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"Bug Labs helps organizations innovate in the rapidly-growing “Internet of Things” market.

Bug's unique, cloud-based Swarm platform abstracts the raw functionalities (e.g., sensors, actuators, transceivers) of any hardware device and exposes them as web services, allowing simple drag-and-drop creation of applications, no matter how heterogeneous the hardware in use may be. Swarm can work with any connected device type.

Bug's Blocks are snap-together modules, including a powerful Linux-based CPU, sensors, actuators and transceivers, which allow rapid prototyping, cost-effective deployment and field upgradability in a wide variety of use cases. Bug Blocks can be used to complement or replace existing devices."
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5 days ago
RT @ArrowGlobal: .@RenesasAmerica and @buglabs talking "concept to cloud" #ArrowIoT http://t.co/Lx60zefM1R
5 days ago
RT @MachNationIoT: @psemme of @buglabs: we understand the Internet, and things, the key part is the 'of' #ArrowIoT
5 days ago
RT @MachNationIoT: @psemme of @buglabs showing off their #IoT #AEP with @RenesasAmerica @ArrowGlobal's #ArrowIoT
2 weeks ago
@BeardedInventor Hi Matt, Thank you for reaching out! I will send you a DM to connect.
2 weeks ago
RT @bassdread: "Watch" the UK eclipse in realtime via @dweet_io and @buglabs https://t.co/2uIBl4Muu2
2 weeks ago
@bassdread @dweet_io Awesome. Let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements or additions. We love feedback. Thank you.
2 weeks ago
RT @bassdread: @buglabs @dweet_io one step ahead https://t.co/2uIBl4Muu2, been using it for a week or so, really impressed.
2 weeks ago
@bassdread @dweet_io @SlackHQ Very nice! You can make a great dashboard for your data with freeboard™. Clone this: https://t.co/08JbO31EeC
2 weeks ago
RT @bassdread: Very basic integration between @dweet_io and @SlackHQ. A plugin to allow me to get stats on my greenhouse. http://t.co/B1yDJ…
3 weeks ago
New website up! Check it out: http://t.co/HoNcjNVfhb
3 weeks ago
RT @geowebforum: Geoweb Summit #9 returning to Brooklyn May 28 http://t.co/eMzTvCMZDd @buglabs @sourcemap @cartodb
4 weeks ago
RT @LogicPD: Monetizing the #InternetofThings panel #ArrowIoT Immersions today San Jose @LogicPD @buglabs @Cycle30 @Inteliot @Frost_Sulliva
RT @bassdread: Combined @dweet_io and @serverdensity, with a gong and robotic arm. My triggered alerts go bong now. SMS is old hat. https:/…
RT @virgilvox: Get your @octoblu data into your very own #freeboard dashboard! @buglabs https://t.co/MI2kdqNJM8
@breakpointer Awesome! We love to hear how people get devices working on their own. Free freeboard lock for the blog post if you want it.
@breakpointer Very cool! What messaging service did you use? Any interest in writing a guest blog post of your work?
RT @breakpointer: It works! @spark_io core sensor nodes sending data to this @buglabs Freeboard to visualize! https://t.co/xqi5jGVHo4 #IoTF
@HackIllinois, Have you considered http://t.co/eRQ9iSTP6k and https://t.co/DAXbdRNGL2? We will give free locks to the best submissions!
RT @dweet_io: @monkchips @thingmonk @technicalhumans Don't forget about dweet! http://t.co/vi3IkYOBSV is a great messaging platform for I…
RT @monkchips: check out https://t.co/YTE0tplduT by @buglabs - simple IoT dashboard, will be in play at the @thingmonk USA hackday http://t…

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