ddaudQjrOY
4 hours ago
Check out the Tech Report on #GaN Transistors on @EE_Web Power Developer. Read more: http://t.co/kzkO7nWLik
4 hours ago
Our C2000 MCUs are great for digital power applications. Learn which one is right for your designs: http://t.co/PJkq0wTCzX
5 hours ago
Want to share your favorite YouTube videos on the big screen? Check out this #BeagleBoneBlack-based solution: http://t.co/OeRWQxqI8y
23 hours ago
Did you know that the TPS8269x step-down converter helps get 800-mA output current in a small board space? http://t.co/5BhyNUaXlR
#SyntheticApertureRadar helps achieve high-res remote imagery sensing. See how #SAR is used with #multicore DSP: http://t.co/Ju4ci2spvb
Reduce #battery anxiety by increasing the power in your portable applications w/ this mini step-down DC/DC converter http://t.co/Vx3zXoX0Fb
Ready to productize? Check out the new #TIstore to order ICs straight from TI. http://t.co/iuvTnzpNs1
2 days ago
Need a flexible solution for your #automotive #CameraModule? This #TIDesign provides the most efficient camera #power http://t.co/20xWFyrIo7
2 days ago
The new #TIstore lets you buy the parts, tools & software you need. Login to buy your MSP430 MCU LaunchPad. http://t.co/vrXxvA2xlw
2 days ago
The TPS92411 for LED Lighting applications is a finalist in @ledsmagazine first-ever #SapphireAwards. http://t.co/akJuEr3KQn
2 days ago
See how the #Maker movement and humanities give students a larger toolbox for mindful exploration: http://t.co/HEKC6k0jKs
2 days ago
Do you use #wearables to track your activities? It wouldn’t be possible without #analog technology. Read more: http://t.co/1697YvhEXP
3 days ago
Making learning fun & hands on, see how #robotics sparks #STEM interest in high school students: http://t.co/cYtA2PMuGj
3 days ago
Learn how to eliminate a power supply when using a fully differential amplifier: http://t.co/yNzwdlGF68


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