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"Revolv delivers an all-in-one, affordable, simple, and elegant home monitoring and control system to the smartphone generation. The solution connects hundreds of wirelessly-enabled household items that are readily available from retailers such as Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Best Buy, and intelligently integrates them regardless of different manufacturers or wireless protocols used. Homeowners now have the freedom to mix and match wireless devices in their home to achieve comfort, convenience, peace of mind and conservation right from their smartphones, home or away, with a single application experience."
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7 hours ago
Revolv is heading to @CEDIA Expo in Denver this month. Check out their latest industry newsletter: #smarthome
22 hours ago
As the #connectedhome industry grows, smart lighting is taking off. Learn more @TCPLighting:
"The major problem hubs are solving today is connecting #homeautomation devices that don’t use WiFi or Bluetooth."
"Just as the prehistoric era was a time of tool development, wearables are also moving from crude to sophisticated."
2 days ago
"I don't need a #connectedhome. It's unnecessary." Read about this, and 9 other debunked #smarthome misconceptions:
2 days ago
@rakote @LIFX @Garageio All are on their way!
2 days ago
One of the First Apple HomeKit-Compatible Devices Ships And guess what? It's a #connectedhome product.
2 days ago
"What happens if my dinner guests get to my home before I'm done grocery shopping?" #smarthome
3 days ago
What Do Americans Really Want From Their Smart Homes? We'll give you a hint: It's not monthly fees...
3 days ago
Want some free #smarthome devices? Enter to win a @YaleRealLiving Push Button Deadbolt and a @Revolv Hub:
3 days ago
Did you know @Sonos now works with @Soundcloud?
3 days ago
"@Whirlpool thinks it knows what we’ll need in our smart homes." says @gigaom. Here’s how they'll make it real:
3 days ago
Here are 10 #connectedhome devices that your @AirBnb unit needs right now:
4 days ago
"Hubs are today’s #smarthome epicenters, and they can do more than just connect a series of disparate devices."
4 days ago
#HomeKit is coming. Get an insider look at how Apple thinks about the #smarthome
4 days ago
RT @YaleRealLiving: #WIN a #KeyFree Push Button Deadbolt B1L plus a @Revolv Hub! Enter Now: #HomeAutomation http://t…
4 days ago
@CarrinoAnthony @Insteon We will be, yes! HomeKit integration is already on its way. We'll have to take a look at the iWatch once it's out.
4 days ago
Is that smoke detector even working? Are my kids home from school yet? - 10 Ways #SmartHomes Help With Peace of Mind:
4 days ago
When it comes to #homeautomation, will Apple HomeKit bring order to the "chaos"? Find out:
5 days ago
.@TigerDirect unveils new retail-based interactive #homeautomation section. "No one else is doing what we're doing."


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