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Roving's energetic team of employees incorporates an engineering team with decades of experience in embedded systems and wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. Roving Networks boasts a remarkably diverse customer base from Fortune 500 companies to individual hobbyists. Roving's products can be found in smartphone accessories, sensors, fleet management systems, asset tracking tags, home controllers, and medical devices amongst many other segments.

Roving Networks sets itself apart in the wireless industry with a full range of compact modules, serial adapters, and custom products. We specialize in high quality, low power, incredibly easy-to-use, certified Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules. Roving’s robust technology ensures “drop in” solutions for the OEM customer, greatly reducing development cycles and improving time to market.
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@sarahemm @laen We feel your pain and will be happy to support your requirements with our MCP2200/MCP2221 devices
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@Addidis @adamwwolf We feel your pain and will be happy to support your requirements with our MCP2200/MCP2221 devices
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Our touch controllers plus Xymox flexible printed sensors provide complete gesture-enabled interface solution
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M2M communications based on advanced embedded MCUs are enabling endless possibilities in connected world: @m2m_paper
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@argenindelisi You're welcome and same to you :)
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@argenindelisi I've been told that it would be best if you submit a support ticket for assistance with this:
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@argenindelisi I'll pass this along to try to get you an answer as quickly as possible.
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@crennsmind I'll look into this and try to get back to you soon.
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3D Printed Microcontroller Dice Roller uses @DigilentInc #chipKIT uC32 board:
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Develop a low-cost, low-power handheld or wearable glucose meter using single PIC16LF1786 MCU
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MCP19118/9 combine 40V operation, PMBus™ communication interfaces for power-conversion designs
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PIC32 Starter Kit is low-cost, easy way to learn about our 32-bit MCUs & tools, sale price $40
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@neslekkim Thanks for pointing this out. I'll let our team know so they can make the necessary corrections to the website.
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@neslekkim Is this the document you are looking for?
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#MCHPvideo Learn how to use MPLAB® REAL ICE™ Power Monitor board to measure power requirements of your target board:
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