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"Sensaris makes measuring , displaying and sharing the invisible possible by combining mobile phones, personal sensing and wireless web technologies . We like dealing with fast changing, with hybrid/heteregenous Internet communication infrastructures because they enable real time and scalable solutions.

Since 2001, our purpose is to make it simple for our customers to collect, broadcast, visualize and share sensor data in everyday life. Our field proven product suite is used daily in 22 countries for B2B or consumer applications ranging from smart to mobile health, sports or gaming applications."
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3 days ago
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3 days ago
@muzworld Sorry but Sensaris has been dissolved.
4 days ago
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.@Powwownow my favourite remote working space (on sunny days) in London is @HMSPresident #PWNSmartWorking
2 weeks ago
@laugarmi It is a nice paper you put together.Glad I could provide useful info. Keep up the good work !
2 weeks ago
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2 weeks ago
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2 weeks ago
@DerHuette If you use Polar BLE, use MobiSense for iOS and view data in real time on Sensdots.
2 weeks ago
@DerHuette The company no longer exists in France.If you are interested please contact me directly via LinkedIn.
2 weeks ago
New LED lights are stopping insects before they bite us and give us diseases:
2 weeks ago
From sci-fi to reality: consumers warm to smart home, particularly to save energy and cut bills.
2 weeks ago
How managing noise pollution can improve our cities #smartcities #IoT


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