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"DeviceHive turns any connected device into the part of Internet of Things. It provides the communication layer, control software and multi-platform libraries to bootstrap development of smart energy, home automation, remote sensing, telemetry, remote control and monitoring software and much more."
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2 weeks ago
@henrikbjorn of course! Fork it, fix it, commit it! Open source ftw!
2 weeks ago
Great news, folks! #DeviceHive is in@Forbes!!! via @forbes
2 weeks ago
RT @rbtwang: Great Ubuntu IOT demo from DataArt with Artyom and Sergey. Simple accelerometer to tell you the machine to go wrong. http://t.…
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
RT @demon_xxi: Getting Ready for #bldwin. Come check us tomorrow at booth #305 with @DeviceHive and predicitive maintenance on @Azure
RT @Azure: Predictive maintenance & machine learning for #IoT w/ @devicehive, @ubuntucloud & #Azure: Meet @DataArt at #bldwin…
Hey! Follow the link to find out DeviceHive usage in Industrial IoT #Microsoft #Ubuntu #Azure #juju #IoT #BigData
RT @BoostBeLux: Predictive maintenance & machine learning for #IoT w/ @devicehive, @ubuntucloud & #Azure: Meet @DataArt at #bldwin http://t…
Yet another cool project using DeviceHive: keep it up! #solar #iot #hack
@DeviceHive is extremely excited to showcase IoT solutions at Microsoft Build 2015! #Build2015 #MicrosoftBuild #IoT
@DeviceHive is very excited to become a member of @AllSeenAlliance #IoT #Cloud #M2M
RT @Affinegy: Welcome to @AllSeenAlliance. 10 more firms join today, including @CenturyLink @digicert @devicehive @HeyHomeboy @sansasecurit
2 months ago
RT @ArtyomAstafurov: Turbine blades meet #IoT and @DeviceHive cheers, @mectors
2 months ago
RT @ArtyomAstafurov: Off for a week in Bay Area and Austin for @DeviceHive roadshow. Connecting things, one MCU at a time. #IoT…
2 months ago
2 months ago
@regnerischerTag Check this repo It has @DeviceHive Server in @docker or get playground on
2 months ago
@regnerischerTag We are going to post an example/tutorial on this if you are interested.
2 months ago
Hi @regnerischerTag. DH BLE Gateway allows you to discover and control devices using BLE dongle from the DH Cloud.
2 months ago


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