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"The internet-of-things has a huge potential to empower users, but could easily end up widening the divide between more technologically literate users and those intimidated or outpaced by new technology. We are looking to address this issue by building a platform that fosters a real sense of community with active moderators, project curation and rolling community challenges. A comprehensive set of tutorials provides a gentle point of entry, allowing potential users to quickly prototype test projects that could actually do something fun or useful. Ultimately, our aim is to augment a relatively neutral learning platform with people, encouraging an active and community-minded user base to give a human face to projects with real technical complexity."
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23 minutes ago
Many thanks to @nominettrust @FF_forgood @kieronkirkland @dansutch for their encouragement and continued support #IoT
24 minutes ago
And...we are excited to share a sneak preview of our new site as we continue building it: #IoT #littledata #advocacy
Build for Ultrastability, Invest in time, Develop a Theory of Change: Lessons learnt whilst building @IoTAcademy #IoT
2 weeks ago
Getting IoTA off the Ground: @anabjain reflects on our process and new proposition @nominettrust. #iot
2 weeks ago
Internet of Things event by @CDECatapult with expert clinics & showcase @DoESLiverpool #IoT #IoTBoost
3 weeks ago
RT @hugh_knowles: The centre/focus of smart city schematics should be people & their needs not data centres & their potential. #smartcities
3 weeks ago
RT @shahselbe: Last 24 hours before #Okavango14 Follow along with us on @intotheokavango
3 weeks ago
A Live-data Expedition into the Okavango Delta: (cc @hugh_knowles #IoT
4 weeks ago
"Why so many companies want to control the standards around #IoT"
RT @steelemaley: @Superflux I believe more educators need to see @IoTAcademy….@smartinez cc: @anabjain
@steelemaley @smartinez @Superflux Hello! Would love to hear more about your #IoT #education initiatives.
RT @PRonnenberg: Rainforest Connection - Phones Turned to Forest Guardians, via @Kickstarter
@JMOChicago @FAiRChicago Hello! Wondering if you are still interested in our #noisenap probes?
"Social injustices are much harder to track than the everyday lives of the individuals whose lives they affect." #IoT
RT @Superflux: "Smart has no loyal opposition. You can't say I don't like the smart thing and prefer to be dumb." @bruces…
2 months ago
@JMOChicago @FAiRChicago Sure! Would be great to learn more about your experiment. Email us? hello [at] superflux [dot] in would be ideal.
2 months ago
"Imagining the Internet of Things - beyond the panopticon" by @geoffmulgan << working on it. #IoT
2 months ago
Live in Parliament now, discussion about the long term damaging impact of air pollution on children: #buggyair #IoT


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