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"TST is a high-tech start-up founded in 2007 with private capital as a spin-off from Network Planning & Mobile Communications Lab at the University of Cantabria.

The founding members have a large experience doing research on a variety of wireless technologies (Bluetooth, Wifi, ZigBee, etc…), and TST was founded with the goal of transferring that know-how into tailor-made wireless solutions for our customers. The staff at TST is composed by highly qualified researchers and professionals from the consulting and IT sectors.

Our solutions integrate the wireless technology that best matches the requirements from your application. We analyze hand in hand with our customers the problem to solve, and design a system with the technology that best solves that problem. We complete our solutions with contributions from our partners and with the consulting, training and support services needed to obtain the highest satisfaction of our customers."
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8 hours ago
What a great first day at the #MWC15, now heading to the @iotstars!! http://t.co/FcP8fHm8T9
13 hours ago
Our waste management and smart parking devices at @sigfox booth in the #MWC15 #IoT http://t.co/Idz0ZW4sGQ
15 hours ago
Showcasing our parking reservation system at @GSMA Innovation City #MWC15 http://t.co/GyaRAQtvyF
16 hours ago
RT @thethingsIO: Happy to be showcasing at the @sigfox booth with @TSTsistemas #mwc15 #iot http://t.co/5Nuk9pfs9D
21 hours ago
Just a couple of hours to start off at the #MWC15. See you at the Congress Square Hall 60, booth 37 #IoT http://t.co/m4TtUgQEqb
All setup and ready to start tomorrow at the #MWC15!! Congress Hall 60 booth 37 #PabellonEspaña @redpuntoes #IoT http://t.co/EhiWJ2EBSK
2 days ago
RT @CEEIM_MURCIA: José Luis López de @intelkia expone su tecnología aplicada a #SmartCities @rsinfo_INFO @eoi http://t.co/td73zdI02a
2 days ago
RT @intelkia: Next week, we will be at @MWC_Barcelona visiting partners and friends #iot #m2m @Carriots @TSTsistemas @sigfox @AbertisTeleco
2 days ago
RT @BrunoCendon: Hay buena cobertura @sigfox en casa. 0x8B es la distancia de mi mesa al techo ☺ Últimas pruebas antes del #MWC15 http://t.…
2 days ago
TST presents an innovative smart parking demo at @GSMA Innovation City during the #MWC15 Hall 3 A1/A11.Don't miss it! http://t.co/j8E0HC7JpN
3 days ago
@GSMA_Care thanks for your concern. At this time, no queries, everything going as planned 😃
3 days ago
RT @GSMA_Care: @TSTsistemas Right at the Spanish Pavilion, Congress Square, Stand 37, we will see you there. Have a great #MWC15. Any queri…
4 days ago
Just in the middle of the @GSMA #MWC15 you'll find us to talk about the coolest #IoT devices.See you there next week! http://t.co/JRC9GkXio6
4 days ago
Just in the heart of the @GSMA #MWC15 you'll find us to talk about the coolest #IoT devices. See you there next week! http://t.co/JRC9GkXio6
4 days ago
A great after #MWC15 #IoT plan... check out the @iotstars event at http://t.co/Ylab9OzSke
5 days ago
Publicada en la web de @redpuntoes la nota de prensa sobre nuestra presencia en el próximo #MWC15 http://t.co/PdYlvtncm3
6 days ago
Nuestros amigos de @redpuntoes lanzan web dedicada al #PabellónEspaña del #MWC15 ¡Nos vemos! http://t.co/KPl6Us7sBh http://t.co/6D0ggOjcst
6 days ago
¿Estar? ¡estar es fácil! nosotros en el #MWC15 expondremos (CS60 | 37) y habrá demos con varios partners ¿nos vemos? http://t.co/XlzxwWuBRt
6 days ago
The Fira of Barcelona is REALLY HUGE and locating us in the #MCW15 will be easier if we tell you where,isn't it? #IoT http://t.co/1OK8Msw7Za
6 days ago
@GadgetKeeper great, I've seen you've updated your web. Please note that we also have english version http://t.co/OF8iZ4iYGm

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