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"Our goal at Carriots is to help you build applications for the Internet of Things. We believe YOU can create amazing new products.

Make smart-objects by just connecting them to Carriots and buiding an application for them. Carriots will help build applications very quickly and saving you time and troubles. You can start by collecting data from sensors and program actions for them. With our free account you can try our platform right away."
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4 days ago
@arantec @TSTsistemas @BrunoCendon Esperamos que os guste la combinación y ya nos contaréis en que consiste vuestra solución.
4 days ago
RT @arantec: Prototipo TST+Carriots acustic Smart Cities integrado con éxito Gracias x ayuda @TSTsistemas @BrunoCendon @Carriots http://t.…
4 days ago
RT @sdeancos: How to send a stream to @Carriots using #mqtt with #paho #IoT #M2M
MQTT support at @Carriots and new tutorial using @electricimp More #iot stuff to be proud of cc/@mqttorg
RT @masdtodo: New tutorial with @Carriots and @electricimp. Easy example of an alert system.
2 weeks ago
One smart coffee machine prototype in just 3 days using @Inteliot Galileo @carriots at #CPMX5 by @Sabasacustico
2 weeks ago
RT @Sabasacustico: Mi amor campusero: Review de la Intel Galileo y uso @Carriots  #CPMX5 via @inventorshouse @intel_la…
2 weeks ago
RT @bindogsGuadacan: Info de #Guadacan en la web de Contenur, entidad participante en el proyecto #IoT #smartcities
3 weeks ago
RT @javipstor: Today in @Carriots 's headquarters we received the book "IoT with the Arduino Yun" thanks @tania_packt @PacktPub #IoT http:/…
4 weeks ago
@Sabasacustico Enhorabuena! No dudes en utilizar nuestro foro para contarnos tu proyecto y/o pedir ayuda.
4 weeks ago
BlogPost on Geolocation with @carriots & how to know if a device is inside a specific area:
4 weeks ago
New tutorial: How to use Geo Location in @Carriots
Lear how to use @sigfox with @Carriots here
The source code to integrate R with ©carriots can be found on @github
Our user @mota_santiago has integrated @carriots with R Here is an example using our OpenData
RT @flopezquero: Aquí tenéis mi presentación de #IoT con un caso de @Carriots para la industria cervecera! #FlowmeterBeerTap…
RT @TSTsistemas: We really love the weather station from @Carriots, we love it so much that we've made a blog post :)…
#opendata of our #iot WeatherStation in #madrid is available through our RESTAPI. Info here:
RT @aeverlet: @Carriots weather station open data with @TSTsistemas @ducksboard and some Javascript/CORS. Nice! cc/…
Link of the demo for custom web panel of a weather station from @TSTsistemas connected to @Carriots :

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Carriots is building a PaaS for the internet of things

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