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"Zolertia is a company focused on bringing to you the most advanced Wireless Sensor Networks hardware platforms to help you develop WSN products and applications in a faster, easier and more flexible way.

With an strong background in the electronics, embedded and software industry our team is committed to bring innovation to the WSN industry."
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6 hours ago
RT @colleseus: Can't wait to try out the motes... Waiting for the pre orders to be shipped https://t.co/uwQrakFmiU
@RIOT_OS 5th official release features the RE-Mote! http://t.co/uUQb6w66j8, #OperatingSystem #OpenSource #InternetOfThings
What will I be able to do with my RE-Mote? Check it running at Meet-IoT Turin 2015. http://t.co/8iTeYwK5WX, #InternetOfThings #IOT
Keep on rocking @RIOT_OS guys! :-) #OperatingSystem #OpenSource #InternetOfThings
RT @RIOT_OS: Zolertia blogs about our new #release. Thanks @zolertia! #IoT #OperatingSystem #OpenSource http://t.co/HZ7MSQscMY
@ESolutionsES - Grateful for the mention and hoping to collaborate in the near-future #homeautomation #smartcities and #lighting projects
3 weeks ago
RT @MWC_Barcelona: In the previous edition of @sbciot_data projects like @oasysio & @zolertia had been catapulted http://t.co/q5jg7pIsAi ht…
3 weeks ago
RT @sbcIoT_Data: See u @shift_2020 #IoTShifts with @claropartners!Our @alumni @nuwehq @Thesocialcoin @Datumize @Zolertia will be here https…
3 weeks ago
RT @reliability: Creating hardware tools for engineers, makers and entrepreneurs to create #IoT products @zolertia #IOTSWC15 expo
3 weeks ago
RT @UptimeMagazine: Hey @bgbaird Submit your #IoT idea, Re-Motes are waiting for u by @zolertia http://t.co/9B7zt0hQp5 #IOTSWC15
3 weeks ago
Thanks!! Welcome to our family @AlexCasNi, see you soon :). #iot #IoTSWC15
3 weeks ago
RT @AlexCasNi: It was great to discover @zolertia and their products to connect your idea with the world at #IoTSWC15. http://t.co/kZixHzvQ…
3 weeks ago
Our CEO Marc Fàbregas talking for the #Barcelona city council at @IOTSWC. #IoT http://t.co/R1uaT0w3N8
3 weeks ago
Let's enjoy @IOTSWC with good friends :). @thethingsIO @dexma_ES. #IoTSWC15 #IoT http://t.co/b6cNlJ14mH
3 weeks ago
RT @AndreuIII: Marc Fàbregas from @zolertia is talking about #IoT at #sherlockiotbcn #sherlockiot http://t.co/l8b6ei2nVq
3 weeks ago
Here we go! Today at 19.00h #meetup. Amazing storytelling #SherlockIoT & The #IoT experiment at @UOCuniversitat. http://t.co/KGDmOoBNMC
4 weeks ago
RT @Sbootcamp: 5 Reasons Why You Should Join Startupbootcamp's IoT & Data Accelerator Program In Barcelona http://t.co/m9NvQYBKcn http://t.…
RT @Tkalimi: The @zolertia RE-Mote platform now part of @RIOT_OS, kick ass! #IoT http://t.co/bmLiDJilyV


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