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"The real-time city is now real! The increasing deployment of sensors and hand-held electronics in recent years is allowing a new approach to the study of the built environment. The way we describe and understand cities is being radically transformed - alongside the tools we use to design them and impact on their physical structure. Studying these changes from a critical point of view and anticipating them is the goal of the SENSEable City Laboratory, a new research initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology."
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13 hours ago
RT @Ftv_Fractal: El Senseable City Laboratory del MIT trabaja en proyectos para investigar el impacto de la tecnología a escala urbana http…
RT @johnmaeda: Smart sewage platform "Underworlds" from @SenseableCity Labs @MIT:
RT @johnmaeda: Learned a new term "urban radiology" -- visualizing consumer exhaust data geographically.
RT @Dimayousef: Amazed by Carlo Ratti's presentation on the concept of Senseable Cities @crassociati @SenseableCity #design…
How are we exploring with @Ericsson mobile traffic patterns in order to tell the story of urban denizens?
2 days ago
The Lab's happy to support @ODDChallenge's MIT student-led efforts to leverage data to improve street safety. More at
2 days ago
Thanks for your interest, @Tanvim Please reach out to our team at Let us know who you are and we'll follow up!
2 days ago
It was the best of times! Explore how data tells a Tale of (Many) Cities, in collaboration with @EricssonLabs.
2 days ago
RT @mitsap: .@SenseableCity Lab's Copenhagen (bicycle) Wheel is one of Time Magazine's 25 best inventions of 2014.
5 days ago
RT @MiriamRoure: Twinkle Twizy: Autonomous vehicle: vía @YouTube #roadahead
5 days ago
RT @michelle_s33: "Culture eats technology for breakfast." Great insight, universal truth derived from seeking data from developing cities …
5 days ago
RT @riparian: What does it mean that societies are splitting into data rich and data poor? Q from Katja Schechtner, Asian Development bank.…
5 days ago
RT @HServillon: Best conversations happen when you gather people frm around the world, from different cities & culture to discuss a common …
5 days ago
RT @bibiandre: The future of transportation, big data, sharing, sensors, driverless cars. That's the #roadahead
5 days ago
RT @gjhouben: @AMS_amsterdam #roadahead Oded Cats on Urban Mobility Lab and the exciting work in AMS and TU Dekft
5 days ago
RT @DumasRaphael: I appreciate a speaker (@arcolano ) being humble to present questions in a 5-minute talk rather than answers. #roadahead
5 days ago
RT @MiriamRoure: @avanky #roadahead @stannenb privacy is definitely a technology questions since there are people behind every single line…
5 days ago
RT @gjhouben: @AMS_amsterdam #roadahead traffic lights are 150 years old technology, desgined for horses, optimize traffic lights or someth…
5 days ago
RT @slatebailey: Singapore looking at integrating #driverlesscars with public transit, bikes, etc. Can't ignore other modes! #roadahead
5 days ago
RT @avanky: A little conference humor for you. RT @stannenb: I, for one, welcome our robotic roadmasters #roadahead

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