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"The internet-of-things has a huge potential to empower users, but could easily end up widening the divide between more technologically literate users and those intimidated or outpaced by new technology. We are looking to address this issue by building a platform that fosters a real sense of community with active moderators, project curation and rolling community challenges. A comprehensive set of tutorials provides a gentle point of entry, allowing potential users to quickly prototype test projects that could actually do something fun or useful. Ultimately, our aim is to augment a relatively neutral learning platform with people, encouraging an active and community-minded user base to give a human face to projects with real technical complexity."
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RT @anabjain: Great to see @tom_watson advocating the new Clear Air Act. @IoTAcademy
3 days ago
.@Forum4theFuture looking for a Designer & Project Manager. Want to drive social & environmental impact apply here
.@TessaJowell We are measuring air pollution at buggy level @standardnews @Founders_Forum
"Nearly 9500 people die each year in London because of air pollution" #buggyair #IoT
3 weeks ago
RT @jpeanderson: Just launched new Task Force for Clean Air in #london with #gla #thecleanairforce @hypercatiot
3 weeks ago
@ralph_b @Partupcom @jclengkeek hello! We are a different (but equally interesting!) IoT Academy.
2 months ago
RT @CleanAirLondon: Must-read by Nick Hilton @VICE | London Smog: Just how bad is air in the UK capital? << Bad http…
2 months ago
@juliapowles An internet of people - this is what we are attempting at
2 months ago
RT @ClaireMookerjee: Speculative design for more informed cycling route choices based on #airquality see full 5 http…
2 months ago
RT @Superflux: Our new project explores an elderly man's ambivalent relationship with his #smarthome: #IoT http://t.…
2 months ago
RT @iotwatch: Dear students looking for a job in #iot. Stop sending pds in emails, this isn't the 90s, get a website. Thanks.
3 months ago
RT @HackneyBusiness: "People need to have ownership of their own data" #dataethics #iot @anabjain @Superflux #DS15
3 months ago
RT @ugomatic: Good points on #IoT by @anabjain - let's put control in the hands of the users. if corporations want to use users' data, then…
3 months ago
RT @SarahTGold: "When technology becomes invisible we become passive users" @anabjain arguing for visibility in #IoT for engaged citizens #…
3 months ago
.@IoTAcademy discussing meaningful #IoT in @IntlInnovation magazine
3 months ago
@patrin Thanks Patrin. We are currently building it. Start trials in London soon @Superflux @Forum4theFuture @FBuckingham @hugh_knowles
3 months ago
RT @patrin: Love @Superflux @Forum4theFuture's Buggy Air concept: a real-time air quality map from pushchair sensors @FBuckingham http://t.…
3 months ago
@iotwatch Oh dear God.
4 months ago
RT @CleanAirLondon: All the Government #airpollution monitors are offline as we head into the worst #smog episode for a year
5 months ago
@ElaMi5 hello! Sorry about that, we are just looking into it. @anabjain has received your mail and will respond asap.


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