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"The real-time city is now real! The increasing deployment of sensors and hand-held electronics in recent years is allowing a new approach to the study of the built environment. The way we describe and understand cities is being radically transformed - alongside the tools we use to design them and impact on their physical structure. Studying these changes from a critical point of view and anticipating them is the goal of the SENSEable City Laboratory, a new research initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology."
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5 days ago
RT @EricssonLabs: Mobile phone-based mapping of human movement @SenseableCity .|FT Magazine #MIT #Louvre
RT @istao: 5 marzo inaugurazione a.a 2014/2015 con lectio magistralis di Carlo Ratti "Senseable Cities"…
RT @nytimesbits: F.C.C. approves net neutrality plan to classify broadband Internet service as a public utility
RT @denisemc06: Big Thank You to @Microsoft for sponsoring the #passbac Day 1 Keynote: Carlo Rotti of MIT's @SenseableCity…
RT @EPAresearch: .@MIT's @SenseableCity Lab will test ideas from our researcher, Christian Daughton. What info awaits in the sewers? http:/…
Look up! Waterfly is part of a community of eco-drones here to save our environment. @NBCNews reports.
Where does your trash go? Morgan Spurlock and a CNN team will show, including some tracking we did with their team.
2 weeks ago
RT @istao: 5 marzo inaugurazione a.a 2014/2015 con lectio magistralis di Carlo Ratti "Senseable Cities"…
2 weeks ago
Join the Lab's @avanky in a convo in New York City about data agency and design this Thursday, hosted by @method_inc.
2 weeks ago
Godard’s sprint or a gentle meander? For @FinancialTimes, mobile phone-based mapping of human movement:
2 weeks ago
RT @DIconexiones: Art Traffic at Louvre: A study of visitors’ behavior using Bluetooth data by @SenseableCity http:/…
2 weeks ago
Growing collabs: The Lab participates in a workshop on Cities as Organisms at the University of Maribor & CTS Prague.
2 weeks ago
Welcome to the family! We had the pleasure of @mitsap's new dean, Hashim Sarkis, at our Lab family lunch this week.
2 weeks ago
RT @tillnm: Topical Dickens: @SenseableCity's Tale of Many Cities vs @LSECities's Tale of two regions…
2 weeks ago
RT @indexaward: Congratulations @SenseableCity with the #indexaward2015 nomination Local Warming! A great #designto
2 weeks ago
RT @indexaward: Congratulations @SenseableCity with the #indexaward2015 nomination Aida 2.0! A great #designtoimpro
3 weeks ago
As we're getting buried by snow in Boston, it might be an opportunity for snow-focused tech. Carlo quoted in @NYTimes
3 weeks ago
RT @tillnm: .@morphocode visits @senseablecity Singapore featuring my core PhD piece: Touching Bus Rides https://t.c…
3 weeks ago
RT @method_inc: Join us @method_inc NY. Anthony Vanky of @SenseableCity will present his work on data's limitless potential. RSVP: https://…

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