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"The internet-of-things has a huge potential to empower users, but could easily end up widening the divide between more technologically literate users and those intimidated or outpaced by new technology. We are looking to address this issue by building a platform that fosters a real sense of community with active moderators, project curation and rolling community challenges. A comprehensive set of tutorials provides a gentle point of entry, allowing potential users to quickly prototype test projects that could actually do something fun or useful. Ultimately, our aim is to augment a relatively neutral learning platform with people, encouraging an active and community-minded user base to give a human face to projects with real technical complexity."
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RT @FastCoExist: When the data bubble bursts, companies will actually have to sell things again…
RT @anabjain: hey @standardnews great article on the air pollution risks to children We are building…
2 weeks ago
RT @CassieRobinson: The second blog post in my series for @futurecitiescat @IoTUKNews - Cities for Everyone feat. @…
2 weeks ago
RT @Tim_Beshara: This or the next week is the last time you will ever breathe in sub-400 ppm CO2 air
3 weeks ago
We are overwhelmed by the interest from local communities in testing #buggyair Next iteration soon! #iot #pollution
4 weeks ago
MPs: UK air pollution is a 'public health emergency’: (We are trialling #BuggyAir
RT @citizen_sense: Citizens find evidence of air pollution near fracking sites Launch of materials from our pollution sensing research htt…
@KPNIoT Wrong twitter address. I think it is @iot_academy
Future of our cities? We can 'best locate it in the imaginative, aspirational & engaged lives of citizens'
#Smartcities getting a right good kicking today
"It’s no use turning cities into data mines without putting human needs at the forefront" Exactly! @HowWeGetToNext
2 months ago
Looks great, looking forward to reading it @citizen_sense.
3 months ago
How the internet of things came to its senses [paywall] #buggyair
3 months ago
RT @NicFildes: "When people talk about smart cities, inevitably they will end up with smart as the answer," argues @hugh_knowles https://t.…
3 months ago
We are taking #buggyair to #Singapore in March. Who should we meet re #airquality.
3 months ago
@sustrans thanks. Sorry only just seen this. Have emailed
3 months ago
RT @anabjain: Learning so much about #iot behavioural change, data ownership and civic tech trialling #buggyair @IoTAcademy. Do yell if you…
3 months ago
@sustrans Trying to contact cleaner air champions but phone and email don't work?? thx
3 months ago
RT @ASherinian: "Data is about more than counting is about making sure that people count." My boss…
3 months ago
@MumsnetTowers We are trialling air quality devices on buggies. Can you help us find volunteers in London?


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