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"TST is a high-tech start-up founded in 2007 with private capital as a spin-off from Network Planning & Mobile Communications Lab at the University of Cantabria.

The founding members have a large experience doing research on a variety of wireless technologies (Bluetooth, Wifi, ZigBee, etc…), and TST was founded with the goal of transferring that know-how into tailor-made wireless solutions for our customers. The staff at TST is composed by highly qualified researchers and professionals from the consulting and IT sectors.

Our solutions integrate the wireless technology that best matches the requirements from your application. We analyze hand in hand with our customers the problem to solve, and design a system with the technology that best solves that problem. We complete our solutions with contributions from our partners and with the consulting, training and support services needed to obtain the highest satisfaction of our customers."
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2 days ago
TST brings #IoT to a wind farm in south Spain http://t.co/cWkXqbk1Y2 #RenewableEnergy
Rollout of @sigfox in Portugal by @narrownet.Our TSWasTe is already using it :) http://t.co/TUUfyhxasV
Our CTO @BrunoCendon yesterday at @EspacioFTef @fundacionTef talking about #IoT (sorry, only in spanish) https://t.co/KBM4pCzxCT
RT @Javiercn8: Aprendiendo de @BrunoCendon, CTO en @TSTsistemas, todo un referente en el mundo del #InternetDeLasCosas. #IoT #smartcities @…
RT @piperlab_es: Nos ha encantado lo fácil que es conectarse a un broker de mensajes #IoT @BrunoCendon #MarDeDatos http://t.co/5Fs5beIiTP
RT @sorayapa: Ahora @BrunoCendon en #MarDeDatos que nos cuenta qué es #IoT http://t.co/yR71UwnBnC
RT @RCySost: .@BrunoCendon, especialista en #IoT y #M2M, nos aclara los mitos y verdades del IoT. #MarDeDatos http://t.co/g4DBlIop7K
RT @pablomarin: Espectacular charla en @EspacioFTef de @BrunoCendon sobre IoT y big data #mardedatos http://t.co/ys7gLff76z
RT @digitalcual: #IoT y #bigdata están muy relacionados... #MarDeDatos http://t.co/W1coTK3GCu
RT @digitalcual: "El #IoT se instaurará a su ritmo natural y va tomando forma poco a poco" - #mardedatos @EspacioFTef http://t.co/ylG1s34W1S
RT @IndustrialIoT: .@TSTsistemas y @BrunoCendon hacen cacharros #iot en #MarDeDatos http://t.co/gVRSbD3wKX
Our production line at full speed, assembling a new batch of @sigfox enabled waste management sensors #IoT http://t.co/AJZwYDOI8f
No seats left to see our CTO @BrunoCendon tomorrow at @EspacioFTef talking about #IoT. Streaming will be available http://t.co/NYam4BOZwV
2 weeks ago
@kencando22 @Room5News we're quite ready!, but we're open to talk about IoT with anyone :)
2 weeks ago
RT @ju_ri_fer: Very productive day for @TSTsistemas as coordinator of TILAS project in Palma. Lot of advances and integration http://t.co/a…
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
RT @aeverlet: 2nd day at @cebit @CODE_n @Carriots @ZerintiaTech and @TSTsistemas Lots of interests http://t.co/GgHgstqlUY
2 weeks ago
RT @aeverlet: Time for a summary. Non stop day at @CODE_n! Thanks to @ZerintiaTech and @TSTsistemas Showing real stuff is the way! http://t…
2 weeks ago
Our waste level sensor in Germany with our friends from @Carriots at @cebit. Nice glasses @aeverlet! #IoT #CeBIT2015 http://t.co/KQeS5NsoQO
3 weeks ago
Don't miss our CTO @BrunoCendon next 24th march at @EspacioFTef in Madrid talking about Industrial #IoT.Register here http://t.co/O50b8IcqwG

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