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(+34) 93 582 02 70

"Zolertia is a company focused on bringing to you the most advanced Wireless Sensor Networks hardware platforms to help you develop WSN products and applications in a faster, easier and more flexible way.

With an strong background in the electronics, embedded and software industry our team is committed to bring innovation to the WSN industry."
Latest From @zolertia
Today one more #meetup with our friends of @iotbcn. Iot startups, accelerators and crowdfunding campaigns.#noexcuses http://t.co/IW1jQBmqgw
5 days ago
We have to say goodbye to this @SmartCityexpo edition and to all the colleagues we met there. See you soon!! http://t.co/xGeJPkl9RC
2 weeks ago
Our application to the @sbcIoT_Data is already on board! Let's pray a little bit... #IoT http://t.co/UMHw7W91Ea
2 weeks ago
You can visit us next week at @SmartCityexpo in Barcelona. Hope to see some of you there! http://t.co/uKr8CvWkBT
2 weeks ago
Our colleagues of @viaempresa shows the latest news about us (photo included) for the incoming @SmartCityexpo in BCN. http://t.co/qMyZvho73a
4 weeks ago
May the force be with you, Antonio. @4Li6NaN @PhidgetsInc
4 weeks ago
RT @4Li6NaN: Testing @PhidgetsInc distance sensor, with a forceful assistant, at @zolertia http://t.co/NgRLBw7SJO
4 weeks ago
Our Z1, one of the commercial solutions for @XivelyIOT, the PaaS of the #IoT. A pleasure to be in such amazing list :D
4 weeks ago
RT @4Li6NaN: Liking the built-in LiPo battery and charger, beautifully crafted by @SanchezAl3x @zolertia #IoT http://t.co/rkfEKaZe5M
Your hotel room will show you the best places to visit depending in your interests. Today at @Hostelcobcn. #IoT http://t.co/gdc9aK1ljr
On the way to see some nice things about #iot at @Hostelcobcn today in Barcelona.
Subscribe to our list if you want to keep updated with all Z1 mote news and much more! #IoT #WSN http://t.co/DV3dyrCPj5
We have one new pack of motes available in our store!! Pack Dito is released!! Take a look ;). #WSN #IoT http://t.co/OZvnW8r2Vm
2 months ago
"@4Li6NaN: C. Pham: Building relay nodes and promiscuous IEEE 802.15.4 sniffer @zolertia http://t.co/uyaynEmniq #wsn"
2 months ago
Many Z1 packs are going to leave us today destination Mexico, Belgium, India and Australia! Thanks to all our nice customers! . Bon voyage!
2 months ago
Interesting speechs in #DiadaTelecos14 around Smart Cities, Wireless Sensor Networks and Internet of Things.
2 months ago
We really love do such type of things :). #ZolertiaAcademy #WSN http://t.co/pRhsZWjWOW
2 months ago
Hi @MariaBoychenko, why not?. Let's talk then! :) @_ideachallenge #IoT
2 months ago
Keep you updated in our #Github account. We will be showing some examples and demos for the Z1 mote. #IoT #WSN. https://t.co/rYkub2oLWO


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