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"Bug Labs helps organizations innovate in the rapidly-growing “Internet of Things” market.

Bug's unique, cloud-based Swarm platform abstracts the raw functionalities (e.g., sensors, actuators, transceivers) of any hardware device and exposes them as web services, allowing simple drag-and-drop creation of applications, no matter how heterogeneous the hardware in use may be. Swarm can work with any connected device type.

Bug's Blocks are snap-together modules, including a powerful Linux-based CPU, sensors, actuators and transceivers, which allow rapid prototyping, cost-effective deployment and field upgradability in a wide variety of use cases. Bug Blocks can be used to complement or replace existing devices."
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3 days ago
IOT is everywhere, so what is the challenge? The internet is known, as are things. We think the catch is the "OF": http://t.co/49CWQHFd8a
@toby_mcclean Nice work! Do you have a sample dashboard visualizing your data?
RT @joser: Developers using @FIware and Freeboard from @buglabs at #RetoEdison CC @IndustrialIoT @movilforum http://t.co/TJQBpXOCUk
RT @PubNub: How to stream IoT data to a realtime, live-updating #UI using @buglabs #freeboard and PubNub: https://t.co/ysVPLvbXIQ
2 weeks ago
RT @ffranz: Because we love easy services @dweet_io now available on #SinfonierCommuntiy #IoT https://t.co/6VqMcGQs9C
3 weeks ago
@cyberkryption @Toorshia We think the best way would be to embed into an iframe. If you find a better way, we will promote it with you.
3 weeks ago
@cyberkryption @Toorshia This is on the roadmap, but not yet implemented. Stay tuned!
3 weeks ago
@cyberkryption @Toorshia You can change the look by adding CSS to the developer console. We have an example here: http://t.co/7mrAGH6wea
3 weeks ago
@cyberkryption @Toorshia freeboard proudly uses justgage in our 'Gauge' widget. https://t.co/LujoIT0ONv '. Tie it to a Dweet.io Datasource
3 weeks ago
Great write up from @RWW, by @timesync. API of the week! https://t.co/0hzEtgjnMa
4 weeks ago
RT @morika_t: I made a freeboard version of Cloud Foundry Api version check on bluemix http://t.co/LdBZXNpu5I #cloudfoundry #bluemix
4 weeks ago
RT @Theclippercase: A snapshot of The Clipper Case using @buglabs Freeboard with CSV. #entrepreneur #startup #hrtech #sthlmtech #hrsve http…
4 weeks ago
RT @virgilvox: Wow! Awesome @octoblu #meshblu docker deployment with @buglabs #freeboard on @Raspberry_Pi by @ma6ato http://t.co/fvrpcFqxzd
RT @CorbinUX: a real-time human dashboard using Nomie and Freeboard.io -#couchdb #freeboard #js #quantifiedself #nomie https://t.co/L8Hzi56…
Many of you were asking for simple freeboard™ data storage. Here is an example using Google Sheets: http://t.co/kEhdbEgJHj
RT @LogikonLabs: @dweet_io brought hassle-free #IoT to our latest #embedded project, ppl should check this out
2 months ago
RT @HPMatter: How @buglabs CEO helps innovators build gadgets faster http://t.co/23UoTuoGzl http://t.co/0bOWd90nHu
2 months ago
RT @PSFK: A Q&A with @psemme of @buglabs on open-source for the next generation #IdeaEconomy http://t.co/LERZGfPv7x http://t.co/kOc97qIRlW
2 months ago
RT @PubNub: DIY Realtime Weather Station with @Intel Edison, @CylonJS, @buglabs #freeboard, and @PubNub: http://t.co/YHLdWmazWh
2 months ago
Our CEO @psemme is highlighted in the new HP Matter digital magazine: https://t.co/f4Sm16pPmz

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