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Differentiate your designs with the right wireless connectivity solutions. TI delivers the industry's broadest portfolio of wireless connectivity products,technologies and solutions. Optimized for TI's embedded processing portfolio and paired with resources that make development fast and easy, TI's wireless connectivity solutions simplify design and speed time-to-market.

With the industry's broadest wireless connectivity portfolio, TI offers cost-effective, low-power solutions for short range, long range, mesh and IP networks, personal area networks, locationing, as well as mobile handset connectivity and ISM band. Paired with an extensive selection of support collateral such as development tools, technical documentation, reference designs, application expertise, and third party programs, TI's solutions simplify design and speed time to market.
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50 minutes ago
Are you #sensing current? View this single-supply current sensing #referencedesign: http://t.co/aoAs7Pr7QZ
5 hours ago
Explore the in’s & outs of digital current balancing for an interleaved boost PFC #engineering http://t.co/Tv9gy8OKCu http://t.co/PzmJcIK1pA
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Don’t miss part 2 of our blog series on why one #engineer likes TINA-TI: http://t.co/sdqImAFCpI
Giving the gift of #wearables this holiday? Don’t forget to look at the battery charger! http://t.co/e4RVvYWkjp http://t.co/ddGs6iP96U
Continuously searching for a way to improve your power supply in applications? Check out these tips: http://t.co/8NQoCpA84d
What’s all the fuss about gallium nitride (GaN), and how's it different from silicon? Find out http://t.co/gnkH464x7e http://t.co/aMFR7tFYQZ
Learn fundamental LDO concepts including dropout voltage, efficiency, line/load regulation, power dissipation & more. http://t.co/zPscf8qHQu
This white paper focuses on a low latency RS-485 communication that’s widely used in the #industrial segment: http://t.co/80ycPlyEVT
Testing your motor control algorithms can be simpler than you think! Learn how our motor kit can help: http://t.co/s8LLfCbog9
Use the existing PFC controller chip/hardware for a low-cost method in measuring input power and RMS current. http://t.co/4Z15Pw8GCA
2 days ago
Check out these tips on how to use optimized EMC designs for efficient system integration: http://t.co/QGrzrUJ48O http://t.co/a9FGn7iNcO
2 days ago
Learn how to use SAR ADC TINA-TI Spice models to determine the accuracy of your SAR ADC input drive circuits: http://t.co/ZkjppToD19
2 days ago
Discover what the SimpleLink #WiFi CC3200 #LaunchPad & Audio BoosterPack design can do for HD digital speakers: http://t.co/leJbRGr1Xb
2 days ago
Our battery technology experts love to say this every year right before Christmas break… go home, relax and recharge… http://t.co/kEa1YOLWhn
2 days ago
Need a #wirelesscharging solution with an interface offering better receiver alignment? Our 10-W solution can help. http://t.co/DdL9j3MeBg
2 days ago
So many #wearables, so little time. Here’s what you need to know about the battery. #TIknowsbatteries http://t.co/GYtCuKRXvl
2 days ago
Don't miss the #12Days of How-Tos. We've pulled a variety of blog posts & technical articles w/ #analog design advice http://t.co/1LVkDHxSDP
2 days ago
What are your favorite “proof-of-concept” simulations? Keep reading on TINA-TI simulations here: http://t.co/524lZk1pDa
2 days ago
Increase PFC light-load efficiency and reduce THD by implementing AC cycle skipping. http://t.co/nWmhB2NGxB http://t.co/hd7rtXzIUl
2 days ago
How can you deliver 1W power from a 10 mW coin cell? Chris Glaser shares tips in his latest Fully Charged blog: http://t.co/gFgRx7NS5k


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