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"Bug Labs helps organizations innovate in the rapidly-growing “Internet of Things” market.

Bug's unique, cloud-based Swarm platform abstracts the raw functionalities (e.g., sensors, actuators, transceivers) of any hardware device and exposes them as web services, allowing simple drag-and-drop creation of applications, no matter how heterogeneous the hardware in use may be. Swarm can work with any connected device type.

Bug's Blocks are snap-together modules, including a powerful Linux-based CPU, sensors, actuators and transceivers, which allow rapid prototyping, cost-effective deployment and field upgradability in a wide variety of use cases. Bug Blocks can be used to complement or replace existing devices."
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RT @anveshg: Got my #SensorTag to work with #Freeboard :D https://t.co/PT50hJjpDE
2 weeks ago
RT @tiberiuana: Enjoying the elegant simplicity of Dweet.io (and Freeboard), a data platform for the Internet of Things. https://t.co/IxGrf…
2 weeks ago
RT @sanjaykaler: Interesting session on social machines - creating value in IoT by @buglabs #SmartIoT16 #cloudexpoeurope https://t.co/TJ1fl…
3 weeks ago
RT @Mainflux: Great demo showing @weionet publishing sensor data via Mainflux #IoT #Cloud, @mqttorg and @buglabs Freeboard GUI: https://t.c…
4 weeks ago
RT @captain_pete: A 'dweet' is like a tweet for your device, so it can share data to the #IoT ecosystem simply and securely. - @psemme, @bu
4 weeks ago
RT @AdriaTomasz: @psemme of @buglabs: how do we solve the IoT complexity problem? We're going to make it ridiculously simple #thingspace
4 weeks ago
RT @captain_pete: "#IoT is not an app, it's an integrated system." - @psemme, @buglabs #ThingSpace
4 weeks ago
RT @captain_pete: Vishal is excited to share how @buglabs can leverage #ThingSpace to create breakthrough #IoT applications. https://t.co/Y…
4 weeks ago
RT @Marie_McGehee: Internet of Things goes mainstream, according to new Verizon report https://t.co/NzVb70O7VQ via @verizon #IoT #ThingSpace
4 weeks ago
RT @psemme: Excited to be presenting at the 2nd Verizon ThingSpace Developers Workshop here in SF. Hope to see you here! #thingspace
4 weeks ago
RT @VerizonIoTScott: WATCH: Verizon ThingSpace Platform Knocks Out IoT Roadblocks for Enterprise Customers video at: https://t.co/o8BB0qkhO…
4 weeks ago
RT @Marie_McGehee: Verizon details key IoT market trends https://t.co/45moUObsq7 via @rcrwirelessnews #ThingSpace
4 weeks ago
RT @android_er: I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/gU6KzcNk0t NodeMCU as client to update dweet.io
4 weeks ago
RT @IoTLearningInit: Since there are a couple of IoT projects around and some interest on dashboards, let's work today with #FreeBoard @dwe
RT @mnoioso: Humans : Twitter = Things : Dweet . It’s helpful to think of dweet.io as a Twitter for things, in fac…https://t.co/DxzxjCoE4A
Join us at the Verizon ThingSpace Innovation Event - Tuesday, April 5 in San Francisco: https://t.co/IMDs91LYVU
@ItsTheNetwork Great job! We will take a look and see about integrating.
RT @ItsTheNetwork: @buglabs FYI - We ended up writing a MongoDB plug-in, your tips helped! - It's on Github - https://t.co/3QIIXcBfBa . Fee…
@pepecalc @dweet_io @psemme We love it! DO you have examples to share?
@pepecalc @dweet_io Great idea! Do you have a dashboard you want to share?

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