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"The internet-of-things has a huge potential to empower users, but could easily end up widening the divide between more technologically literate users and those intimidated or outpaced by new technology. We are looking to address this issue by building a platform that fosters a real sense of community with active moderators, project curation and rolling community challenges. A comprehensive set of tutorials provides a gentle point of entry, allowing potential users to quickly prototype test projects that could actually do something fun or useful. Ultimately, our aim is to augment a relatively neutral learning platform with people, encouraging an active and community-minded user base to give a human face to projects with real technical complexity."
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2 days ago
RT @anabjain: "Car fumes are killing us. So why isn’t anyone telling us not to drive?" #airpollution
2 weeks ago
Will be speaking on @IoTAcademy and #buggyair 28/1 at @theBIOagency Connected World #airquality #IOT
3 weeks ago
@elderberry Are you still interested in air quality trials. Can you follow us so we can get email address to you?
RT @agentGav: "missing from Europe’s biggest tech event was the most important question: what are the social ends of technology?" https://t…
"We have no option but to make our cities smart" @Cisco @intel mistaking means as ends again
@roundaboutnews @TfL @coyleneil thanks for your interest great to hear. Please let us know best email to get in touch cc @hugh_knowles
2 months ago
@Martin_Sepion Thanks Martin. Can you follow and we will DM an email address
2 months ago
@elderberry thx Liz. Can you follow and we will direct message you an email address.
2 months ago
RT @Forum4theFuture: .@iotacademy needs Londoners to take part in its BuggyAir trial. If you push a buggy and are concerned about air quali…
3 months ago
RT @rondardt: #BuggyAir, le projet anti-pollution de l'@IoTAcademy qui connecte les poussettes #IoT
3 months ago
Certainly what we think at @iotacademy: "Forget big data, small data is the real revolution"
3 months ago
RT @Superflux: Designing, Building and Trialling an #IoT product and ecosystem: #airpollution #buggyair #civictech
4 months ago
Designing research kits for participant trials with as much love as the prototype. #buggyair #usertesting
4 months ago
We are giving parents #airquality monitors so they can learn about/avoid pollution exposure. #buggyair
4 months ago
Great talk by @iotwatch on investing/focusing on #IoT that matters: @nextconf #next15
4 months ago
RT @hugh_knowles: FFS @Cisco The internet of things is not the GOAL Goals here if you really don't have any http://t…
4 months ago
RT @AirPublica: It is not just the lungs
4 months ago
RT @Fiona_Dowson: All set up for my #buggyair kit trial with @iot_academy @hugh_knowles @Superflux. Intrigued to see state of local #airpol
4 months ago
Our #buggyair trials have begun! Parents are using them on prams and gathering #airpollution data in real time. #IoT
4 months ago
@Ulrike_St thank you for participating :)


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