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"Our goal at Carriots is to help you build applications for the Internet of Things. We believe YOU can create amazing new products.

Make smart-objects by just connecting them to Carriots and buiding an application for them. Carriots will help build applications very quickly and saving you time and troubles. You can start by collecting data from sensors and program actions for them. With our free account you can try our platform right away."
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2 weeks ago
@QualiaNetworks We are B2B
2 weeks ago
RT @aeverlet: Bitcoin Could Transform Internet of Things into Vast Data Marketplace vía @coindesk cc @Carriots
2 weeks ago
RT @programmableweb: How to Integrate @Carriots #IoT Platform with other apps
4 weeks ago
New Blog Post on how Pozuelo City Hall chooses the @Carriots CityLife platform - #SmartCity #IoT
4 weeks ago
New in our blog. Open innovation with Cisco & @Carriots : More @Cisco_IoT openBerlin:
Our conclusion on the #IoTChat : Someone has to organize a security contest for #IoT.
Thanks to @cisco_iot & @Cisco for inviting us to participate and to help them with their IOT lab in Berlin! #IoTChat
@cisco_iot But I love the Blue Ocean book :-) IoE is really an ocean. It is about Everything right ;-)
#IoTChat A6: Private parties are already researching in IoT for competitive advantage. Public stakehoders can put funding for social IOT
RT @JAdP: A5 #IoTchat @Carriots over the past decade, the consolidation of data management, database vendors has reveresed. Now over 200. #…
@cisco_iot Will #iot is nothing new it has been around for many years and plaftorms too. But this ocean is bigger than regular IT. #IoTChat
RT @jacquitaylorfb: +1 "@SecureRF: A5: Platform competition is healthy for #IoT development as it encourages the diversity which evolution …
A5: History will repeat itself with IOT platforms the same way it happened with DB, Werservers, etc… #IoTChat
@jeftreece Databases or IOT Platforms? #IoTChat
A5: having multiple DB products out there has been a hinder to IT? Well it is the same with IOT platforms #IoTChat
A5: We think it helps because we will see many different platforms still be co-existing #IoTChat How many DB vendors are out there?
A4: Now legacy systems are making everything more complex due to integration with old protocols and SCADA systems #IoTChat
@JAdP Really think so. It will be interesting to put in place a security contest for #IoT and see the results #IoTChat
@Johannes_Ernst You can have multiple layers of security combined to make everything more secure #IoTChat

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Carriots is building a PaaS for the internet of things

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