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"Revolv delivers an all-in-one, affordable, simple, and elegant home monitoring and control system to the smartphone generation. The solution connects hundreds of wirelessly-enabled household items that are readily available from retailers such as Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Best Buy, and intelligently integrates them regardless of different manufacturers or wireless protocols used. Homeowners now have the freedom to mix and match wireless devices in their home to achieve comfort, convenience, peace of mind and conservation right from their smartphones, home or away, with a single application experience."
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Let the era of smart dining begin! Via @TechCrunch
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3 days ago
@D8N_Barb @Insteon @nest @WeMo Nice! Let us know how you like the setup :)
3 days ago
Cars, robots... Your #connectedhome? Even @Honda is getting into the #smarthome game!
3 days ago
RT @gigaom: Revolv, but no Wink hubs at my Home Depot
4 days ago
@mapleLEED The motion part of the sensor works already, but we don't officially support it. We’re working on support for everything else :)


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