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"We are at the brink of a new technological revolution where every physical thing around us can be connected to the internet. This can create new experiences and interactions with products that will make everyday life better, more convenient or simply more fun.

To design these new products a new kind of design agency is needed. One that can design beautiful products as well as build great digital services and integrate them into meaningful, seamless experiences.

The Incredible Machine is such a design agency."
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5 days ago
Kicking off the future with @elisagiaccardi, @iohanna_ed & friends at Philips design.
RT @peterbihr: Rotterdam delivers! (Thanks to @theincmac for being such generous and lovely hosts!)
@peterbihr The pleasure was all mine :-)
2 weeks ago
RT @peterbihr: Rotterdam delivers!
2 weeks ago
@thornet giving props to Doug Engelbart for pioneering human computer interaction
2 weeks ago
. @tijmenschep helping designers build a language about privacy for designers. @ThingsConAMS
2 weeks ago
Peter Bihr @peterbihr sharing his vision on a desirable iot @ThingsConAMS
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
RT @IoTManifesto: Friday: @thingscon Salon on IoT & Ethics. Talks by @tijmenschep, @thornet & @peterbihr. Join us in AMS:…
@peterbihr @driesderoeck Not sure who fixed it, but someone did! :-D
RT @marrije: Dat was een heel interessante @ThingsConAMS in-Rotterdam salon. Bedankt @TheIncMac en @iskandr en Ioanna!…
Excited for @ThingsConAMS Salon in Rotterdam with @iohanna_ed!!! @iskandr
3 months ago
Experimenting with thermoforming hi-macs at @Timberfusion: best. day. ever.
3 months ago
@iotwatch actually heading to the uk tomorrow to investigate the lives and profession of craftsmen. Let's see :-)
3 months ago
@spongefile paiggo van :-)
3 months ago
@peterbihr @jimmiehu I hope you got the irony in that statement. I fully agree not to consider citizens customers, but also not as lab rats.
3 months ago
@jimmiehu @thingscon yes: cities are the new things; the citizen the new customer. Jk, but interstng topic4sure: power dyn., society, open


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