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"IoT-A’s overall technical objective is to create the architectural foundations of the Future Internet of Things, allowing seamless integration of heterogeneous IoT technologies into a coherent architecture and their federation with other systems of the Future Internet. In order to achieve this ambitious overall goal, IoT-A has identified a series of detailed scientific and technological objectives that will be addressed within the context of the project."
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4 months ago
Great #meetup in Ghent discussing Iot-A @bassiconsulting @robvank @MeetIoT
5 months ago
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@IoT_A networking get-together @ict2013eu, Nov. 7 11:00h-12:30h H1 Booth 10. Presentation 'Enabling Things to Talk" and expert discussions.
Visit @ict2013eu, November 6-8, and you'll find @IoT_A in Hall 4 "intelligent connecting intelligence": booth 4B5
IoT-A newsletter#7 available for download: … with a multitude of exploitation avenues to explore
RT @bassiconsulting: Great session today @imperialcollege about @IoT_A and #iot in general! more than 2 hours discussion!
RT @bassiconsulting: I'm in NYC, where I will be talking to @imperialcollege and @IEEEorg about #ioT and @IoT_A
2 years ago
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@DMI_Miclat can you mail me at kranenbu@xs4all? apologies for delay, holidays@jfduque
2 years ago
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IoT-A newsletter SPECIAL covering recent line up events IoT China 2013, IoT Forum Brazil and IoT Week 2013, Helsinki
2 years ago
RT @GeraldSantucci: The EU Integrated Project @IoT_A which I contributed to launch in 2011 is (well) quoted in Forbes' article.…

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