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"Bug Labs helps organizations innovate in the rapidly-growing “Internet of Things” market.

Bug's unique, cloud-based Swarm platform abstracts the raw functionalities (e.g., sensors, actuators, transceivers) of any hardware device and exposes them as web services, allowing simple drag-and-drop creation of applications, no matter how heterogeneous the hardware in use may be. Swarm can work with any connected device type.

Bug's Blocks are snap-together modules, including a powerful Linux-based CPU, sensors, actuators and transceivers, which allow rapid prototyping, cost-effective deployment and field upgradability in a wide variety of use cases. Bug Blocks can be used to complement or replace existing devices."
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2 days ago
RT @Vasil_Dimitrov_: Using @thethingsntwrk backend with little #NodeJS & #NodeRed fiddling and #Freeboard.io interface .. we are online ! h…
3 days ago
@rowesk Possibly, we have not tried it. You can use the JSON datasource to add the MWS APIs to your dashboard and try it out!
RT @dennisclemente: Tiggly, Dweet.io among standouts at NY Tech Meetup demo night https://t.co/lnkceKwHHm
2 weeks ago
RT @coolcomponents: Create a live scoreboard for your tabletop game with Arduino https://t.co/XXrEj2jBqi https://t.co/ErTo8LibeI https://t.…
3 weeks ago
@netbeast_co Awesome! One of the best adaptations we have seen. Great work.
3 weeks ago
RT @dzooky: Finally my #arduino sending #dweets for #freeboard.io and also sending data to @wunderground and whats next?Im thinking about @…
4 weeks ago
@giles_wells A giggle is a good start!
4 weeks ago
@giles_wells We add multiple datasources to our dashboards. The map location could be your car, for example. Or your child. They move a lot
4 weeks ago
RT @linux_everyday: https://t.co/ZhsnB7hyxy - An open source real-time dashboard builder for IOT and other web mashups. #linux_everyday
@DiscoverAny Yes! Tens of thousands of people use freeboard to make IoT applications and data visualizations.
RT @linux_everyday: https://t.co/ZhsnB7hyxy - An open source real-time dashboard builder for IOT and other web mashups. #linux_everyday
RT @VerizonVentures: Our next #entrepreneur spotlight guest is Peter Semmelhack (@psemme), CEO of @BugLabs. https://t.co/7oTeK9PMco
RT @IDC: Congratulations to #IDCInnovators in the 2016 #IoT platforms market: @Arrayent @buglabs @MachineShopIO https://t.co/9QM6V6dNXH
“How to build a Raspberry Pi thermometer you can access anywhere (a beginner’s guide)” by @timfernando https://t.co/a9gOUcxwtQ
2 months ago
@mr_renne @Raspberry_Pi @dweet_io Great job with the video!
2 months ago
RT @mr_renne: Wonderful video to setup @Raspberry_Pi and a Sense Hat to make a IOT/weather station using @dweet_io https://t.co/Li2z1WostM
2 months ago
RT @VerizonVentures: We spoke w/ @BugLabs CEO Peter Semmelhack about their #IoT solutions, Verizon #ThingSpace integration & more: https://…
2 months ago
2 months ago
RT @VerizonVentures: On the #VZVblog: Entrepreneur Spotlight Q&A w/ Peter Semmelhack (@psemme), CEO of @BugLabs. https://t.co/4TbbnF3JGV ht…

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