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"Our goal at Carriots is to help you build applications for the Internet of Things. We believe YOU can create amazing new products.

Make smart-objects by just connecting them to Carriots and buiding an application for them. Carriots will help build applications very quickly and saving you time and troubles. You can start by collecting data from sensors and program actions for them. With our free account you can try our platform right away."
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6 days ago
Moving in to our new and biggerv #office . All @carriots family is excited.
RT @VicentNEWGARDEN: Primeros frutos a nuestra formacion #Iot en @UCAM_ITM con @Carriots. Gracias @sofiafersan y @bhernandez…
4 weeks ago
An interesting overview of IOT by @internetsociety
@ajunyentferre Up&Running in 6 Hours! Impressive! ;-) You can use more of @carriots try to monitor of your device with the status stream
RT @AJunyentFerre: Here's some documentation on a weekend project I built to log events online using an Arduino + GPRS + @Carriots: https:/…
The Mayor of Berlin at @carriots booth #loveopenBerlin
RT @aeverlet: Everything ready at #openBerlinGO to show @Carriots new demo. Meet us if you're at Berlin to talk about #IoT…
Today we attend the GrandOpening of @cisco #IoE Innovation Center #openBerlinGO @opnbrln_csco #loveopenBerlin
Just a few hours until the Grand Opening of #openBerlin! Hope to see you tomorrow! #loveopenberlin #IoE #innovation
2 months ago
RT @jeremp: .@Carriots, une plateforme #IoT avec une version d'essai vraiment utilisable (10 devices + API + email + sms). #InternetOfThings
2 months ago
RT @Delachica: Como siempre genial @mcastilloh76 de @carriots en #TheAPIHourIoT: negocio, tecnología y grandes experiencias
2 months ago
RT @mariajosejorda: Three sensors within the beer pipe and tap to have control of fraud, campaigns.. Original! #IoT @CIBBVA @Carriots http:…
2 months ago
RT @Delachica: El CEO de @carriots: hasta las industrias más tradicionales apuestan por #IoT #TheAPIHourIoT,
2 months ago
Great #IoT talk by our CEO @mcastilloh76 here at @CIBBVA in #theAPIHourIoT event.Streaming:
2 months ago
The new device to visualize, understand and act on your household water consumption by @oasysio @infoaqualogy
2 months ago
RT @aeverlet: 19 Predictions for the Future in IoT vía @DZone cc/ @Carriots
2 months ago
2 months ago
RT @InitialState: @Carriots makes connecting things to the internet super easy & now visualizing them in IS is easy too! #IoT #DataViz http…

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Carriots is building a PaaS for the internet of things

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