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"Sensaris makes measuring , displaying and sharing the invisible possible by combining mobile phones, personal sensing and wireless web technologies . We like dealing with fast changing, with hybrid/heteregenous Internet communication infrastructures because they enable real time and scalable solutions.

Since 2001, our purpose is to make it simple for our customers to collect, broadcast, visualize and share sensor data in everyday life. Our field proven product suite is used daily in 22 countries for B2B or consumer applications ranging from smart to mobile health, sports or gaming applications."
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20 hours ago
Vending machines will soon integrate beacons of all kinds....
6 days ago
Silicon Valley might be shocked to see one day soon China standing tall as the real innovation leader in IoT #iot
6 days ago
That should enable some neat apps with great user experience and new services
Proud to be an early adapter of the #PhysicalWeb with @bleshcom. Now getting my #Eddystone.
2 weeks ago
Google embraces #Bluetooth low energy #beacons: Launches open format Eddystone, APIs, and management tools #iot #ble
2 weeks ago
Qualcomm Joins Google’s Rival Internet-of-Things Consortium Thread | Re/code #iot #thread #qualcomm
2 weeks ago
Connected bottles coming to a table near you: see the smart Champagne bottle from Mumm #iot
2 weeks ago
RT @BenEinstein: “Linux is free if your time is worthless”
3 weeks ago
Ovo Energy uses Zigbee for their Smart Energy Consumer Access Device. #iot #zigbee #smarthomes
3 weeks ago
Free online course about the Internet of Things from King's College London - starts in November #iot #FLiot
3 weeks ago
Rémy Martin & Selinko Launch First Ever Connected Bottle with High Security NFC Technology (First in China) #iot #nfc
4 weeks ago
500 London buses get on board Bluetooth Low Energy beacon rollout to send targeted messages to commuters. #iot #tfl
4 weeks ago
WiFi can run at Bluetooth Low Energy power levels, says Rockchip - Rethink Wireless #iot #bluetooth #ble #wifi
4 weeks ago
RT @NetOfEverything: Firefighters And The Internet Of Things | | #iot #internetofthings
Smart homes: Heaters are joining the growing family of products for better living #iot #smarthomes
New low power NOx sensor for real time air quality monitoring Internet of Things applications #iot #airquality
Chile declares environmental emergency over polluted Santiago air | Reuters #pollution #airquality #smartcities
RT @TechCityUK: Find out what life would have been like without invention of the web. Hilarious stuff from @Founders_Forum…
Customer Awareness, Internet of Things Influence Indoor Air Quality Products #iot #airquality #pollution


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