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"Atmel Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of microcontrollers, capacitive touch solutions, advanced logic, mixed-signal, nonvolatile memory and radio frequency (RF) components. Leveraging one of the industry's broadest intellectual property (IP) technology portfolios, Atmel® provides the electronics industry with complete system solutions focused on industrial, consumer, security, communications, computing and automotive markets.

Today, microcontrollers are just about everywhere, powering an expansive array of digital devices. Many are calling this the era of The Internet of Things, a highly intelligent, connected world where Internet-enabled devices will outnumber people. Atmel is pleased to be at the heart of this movement, developing innovative technologies that fuel machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and the “industrial Internet.”
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11 hours ago
RT @TuftsUniversity: Tufts engineer turns an old-school typewriter into a printer: via @Atmel
12 hours ago
RT @RPrudence: About to get started with my first @Atmel project with the #xplainedProKit. Update in a few weeks 😃 #PICKAtmel…
12 hours ago
RT @AtmelMakes: This vibrating distance sensor lets you navigate around a dark room in bat-like fashion:…
13 hours ago
Silk LED bulb emulates natural sunlight to help you live better:
15 hours ago
#OnThisDay in 1945, the stored-program concept was introduced in the First Draft of the Report on the EDVAC.
15 hours ago
This Star Wars-like holographic display lets you draw in mid-air:
15 hours ago
This early-warning system for your bike can detect approaching cars:
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Not only will Dubai be home to the world’s tallest, but the first 3D-printed building as well:
17 hours ago
OKO is a smart frame with a social life:
18 hours ago
Wake up and smell the roses... or coffee... or peaches... or cash... with this alarm clock:
18 hours ago
"Think of the the Autonomo as the Ford Model T of the IoT.”
19 hours ago
.@DroneCode soars to new heights with six new commercial members:
19 hours ago
What happens when the car evolves from a means of transport to a place itself:
19 hours ago
Outta this world! @SpireGlobal, maker of radio-sized satellites, lands $40M in new funding:
20 hours ago
RT @ARMEmbedded: A fully-programmable, connected app platform for your car @Atmel #ARM #CortexM3…
20 hours ago
From Meerkat drones to toast selfies, 25 Maker projects to celebrate Social Media Day: #SMDay
22 hours ago
#OnThisDay in 1948, Bell Labs introduced the first point-contact transistor.
22 hours ago
Do Google employees breathe better air than the rest of us? @aclima will find out:
23 hours ago
UC San Diego engineers have increased fiber optic capacity nearly 20 times: #IoT
2 days ago
RT @femtoduino: More @Atmel powered @imuduino boards via #LitePlacer PnP! (Also powered by Atmel! It's a Tiny G board)…

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