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Roving's energetic team of employees incorporates an engineering team with decades of experience in embedded systems and wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. Roving Networks boasts a remarkably diverse customer base from Fortune 500 companies to individual hobbyists. Roving's products can be found in smartphone accessories, sensors, fleet management systems, asset tracking tags, home controllers, and medical devices amongst many other segments.

Roving Networks sets itself apart in the wireless industry with a full range of compact modules, serial adapters, and custom products. We specialize in high quality, low power, incredibly easy-to-use, certified Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules. Roving’s robust technology ensures “drop in” solutions for the OEM customer, greatly reducing development cycles and improving time to market.
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4 hours ago
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7 hours ago
Would you like a cup of tea? ChaiBot with PIC16F887 MCU automates process of making a perfect cup of tea @Hackaday
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2 days ago
@efox29 If you want to control dual motors or 5V systems, then the DV330100 is the way to go. Hope this helps!
2 days ago
@efox29 For more sophisticated motor control development, the DM330021-2 MCLV-2 board is perfect for brushless DC and PMSM motors.
2 days ago
@efox29 The DM330015 motor control starter kit with an onboard BLDC motor is the least expensive option and a quick/easy way to get started.
2 days ago
@efox29 For more sophisticated control, most customers turn to the 16-bit dsPIC33 for motor control. There are three options for boards.
2 days ago
@efox29 Here are some recommendations. The F1 LV Evaluation Platform + F1 BLDC add-on is good for basic BLDC motor control with 8-bit PIC16.
2 days ago
@efox29 OK - let me ask one of our experts for a recommendation.
2 days ago
@efox29 Hi - are you asking for a recommendation on which tool to use?
2 days ago
2016 MOST Forum focused on seamless, worldwide automotive connectivity. More info @MOST_Tech
2 days ago
New CEC1302 hardware crypto-enabled 32-bit MCU makes it easy to add security to #IoT devices
2 days ago
Need an exciting human interface for a design? Check out our Touch/Input Sensing Solutions:
2 days ago
RT @digikey: Digi-Key Daily previews @MicrochipTech 's #PICkit 3 in-circuit #programmer & #debugger…
2 days ago
@robincornelius Thanks for the additional feedback. We'll keep working on this.
2 days ago
RT @mikelectricstuf: 350,000 @OsramUK LEDs, 20,000 @TXInstruments drivers, 150 @MicrochipTech PIC32MX MCUs and a lot of carbon fibre... ht…
3 days ago
@robincornelius Our team is working on this issue, but it appears to be intermittent. Are you able to see the threaded list today?


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