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"TST is a high-tech start-up founded in 2007 with private capital as a spin-off from Network Planning & Mobile Communications Lab at the University of Cantabria.

The founding members have a large experience doing research on a variety of wireless technologies (Bluetooth, Wifi, ZigBee, etc…), and TST was founded with the goal of transferring that know-how into tailor-made wireless solutions for our customers. The staff at TST is composed by highly qualified researchers and professionals from the consulting and IT sectors.

Our solutions integrate the wireless technology that best matches the requirements from your application. We analyze hand in hand with our customers the problem to solve, and design a system with the technology that best solves that problem. We complete our solutions with contributions from our partners and with the consulting, training and support services needed to obtain the highest satisfaction of our customers."
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14 hours ago
TSgaTe, our powerful tiny device able to provide ZigBee,WiFi,GPRS,Ethernet,I/O and much more for any #IoT application http://t.co/1LT6H3qMix
14 hours ago
Welcome @IndustrialIoT! nice to have you here! :)
Have you already read the great IERC's book "#IoT Suscess Stories?. We've contributed with a chapter in it http://t.co/nqAzPLIPFG
Our #TSmarT platform now supports #MQTT. Check out our API samples allowing you to play with WiFi, GPRS or ethernet http://t.co/JlH4IwUMLv
2 days ago
Mark the day in your calendars.The #ThreadGroup will present their #IoT proposal next 30th september @ Silicon Valley http://t.co/F5Sv1ZlumU
2 days ago
Did you see the weather station integrated with @Carriots using our TSmarT platform? https://t.co/aoY69UDSBZ #IoT http://t.co/3cjDINY7Wg
2 days ago
Our friends of @Carriots talk about the pilot on waste management we did with our devices and their platform https://t.co/UUAcPLBavC #IoT
2 weeks ago
@cplymill @BrunoCendon @AgSmarts have fun! :) #BLE #IoT
2 weeks ago
RT @cplymill: Got this little #Gem from our friends at #TST today. Will incorporate into a new product! @BrunoCendon @AgSmarts http://t.co…
3 weeks ago
RT @sorayapa: En mi blog, #hemeroteca: entrevista a @BrunoCendon de @TSTsistemas sobre #IoT, #sensores, #smartcities | Ⓢ http://t.co/lVcb…
4 weeks ago
RT @JaviPuente_PP: Enhorabuena por ese reconocimiento internacional a la firma cántabra @TSTsistemas #IoT @BrunoCendon vía @dmontanes http:…
¡GENIAL! MT @jorge_marcial: @arantec Gran framework, no te arrepentirás. Y por supuesto mejor todavía por usar @carriots y @TSTsistemas #iot
@arantec @BrunoCendon @Carriots nunca hemos probado con un micrófono así...nos tenéis que contar
RT @arantec: @TSTsistemas @BrunoCendon @Carriots os mostramos una foto del microfono conectado a TSTmote http://t.co/G293rqdRU2
@arantec @BrunoCendon @Carriots ¡Qué buena pinta! Ya nos contaréis con más detalle
RT @arantec: Prototipo TST+Carriots acustic Smart Cities integrado con éxito Gracias x ayuda @TSTsistemas @BrunoCendon @Carriots http://t.…
Have you already met our #TSgaTe platfom. ARM Cortex M3, WiFi, Ethernet and a GREAT SDK! :) #IoT http://t.co/x9RzBnHseK
2 months ago
RT @mirkopresser: Thank you for coming to the #iotweek - read the latest newsletter and take our survey: http://t.co/tx6SStlDxI #IoT http:…
2 months ago
It's been a great day at Avila! Great perspectives for future #IoT projects! http://t.co/qXKAK2XOKB
2 months ago
About to start the #SmartCity and #IoT day in Avila with @AbertisTelecom and @sigfox http://t.co/oVe38Sf1eg

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