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"We are at the brink of a new technological revolution where every physical thing around us can be connected to the internet. This can create new experiences and interactions with products that will make everyday life better, more convenient or simply more fun.

To design these new products a new kind of design agency is needed. One that can design beautiful products as well as build great digital services and integrate them into meaningful, seamless experiences.

The Incredible Machine is such a design agency."
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22 hours ago
RT @JanBelon: Nice one on #IoT and our @IoTManifesto
3 weeks ago
@S_Khatuna @IncredibleTings @fablabegypt unfortunately this tweet was caused by a software bug. So no workshop happening. be great though!
RT @AfBuZa: The @IoTManifesto is indeed a great cowork of @TUE_ID, @idetudelft, @CIIDnews and @AP_Hogeschool alumni!…
RT @Bright: #InternetOfThings-manifest van Nederlandse #designers slaat aan: design moet de wereld redden http://t.c…
@Bopuc @peterbihr @schfrrn @changeist @thingscon i guess the notion of what a designer is — and does — needs to change too.
RT @ckvishwakarma: @kvanhemert #Designers will save us when we have #ConnectedHome #IoT #ThingsCon #SmartHome @TheIncMac @changeist http:/…
RT @changeist: .@WIRED looks at @thingclash: @changeist project for rethinking how we design for the #IoT.
"When Our Homes Become Connected, Designers Will Save Us." feat. @changeist @iotmanifesto an yours truly. via @WIRED
2 months ago
Join us tomorrow at beyond_io to discuss the IoT Design Manifesto!
2 months ago
@resetyourbrand @gers we had a blast this afternoon. Hacked a coffee machine and imagined the future of sports utopian as dystopian perspctv
2 months ago
From hacker to expert to visionary in one hour. Starting with hacking the coffeemachine by @nocnsf ppl
2 months ago
RT @DriesDeRoeck: Revisiting 5 #thingscon highlights at #iotghent tonight ft. @thingclash @clurr @casaJasmina @IoTManifesto @spongefile htt…
3 months ago
RT @jimmiehu: A wonderful, deep and thorough write up of #ThingsCon by @bruces:
3 months ago
@10r3n20 @HVRobbins @arduino @thingscon @casaJasmina already contemplating on a project!!
3 months ago
@iskandr this became a whole 'thing' during #thingscon. I might have to see it more nuanced;-)
3 months ago
RT @peterbihr: Inofficial ThingsCon crew member Marcel @marcelsch_!
3 months ago
This #thingscon was amazing! #iotmanifesto really took off! Looking forward to work on v2!!!
3 months ago
Holly Robbins is now presenting our collaborative project GEIST. About making expats experience connectedness.
3 months ago
@iskandr Nah… Thunder was magic to cave men. Tech should become understandable, especially in the context of IoT :-)
3 months ago
@spongefile: great presentation just at #thingscon! We def. should go beyond the click and the beep. Do join the Geist pres. later today!


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