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"TST is a high-tech start-up founded in 2007 with private capital as a spin-off from Network Planning & Mobile Communications Lab at the University of Cantabria.

The founding members have a large experience doing research on a variety of wireless technologies (Bluetooth, Wifi, ZigBee, etc…), and TST was founded with the goal of transferring that know-how into tailor-made wireless solutions for our customers. The staff at TST is composed by highly qualified researchers and professionals from the consulting and IT sectors.

Our solutions integrate the wireless technology that best matches the requirements from your application. We analyze hand in hand with our customers the problem to solve, and design a system with the technology that best solves that problem. We complete our solutions with contributions from our partners and with the consulting, training and support services needed to obtain the highest satisfaction of our customers."
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3 days ago
Thanks to @AbertisTelecom for allowing us to have such a great @SmartCityexpo and @sigfox for such a great network! http://t.co/4TNjHwHpFk
4 days ago
Don't miss this crowdfunding campaing covering #IoT applied to people with disabilities. What a great idea! https://t.co/qZbkz5bbZB
4 days ago
Third day at the @SmartCityexpo. Remember:cool sensors / @sigfox enabled / at @AbertisTelecom booth.Let's meet there! http://t.co/abpVDNWiym
5 days ago
Second day at the @SmartCityexpo is over. Our @sigfox sensors at @AbertisTelecom booth keep reporting well :) http://t.co/YFI4dlE7j5
5 days ago
Our TSwasTe deployed in a waste container. A sensor able to track level, temperature, open lids and fallen containers http://t.co/nTnWKrhtsF
5 days ago
Second day at the @SmartCityexpo showcasing our @sigfox enabled sensors with our partner @AbertisTelecom http://t.co/4TtlaqGTy9
6 days ago
@iotbcn @Worldsensing @sigfox a pleasure to see you too!!!
6 days ago
RT @iotbcn: Very interesting to visit the Smart City Expo and see @Worldsensing @TSTsistemas and @sigfox there! #iot http://t.co/ELEZMkLbvh
6 days ago
Measuring the level of fake light bulbs? No problem with our @sigfox enabled TSwasTe sensor at the @SmartCityexpo http://t.co/M3pDy7EgGJ
6 days ago
First day at the @SmartCityexpo.See our parking, waste and sensing @sigfox enabled solutions at @AbertisTelecom booth http://t.co/XUU6CXX4aB
All ready for the @SmartCityexpo. Come visit @AbertisTelecom booth and see our @sigfox enabled sensors in action #IoT http://t.co/jFcy1sNTr4
...and Sentilo, Cumulocity, IBM's IOC, Lhings, any MQTT enabled cloud, etc :)
Do you know that you can connect ALL our sensors DIRECTLY to most of the #IoT clouds? Telefonica, Carriots, Xively... http://t.co/5ltqBjk46D
Visiting the @SmartCityexpo? Don't miss the demo with some of our @sigfox enabled solutions (waste,park,sensing) at @AbertisTelecom booth
Our waste and smart city @sigfox enabled devices looking GREAT at @AvnetMemec booth during last @electronicaFair http://t.co/zXWU0KeWKa
Great demos this week of our @sigfox enabled SmartCity and Waste solutions at @AvnetMemec in @electronicaFair #elec14 http://t.co/VbHm1B4idf
RT @BrunoCendon: Packing up for next week's @SmartCityexpo... ✔ Cool #IoT devices ✔ Cool #IoT demos ✔ Cool #IoT ideas and knowledge ✔ Visit…
Last day at @electronicaFair in Munich. Don't miss our @sigfox enabled waste and smart city solutions at @AvnetMemec booth #elec14
2 weeks ago
Third day at @electronicaFair in Munich. Don't miss our @sigfox enabled waste and smart city solutions at @AvnetMemec booth #elec14
2 weeks ago
RT @BrunoCendon: Hace dos años exponiendo en nuestra primera @smartcityexpo. El martes me pasaré por ahí a ver qué tal :) http://t.co/p6oDj…

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