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"The Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC) is dedicated to accelerate the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem with a focus on interoperability and usability, data openness and security, and market development. Based in San Francisco, IoTC is a non-profit organization connecting a global ecosystem of companies and organizations."
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15 hours ago
RT @jkdncn: @iotlist @grapealope Yesss! Thank you! Needs the Melon, iSwimband, and Glass too. 😉 I seriously enjoyed the article.
2 days ago
Square joins the internet of things, integrating its sales data with @IFTTT: #IoT
2 days ago
Tesla Command for Android Wear: #IoT #smartcar
3 days ago
RT @iotlist: Sense: Track your sleep behavior <- watch @hello product demo on @iotlist #iot #smarthome #iotlist
3 days ago
RT @TeamVenyoo: @naywilliams on definition of #iot : the process of a physical device getting a digital representation @iotconsortium @Cros
4 days ago
RT @iotlist: Monolyth: Control ur AC with ur Smartphone <- check out @MonolythCo #smarthome product on @iotlist #IoT
5 days ago
A guide to the confusing Internet of Things standards world: #IoT
5 days ago
RT @iotlist: JIBO: The first family robot <- watch the video of @JiboRobot on @iotlist #iot #smarthome #iotlist
5 days ago
Infographic – Monetizing Internet Of Things: #IoT
5 days ago
Evernote’s Savvy Plan to Join the Wearables Race: #IoT #wearables #iotlist
6 days ago
RT @iotlist: Airfy: iBeacon for home automation <- watch product video @iotlist #iot #smarthome #iotlist @airfy
Biometric wearables lab Sensoria scores $5M from Italian investors: #IoT #wearables
RT @spire_inc: "Try it now, take one good #deepbreath. Smile. Feel better? I know I do." @usatoday #wearables
Node.JS Internet of Things server: #IoT
RT @iotlist: Iota: GPS tracker and motion sensor <- watch product video @iotlist #iot #wearable #iotlist
RT @iotlist: Zuli: Smartplugs <- watch product video @iotlist #smarthome #iot #iotlist @ZuliHome
RT @TheOrangeChefCo: Now you can get customized meal recommendations based on your workout activity. #PrepPad integrates w. @Jawbone's #UP
2 weeks ago
RT @getringly: Go @getringly! Fashionable Wearable Tech: The Eight Most Stylish Gadgets On The Market via @LuckyMaga

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