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"Revolv delivers an all-in-one, affordable, simple, and elegant home monitoring and control system to the smartphone generation. The solution connects hundreds of wirelessly-enabled household items that are readily available from retailers such as Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Best Buy, and intelligently integrates them regardless of different manufacturers or wireless protocols used. Homeowners now have the freedom to mix and match wireless devices in their home to achieve comfort, convenience, peace of mind and conservation right from their smartphones, home or away, with a single application experience."
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3 hours ago
Nina Bhatia of British Gas looks at how technology is helping people take control of every aspect of their homes:
17 hours ago
Ready for a #smarthome, but not sure where to start? You’re not alone. - 7 Steps To Crafting Your #ConnectedHome:
19 hours ago
Exploring LG HomeChat: Are texting appliances the future? #smarthome #connectedhome
21 hours ago
@DavidJ_WarEagle @Nest We don’t work with any alarm panels just yet, but we’d appreciate if you voted on adding them!
"What will happen to my @Revolv Hub if I unplug it? Will it mess up my #homeautomation setup?" Here's the answer:
"Our goal is to bring thoughtfulness to the rest of your home - That's what the @Nest Developer Program is about."
There are plenty of myths out there about #homeautomation: Which one are you worried about?
2 days ago
Fantastic article from @fastcodesign about @tfadell and how he's leading a #smarthome design revolution:
2 days ago
You probably know @Nest & @AirBnb have partnered, but what other #smarthome devices can your rental benefit from?
2 days ago
RT @HomeTechPodcast: Between android app, dealer channel, #IFTTT, and @globalcache integration @revolv has been busy! Chat w/ @msoucie comi…
2 days ago
Testing the Internet of Things: Can smart devices be united into an integrated whole? via @ComputerWorld
2 days ago
RT @rycrist: ICYMI yesterday, the @Revolv smart home hub announced that it'll be joining @IFTTT's channel lineup (vi…
2 days ago
Check out these 10 "Techorating" Tips for Rearranging, Reorganizing, & Rebooting #smarthome
2 days ago
You think about it every winter: Is my heat high enough? Are my pipes going to freeze? Worry no more: #smarthome
3 days ago
Our booth was next to Basalte at #CEDIA14 and can confirm: Sentido is stunningly smart:
3 days ago
"Hubs are today’s #smarthome epicenters, and they can do more than just connect a series of disparate devices."
3 days ago
@hometechaddict @nest @sonos @insteon We can help you out, sans the @lutron shades (at least for now) - Questions, let us know!
3 days ago
iOS8 & Your Revolv Solution - Some information from our Support Team
3 days ago
The Zen Thermostat Is Smart *and* Beautiful #connectedhome
3 days ago
Fully backed Kickstarter campaign in 24 hours? Congrats @notion team! #connectedhome


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