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Weightless is the world’s first and only M2M standard designed to work in white space spectrum, and simultaneously overcomes all of the barriers holding back widespread deployment.

M2M applications are very different to voice and high bandwidth use cases like internet browsing. Trying to realise the enormous M2M opportunity using legacy wireless technology standards like GSM simply doesn’t work. Put simply, neither 3G, nor any other cellular based network, is optimised to support M2M.
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6 hours ago
RT @LadyWhiteSpace: Stan Boland will be on BBC R4, World at One - Friday talking to Rory C-J about the IoT :-) @WeightlessSIG @wilwebb1
RT @wilwebb1: Ofcom consult on their role in the IoT. If only all regulators could be so forward-looking. The answer is dedicated spectrum.
RT @wilwebb1: Singapore open up TV white space on same basis as US. Should spur other regulators in the region to do the same.
RT @wilwebb1: UK Uni's have fantastic strengths in wireless. Prob more than half of world's top ten are here. Just need to capitalise on it.
RT @wilwebb1: As R&D funding declines academia becomes more important to the future of ICT. Collaboration could be improved by better KPIs.
RT @wilwebb1: Of all the "hyped" technology, BBC's Rory C-J thinks IoT is most likely to actually succeed. It'll need a wireless network...
2 weeks ago
RT @wfpevents: William Webb, CEO @WeightlessSIG has agreed to speak at #Spectrum conference - http://t.co/Ny14nL0i70 #innovation #digitalTV
3 weeks ago
RT @wilwebb1: Why do we go to conferences? For the presentations or the networking? Would a 1 min pitch from all then drinks be better?
3 weeks ago
RT @wilwebb1: Looking at IoT standards bodies it's interesting that around 80% are new bespoke entities. Is this the new way to openness?
3 weeks ago
RT @wilwebb1: 5G "spider charts" show IoT requirements completely opposed to personal ones. Why does a single network for both make sense?
3 weeks ago
RT @wilwebb1: Filming promo video for my @TheIET Presidential Address. Will be a video with difference - to match my intentions 4 next year!
4 weeks ago
Welcome! RT @Nominet: Hot on the heels of our #TVWS pilot success we have also joined @weightlesssig to further explore #IoT opportunities.
4 weeks ago
RT @wilwebb1: Orange future-vision video of 2004 predicted a "remote control on life" - which we have. Mostly thanks to Internet companies
4 weeks ago
RT @wilwebb1: At @cambwireless conference, Cherie Blair "more women engineers". Will be one of key parts of my agenda as @TheIET President
RT @wilwebb1: IoT will be huge but how many standards/techs have been designed just for IoT? Almost all are adaptations from other areas
RT @wilwebb1: Just how many standards will there be for IoT? Debated this at #IncisorTV roundtable. I believe there will be one dominant one
RT @kartben: Don't forget the #IoT meetup #Toulouse tonight! We'll learn about 6LoWPAN & CoAP with Matthias Kovatsch http://t.co/eBTmFbLG4M
2 months ago
RT @CambNetwork: TTP and Mayflower bring Internet of Things to streetlights http://t.co/4slBMFpTaD #membernews http://t.co/ub8m8f1L1E
2 months ago
RT @wilwebb1: A few hints from MNOs at event that they cannot address bulk of IoT market & perhaps need a new tech. And lots of slideware!


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