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"TST is a high-tech start-up founded in 2007 with private capital as a spin-off from Network Planning & Mobile Communications Lab at the University of Cantabria.

The founding members have a large experience doing research on a variety of wireless technologies (Bluetooth, Wifi, ZigBee, etc…), and TST was founded with the goal of transferring that know-how into tailor-made wireless solutions for our customers. The staff at TST is composed by highly qualified researchers and professionals from the consulting and IT sectors.

Our solutions integrate the wireless technology that best matches the requirements from your application. We analyze hand in hand with our customers the problem to solve, and design a system with the technology that best solves that problem. We complete our solutions with contributions from our partners and with the consulting, training and support services needed to obtain the highest satisfaction of our customers."
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RT @DOKENSIP: @DOKENSIP the #IoT solution for boat monitoring based on @sigfox . See on https://t.co/imMR7otvB3 https://t.co/RVRc0eB8Aj
We're happy to talk you about our partners @DOKENSIP, a revolutionary #IoT solution for boats https://t.co/t9BpO8SyMk
RT @portumedela: 1st @EU_Commission @OrganiCity_eu Review is underway. Things looking good at Can Valldaura. https://t.co/YMbs8Ovkcg
RT @portumedela: Introducing ' fresh air ' concept in @EU_Commission projects. Great place for hosting @OrganiCity_eu review! https://t.co/…
RT @portumedela: Today @TSTsistemas attends an intense @MobiWallet_EU meeting in Brussels prior the @POLISnetwork conference. https://t.co/…
Visiting our partners @Tech4F at the @SmartCityexpo An impressive new tech aid for visually impaired people #IoT https://t.co/J1Ov5Zq55F
Second day at the @SmartCityexpo Lots of interesting new #IoT related stuff!! https://t.co/AsdbDi3307
2 weeks ago
Great first day at the @SmartCityexpo So busy that we're just retweetting somebody else's pictures! 😊 #IoT https://t.co/XwJ4X8WReS
2 weeks ago
We'll be at the @SmartCityexpo showcasing our #IoT products and services, ping us if you want to meet us!
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
The book "#IoT technologies in the #Industry40", where our CTO @BrunoCendon has contributed, presented by the @eoi https://t.co/MAVqAEmTFC
3 weeks ago
RT @BrunoCendon: Just reviewed internally at @TSTsistemas another gorgeous protype of a system using @sigfox, GPRS, GPS, BLE and sensors. B…
3 weeks ago
@ckvishwakarma drop us an email to [email protected] and let's talk!
3 weeks ago
Our first low cost @sigfox + GPS + accelerometer + IOs prototype is being delivered... 😊 more details soon... #IoT https://t.co/YOIIjOBMmy
4 weeks ago
RT @pablooliete: Interesante jornada de @ecoembes que hemos participado como @AMETIC_es "la tecnología-innovación recogida residuos" https:…
4 weeks ago
RT @BrunoCendon: En la jornada de @ecoembes sobre tecnología innovación y la recogida de residuos #IoT https://t.co/LtO9UljgG1
.@ict2015eu people, don't forget attending to @CLIPSproject networking session this week! https://t.co/PnofsUwZkI #ICT2015 #cloudcomputing
2 months ago
Our partner IBM is organizing the #StartupsConnect15, a MUST for any new tech #startup. Take a look at... https://t.co/4lqAhAvAzc
2 months ago
RT @ElisaGarijo: Este contenedor nos habla, un sensor de @TSTsistemas conectado a @IBMBluemix y situado en @gijon. https://t.co/FwKvsVTPtA
2 months ago

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