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Weightless is the world’s first and only M2M standard designed to work in white space spectrum, and simultaneously overcomes all of the barriers holding back widespread deployment.

M2M applications are very different to voice and high bandwidth use cases like internet browsing. Trying to realise the enormous M2M opportunity using legacy wireless technology standards like GSM simply doesn’t work. Put simply, neither 3G, nor any other cellular based network, is optimised to support M2M.
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Weightless-P. Open Standards in #IoT - more innovation/competition, less risk/cost. https://t.co/RlE5LHGLVv https://t.co/LycYs8duhe
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One BadBarcode Spoils Whole Bunch - https://t.co/gqibUJSh0I https://t.co/CIgmJTtmpc
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Sexy is great but ordinary is where a lot of #IoT money is going. https://t.co/0TYZk5Lst3
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#IoT industry takes majority of profit from sensor deployments, read this if you make sensors... https://t.co/RiWA7U1klB
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Ageing population + wearables + #IoT = big opportunity + social value. Make something good. https://t.co/rP3Zk2QHpc
This. Slack offers big #IoT opportunities to developers. Truly inspiring. @WeightlessSIG https://t.co/HX3KpCwgew
Talk to Your (Internet of) Things - GeekDad - https://t.co/FVTdKQdzmW https://t.co/sxio97HeQ1
#IoT + Green tech = >50% energy savings = utopian Shangri-La. @WeightlessSIG https://t.co/wfaVXmv1Lg
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This is inspiration central for makers: @WeightlessSIG loves Uber + Smart Cities = value. https://t.co/BCtHdbxYPo
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The threat is real, but so are the safeguards - *IF* they are implemented. https://t.co/V81x3KbgGg
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Internet Of Things Raspberry Pi IoT HAT (video) - Geeky Gadgets - https://t.co/pGQRUvotQe https://t.co/SHJq98qqXN
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IoT Will Have iPhone Moment - Weightless CEO | Light Reading https://t.co/rLX5DRmQ64 https://t.co/jdxSDVHDvK
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