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"Zolertia is a company focused on bringing to you the most advanced Wireless Sensor Networks hardware platforms to help you develop WSN products and applications in a faster, easier and more flexible way.

With an strong background in the electronics, embedded and software industry our team is committed to bring innovation to the WSN industry."
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4 days ago
RT @adunk: One of the new hardware platforms in Contiki 3.0, ReMote by @zolertia http://t.co/FJvt954Qsu #IoT #6lowpan http://t.co/8gzYE93eaz
4 days ago
RT @4Li6NaN: Contiki 3.0 is out! proud to be a part of it :-) http://t.co/BBilGr57f2… #IoT #contiki @zolertia
4 days ago
RT @RIOT_OS: Zolertia RE-Mote goes RIOT officially. Thanks @zolertia for the port! Read more http://t.co/h4dL5OADFd
4 days ago
RT @snillocmot: #Contiki3.0 #IoT #OS released and future support for @zolertia sweeeet http://t.co/OQaRYk3of3 http://t.co/RngDqA0JWb
4 days ago
RT @travisgoodspeed: The @zolertia ReMote looks pretty nifty. Sub-GHz and 802.15.4 on a single board.
4 days ago
RT @4Li6NaN: The @zolertia RE-Mote platform now part of @RIOT_OS, kick ass! #IoT http://t.co/wvVd6eNKTW
5 days ago
RT @sbcIoT_Data: Get a feel for what you'll get out of our intensive 3-month accelerator program!Apply today!https://t.co/WWUUVxhbBy #IoT #…
4 weeks ago
RT @dmarcop: @zolertia, la companyia que porta la Internet de les coses a tots els objectes #IoT #Smartcat #smartcity http://t.co/VYRreESo…
Join the first free MOOC about Urban Resilience from @OptiCits_IQS with our intro on Smart Cities IoT applications https://t.co/40K0WII9Z8
RT @4Li6NaN: @zolertia is hiring! FW engineer required, more info at: https://t.co/XDaxc38ZVa #jobs #IoT
@Startupxplore Great post and great list :), thanks for the mention, guys!! Visit us when you come to Barcelona :). Enjoy!
RT @Startupxplore: ¿Qué es #InternetOfThings y cuáles son las #startups top en España? #IoT http://t.co/K6OzUYzRhw http://t.co/5YbY62zkn8
2 months ago
2 months ago
RT @4YFN_MWC: Internet of Things is here and @zolertia is a prove of it http://t.co/tdCSmnSvQD
2 months ago
Fans of @zolertia can save 50% on 2-Day Passes to @webvisions on July 3-4. Use the code "ZOLERTIA" when you register: http://t.co/wyuBkVvZ4O
2 months ago
RT @MWC_Barcelona: How does Internet connects with dailylife objects? Discover how @zolertia works http://t.co/7VWcJADu5x
2 months ago
RT @MW_Centre: La companyia que porta la Internet de les coses a tots els objectes: descobreix @zolertia http://t.co/gqltCWtsK7 >@MWC_Barce…
2 months ago
RT @MWC_Barcelona: The company @zolertia brings the Internet to everything http://t.co/7VWcJADu5x http://t.co/KgSJ1smJDe
2 months ago
Do you want to find more amazing projects like Super Mario IoT box? Support us on @hacksterio. http://t.co/spgcwfTkZ0 http://t.co/jSqx6pJcxg
3 months ago
RT @ubidots: Could potatoes power the #IoT? Ultra low power modules by @zolertia http://t.co/MPP3232sAq http://t.co/2ocbfdC6o4


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