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Bluegiga provides short-range wireless connectivity solutions including Bluetooth modules, Wi-Fi modules, and Bluetooth network access devices to OEMs and system integrators. Bluegiga was founded in 2000 by Timo Latvala and Jarkko Jukarainen. Its headquarters is in Espoo Finland and Bluegiga sells to customers across markets such as medical, sports and fitness, automotive, audio, and industrial. With offices in the United States and Hong Kong and through an extensive distribution network, Bluegiga serves customers in more than 70 countries.
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9 hours ago
RT @dr_m_kroll: @seeedstudio @bluegiga The new BLE-Shield v3.0.0 using the BLE113 M256k Module is now available for sale:…
@roschler @AWSOMEDEVSIGNER You can download it from our web site @
@roschler @AWSOMEDEVSIGNER BLEGUI tool is included in the Bluetooth Smart SDK.
RT @SectorFej: Breakout time! @Bluegiga WT11i, WT12, WT32i, WT41, BLE112, BLE113, BLE121LR, and new BT121! I've been busy...…
3 weeks ago
@CommEng You can use gmail as well. There should be no restrections there.
4 weeks ago
Great to hear that!
4 weeks ago
RT @SJoshi84: Summer of (@Bluegiga) Code - If anyone has requests for other helpful code they would like to see, let…
4 weeks ago
RT @rexus_nexus: It's a hotplate soldering kind of Saturday night! @siliconlabs @bluegiga
4 weeks ago
RT @SJoshi84: Sending out feature creep requests to all @bluegiga BLEGUI users. Just made a remote-debugger, and want to add to it! http://…
RT @bluetooth_mdw: See how to create a beacon using a @bluegiga DKBLE board in my new blog post
2 months ago
RT @dr_m_kroll: The production of the BLE-Shield v3.0.0 is ramping up. it uses @bluegiga ’s BLE113-256k module suppo…
2 months ago
Check out our new BT121 Bluetooth Smart Ready module. It connects you to both legacy and Bluetooth Smart products.
2 months ago
Create your @bluegiga Bluetooth Smart GATT services with the new @BluetoothSIG developer studio Thanks @usingnfc
2 months ago
RT @usingnfc: Our clever @usingnfc engineers have made a plug-in for @BluetoothSIG developer studio for @BlueGiga modules.…
2 months ago
RT @brentvoltz: Got #bluetooth 3.0 audio #A2DP working with @bluegiga WT32i dev kit. Simple enough, now to design my circuit.
2 months ago
RT @dr_m_kroll: Finally the BLEBee v2.0.0 using @bluegiga ’s BLE113-256k module production is ramping up:
2 months ago
RT @stev3mackey: @bluegiga Our newest project, weather beacon, using BLE121LR supporting OTA firmware updates http:…
2 months ago
RT @guido_burger: a lot @bluegiga modules ... for the new revision of Platinchen aka #blueIOT @siliconlabs
3 months ago
RT @MHanse32: Great job Riku! If you'd like to talk more find us at booth 25 @siliconlabs @bluegiga #bluetoothworld #bluegecko…
3 months ago
RT @MHanse32: Going to market for #IOT products @siliconlabs Riku speaking at #bluetoothworld now! #blugecko @bluegiga…


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