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Nordic Semiconductor is playing a key role in realizing that future by providing ultra low power (ULP) wireless chips that can run for long periods of time from power sources as small a watch batteries.

What makes Nordic's solutions world-leading, however, is that this is achieved with class-leading levels of wireless performance and sophistication at a price that enables the company's chips to be used in even the most cost-sensitive consumer products. As a result, Nordic's chips are to be routinely found in products such as wireless PC peripherals, gaming controllers, sports and fitness sensors (for example heart-rate belts and foot pods), toys, advanced multi-media controllers, and digital/satellite TV (set-top box) remotes, to mention but a few.

Nordic Semiconductor is committed to providing high quality, easy-to-use, reliable and cost effective ultra low power (ULP) solutions to the wireless market. By offering four product lines – 2.4GHz RF, ANT™, Bluetooth® low energy and Sub 1-GHz RF – all with their unique advantages, Nordic enables its customers to select a solution that best meets their individual application requirements.
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NEW RELEASE: nRF51 SDK v9.0.0 - more details - Available to download from
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@thequux not bad at all! Hope you liked it.
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We have added one of the largest distributors in Europe - @SilicaTweets - to our European distribution network
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@gsiot nice! Hope you like it :)
4 weeks ago
@gsiot thanks for your feedback. You can give more detailed feedback on our #devzone.
4 weeks ago
@aallan the work on the #BBCmicrobit was finished to early for the #nRF52 Series. @Espruino
4 weeks ago
@electricity_dp You are welcome to ask any question on our #devzone We will be happy to answer.
4 weeks ago
@Espruino @aallan #BBCmicrobit is using the latest nRF51 Series SoC - same SoC as in the latest products from our customers.
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