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"The real-time city is now real! The increasing deployment of sensors and hand-held electronics in recent years is allowing a new approach to the study of the built environment. The way we describe and understand cities is being radically transformed - alongside the tools we use to design them and impact on their physical structure. Studying these changes from a critical point of view and anticipating them is the goal of the SENSEable City Laboratory, a new research initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology."
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9 hours ago
Carlo Ratti shares how car sharing will evolve, for @FinancialTimes.
20 hours ago
RT @MIT: "Design is the best way not to predict the future, but to help create it" 📷: @SenseableCity…
20 hours ago
RT @eyalFeder: Great quote f/ @crassociati of @SenseableCity catches the essence of #bottomup #smartcities. http://t…
2 days ago
What will the city look like without human drivers? We gave our thoughts in this article for @UrbanLandInst.
2 days ago
RT @martinemme: @EoEAlliance check it out our winning interactive dataviz web app @SenseableCity…
2 days ago
RT @landerspatrick: Per @SenseableCity Ride-sharing + autonomous vehicles would take 4 out of 5 cars off the streets of New York City: http…
6 days ago
Afternoon Read: In a study from @frogdesign, 30% of car owners would give up their car before giving up their phone.
RT @mmvazifeh: Presenting our work on optimizing deployment of Electric Vehicles charging stations using mobile phone data today in #CCS_15
Afternoon Read: How smart is too smart in the future intelligent city? The @NYTimes looks under the hood, and inside its code.
The @BostonGlobe profiles Many Cities that looks at how people use cellphones in cities around the world. (cc: @Ericsson)
We've shown sharing potential with cars, but we're excited to share our findings at Mobipool carpool launch in Pisa.
Thank you for the honor! We're proud to announce that Carlo Ratti will serve as special adviser to @EU_Commission.
RT @MIT: "Design is the best way not to predict the future, but to help create it." Pic: @SenseableCity…
We're excited for #CCS_15 in a couple days where several Lab members will be presenting our research. Are you going to be present?
2 weeks ago
Are you joining? Registration for the Forum on Future Cities 2015: Bits and Bricks, held with the @WEF, is now live:
2 weeks ago
In considering the @Arhitektuur Biennale, @sz spoke with Carlo Ratti about how we'll experience tomorrow's cities.
2 weeks ago
Tomorrow, Maggie Nyhan will present the keynote at the Nordic Digital Business Summit on sensing and data opps.
2 weeks ago
The Lab has long sought to understand how mobile phones act as sensors. Our new paper explores activity detection in new ways....
2 weeks ago
In Sao Paolo, we'll consider New Technologies and their Possibilities in the City at InternetLab's event on Sept 24.
2 weeks ago
Congratulations to our team who won the #EOESUMMIT2015 data viz challenge with Airscapes Singapore.

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