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mnubo provides Big Data and Analytics to the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) space – we enable ‘connected things’ to become ‘smart objects’.

Our focus is to help extract true value from sensor data by delivering advanced analytics, strategic insights, and enabling richer applications. We offer a SaaS-based solution to connected object manufacturers to connect, collect, and analyze their object data. Our services benefit customers in wearables, home, automotive, industrial, and healthcare verticals.

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@BDC_News @getmojio @MightyCast excited to share the stage with awesome #startups 'how to build a platform company'
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@gordonhui - excellent #HBR blog on #IoT - need analytics for better forecasting, process optimization & experiences!
2 weeks ago
@gregstark - thanks for note! excited to showcase how big data analytics will transform the world of #IoT @TELUS
2 weeks ago
RT @gregstark: A4: Check out @mnubo for big data! Their platform is great! #ITWCIOT
2 weeks ago
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great article by #forbes - @madgreek65 we agree #IoT #big #data & #analytics are critical to deriving true IoT value
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@agamsh great article on #IoT boom - Sensors are key in extracting data and providing intelligence - we agree!
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#growconf DealmakerMedia #IoT just got real. mnubo is excited to attend this awesome event!...
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great article about a hip Montreal company - Mighty Cast!! Betting On Teens In Wearable Tech...
4 weeks ago
Similar to Strava's bike data service, we can see ways to monetize shoe sensor data within tourism, hiking, and...
4 weeks ago
For all the (grown-up) kids in you...
4 weeks ago
We got this in the mail and we're very proud :) We'll have to find a proper place to hang it!
2014 is the year IoT begins to get real!


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