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"Kunsys provides innovative solutions connecting the things of the city for a smart and cost saving management.
With a complete suite of software, hardware and RFID products, Kunsys has the first integrated solution aimed at solving all the issues related to the management and control of mobility, transport system, logistic, outdoor advertising license, and of many other things of city. "
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2 weeks ago
RT @GiancGiudici: #equitycrowdfunding target record per @Kiunsys #startup urban mobility 750k€ per 20% equity su @StarsUptw in bocca al lup…
2 weeks ago
RT @investintuscany: @Kiunsys success story: award-winning innovative solution for management of sustainable mobility…
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RT @lapaginaQ: @JOSTechnology e @Kiunsys, due spin-off di @Unipisa al forum per investitori esteri Italiarestarts up
@MMMagTim Hi Tim, can you update the Kiunsys link in this post with the new url of our site,
In @cna_pisa, pre-launch of @frontierCities which supports dev, #SMEs & #startups in developing #smartmobility apps for cities cc @FIware
In @cna_pisa per lancio ufficiale di @frontierCities, acceleratore @FIware che supporta #PMI e #startup in progetti di #smartmobility
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2 months ago
MOTUS, piattaforma #smartcity per la mobilità sostenibile nelle città d’arte @Key4biz @FabbriFlav2 @telecomitalia
2 months ago
Re-imagining Cities: technology can be deployed to re-design public institutions & re-imagine governance @sverhulst
2 months ago
Re-imagining Cities: Data is generated everywhere, and all the time, in our cities @sverhulst #smartcities
2 months ago
2 months ago
RT @EITICTLabs: Discover new services for #urbanmobility by #startups @cityglance @Kiunsys and OpenMove at #MoveAppExpo…
2 months ago
#smartcities: Get out of the silos! all action areas within a city have to interact with each other @BoschSI
3 months ago
RT @RobertaDeBonis: 8 nuovi percorsi turistici #interattivi e #multimediali #Pisa #smartcity #bigdata #wifi @deutschetelekom @Kiunsys | htt…
3 months ago
Universal standards cloud super-charge #IoT growth: @peterhlewis @OReillyMedia #InternetOfThings
3 months ago


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