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(+34) 93 582 02 70

"Zolertia is a company focused on bringing to you the most advanced Wireless Sensor Networks hardware platforms to help you develop WSN products and applications in a faster, easier and more flexible way.

With an strong background in the electronics, embedded and software industry our team is committed to bring innovation to the WSN industry."
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13 hours ago
RT @glowascii: Favorite project today: "Potato-powered IoT" (with @spark_io, @zolertia, and @ubidots) https://t.co/X5gn1kMLdh Truly low-pow…
14 hours ago
RT @sbcIoT_Data: @Zolertia & @nuwehq at #ConnectedConf, don't miss the opportunity to meet them!#startuplife #IoT #WorkHardPlayHarder https…
2 days ago
See you tomorrow at #ConnectedConf to discuss together what's going on in Zolertia and the next #hardware for the #IoT
3 days ago
RT @ConnectedConf: Cisco invests $150m in Internet of Things #startups via @ZDNet http://t.co/vgjO5355Ax #IoT
3 days ago
Are you ready for the #IoT Hackathon Lisbon? the biggest one ever in Portugal. Don't miss it! http://t.co/A97zuChUVO http://t.co/apvsU0VgVy
3 days ago
Testing how an #IoT long range device can works only with the energy coming from a real and lovely potato. #Enigma https://t.co/4LD7rBr3YC
RT @kickstarter: To celebrate our launch in Spain, we're teaming up with @sonarplusd: http://t.co/IDaSyJpCpN #SonarD #Sonar2015 http://t.co…
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