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AvaLAN Wireless is an industry leading developer and manufacturer of long range industrial wireless radios and cryptographic technology. AvaLAN’s products are designed to enable affordable secure wireless connections in perimeter or remote locations. Specializing in Cellular and the unlicensed 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz radio bands, AvaLAN offers a family of encrypted wireless Ethernet and data communications products.

AvaLAN has a market leadership position in providing solutions for surveillance video, access control, industrial automation, remote sensing and remote control markets. AvaLAN’s products are engineered to solve difficult wireless challenges for installations that require long range, interference immunity, superior reliability and uncompromising data security. AvaLAN’s products offer the ideal combination of price, range, data rate, security, interference avoidance, quality-of-service, and a simple plug and play set up with minimal user programming required.
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11 hours ago
#Digitalsignage is a development of traditional signage and nowadays it is available in wireless form as well. http://t.co/9F4XQbaccw
11 hours ago
AWD2-58100-PAIR 5.8 GHz Integrated #WirelessDomeHousing have 20 MHz channel bandwidth.. http://t.co/LLZAKFudQJ
2 days ago
High Security Network Appliance – Essential Devices to Protect Your Data http://t.co/6zLFdC4pKX by @AvaLANWire http://t.co/hqQnzCNP3j
2 days ago
#AW58800HTS high speed Ethernet radio serves as a subscriber unit in point to multipoint line of sight connections. http://t.co/JCGPB6pxUZ
4 days ago
#AW2400xTP provide easily mounted combination package for those application that can benefit from the increased range.http://t.co/bxbG4As8L8
5 days ago
AvaLAN Wireless offers unique outdoor long range #industrialwirelessradio modules for easy integration.. http://t.co/kfZ6JZOPIL
5 days ago
AvaLAN provides a secure and reliable connection to #commercialgaspumps that works every time! http://t.co/ZLBDDevtZl
5 days ago
AvaLAN offer #Antennas for every situation, that allow you to adapt them to manage for many different situations. http://t.co/o5ijhRU8Ns
5 days ago
#5GhzBand product family now has twice as many channels resulting in twice the amount of data capacity. http://t.co/zK98I5AzF1
AvaLAN offer high quality #solarpanels that have a 20-25 year power output guarantee.http://t.co/biA39BLdkK
#RemotePowerKit is designed for applications where power is needed but no power is available. http://t.co/CqcwCxfDTh
AW2400xTR-PAIR is a robust and reliable product that provides you with a pre-configured non-line-of-sight. http://t.co/K5AA3rode0
#Industrial_Ethernet takes advantage of the relatively larger marketplace for computer interconnections.. http://t.co/XcYaHPhijT
AW-POE18i POE with #Integrated_Power_Supply accepts 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz input. http://t.co/P1sLVYEskq
AW-NetDrop allows you to connect an #Ethernet network to the Internet via your choice of 3G or 4G Cellular Service. http://t.co/4O0c1AX9CN
If you want to buy # IP Camera Surveillance, then AvaLAN Wireless is the best options for you. Visit- http://t.co/TrqOGqcmEZ
2 weeks ago
4 Reasons Network Security is Crucial for Businesses http://t.co/9upImRc8A3 by @AvaLANWire http://t.co/9Qt0QQsSXH
2 weeks ago
Access our "All About Wireless" recorded webinars and Register for the webinars that start back this Wednesday here: http://t.co/tEpkp6ZAde
3 weeks ago
Knowing the basic limitations of the 5.8GHz radios will help save time, money and effort: http://t.co/DwNUmzXw0g http://t.co/gqGGzGBvUm
4 weeks ago
AvaLAN Solves Wireless Network Security PCI 3.0 Compliance for World’s Largest Retailers http://t.co/lyPdSHooGa http://t.co/kcemh6h9Xb


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